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News From December 2001

12.17.2001 "Vegeta Attacks" Review
Site Update: Today begins with the almighty Vegeta telling Pui Pui that he is no match for him. Pui Pui doesn't...

12.17.2001 "The King of Demons" Review
Site Update: The episode starts with Babidi and Dabura laughing while contemplating about killing more humans. Kibito then...

12.17.2001 Episode Reviews Rerun!
Site Update: We will redeploy the episode reviews while as Cartoon Network shows them. Clips of the Day may return in the future.

12.14.2001 Wallpapers Section Redone
Site Update: We have optimized the wallpaper section (the staff created wallpapers) somewhat to download faster.

12.13.2001 Updating Problems
Site Update: We are having some difficulties updating the website as our diskspace on this server is running low. Will be normal soon...

12.08.2001 Email Down for a bit
Site Update: Our email service may go down for some people in the coming days. We are working to insure this does not happen.

12.06.2001 Comics Signing Reminder
Site Update: This is a reminder that Kyle Hebert will be signing soon at the Lone Star Comics. Click here for more info...

12.03.2001 New Contest and More
Site Update: Would you like to win a new game for your X-Box? Perhaps new DBZ tapes? Hang on cause we're opening a new contest soon!

12.01.2001 The Kyle Hebert Interview
Site Update: We've finally got the interview ready for you to read. Here he discusses the release of new DBZ/DBGT episodes and more.

12.01.2001 Server Move in Progress
Site Update: Right now you are viewing this site from the new server. This means that the new site has already resolved for you.

News From November 2001

11.30.2001 Lone Star Comics Signing
Site Update: Due to the enormous fan support during Kyle Hebert's last public appearance they want him back and this time with the...

11.30.2001 Interview Delayed
Site Update: The interview has been delayed until we receive a certain email from Kyle Hebert. More on this soon!

11.29.2001 Server Move
Site Update: Due to frequent downtime we will be changing webhosts in the coming days. Updates should not be affected.

11.27.2001 Kyle Hebert Interview
Site Update: This Friday we will post our interview with an official FUNi VA. Contains the inside scoop on new episodes and more.

11.27.2001 New Episode Today!
Site Update: An episode that contained a burning skyscraper that was skipped in September will most likely...

11.26.2001 "I am Saiyaman" Review
Site Update: We are reformating all reviews starting with todays! We'll also review episodes that were missed including tomorrows.

11.26.2001 Slight Layout Updates
Site Update: We are in the process of updating our layout and have already made changes. Submit your suggestions to our forum.

11.24.2001 Fan Art Update
Site Update: Added some new fan art from my inbox that were itching to get on the DBZN fan page. Enjoy!

11.21.2001 We're Back!
Site Update: After our week long break we've finally returned and we have our largest section launch ever as well...

11.21.2001 DBZN Topsites Relaunch
Site Update: After weeks of testing with over 100 websites our dynamically updated hit's based topsites has returned.

11.21.2001 Fan Wallpapers Updated
Site Update: Added a new fan made wallpaper. This one is based on Trunks... I have to delete too many wallpapers so send good ones!

11.14.2001 "Final Atonement" Review
Site Update: We've got a special "enlarged" review for final episode of this season. Vegeta meets his end but...

11.13.2001 Monday's Clip Of the Day
Site Update: Contrary to his fat and stupid appearance Majin Buu proves that he can outsmart/trick even the most experienced...

11.13.2001 "The Warriors Decision" Review
Site Update: Now that Dabura is dead, Babidi's ship is gone, and the intense fight between Vegeta and Buu getting even more....

11.11.2001 Fan-Fictions Updated
Site Update: Added eight new fan-fic chapters for two unique fan-fictions. New series introduced as well...

11.9.2001 Thursday's Clip Of the Day
Site Update: We finally get to see some action with Mr. Buu and serious warrior. This time being Vegeta...

11.8.2001 The End Is Near Modified
News Update: Season 5 of DBZ is nearing it's end... Find out when it's ending and when to expect Season 6 on CN. (New Info Added)

11.7.2001 Wednesday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: Goku and the rest of the Z fighters just don't get it. Mr. Satan can whoop them all if he felt like it. Watch him learn Bukujutsu...

11.6.2001 "The Losses Begin" Review
Site Update: Goku stops Vegeta's punch once more. But why? Does he feel something that Vegeta can't or is Vegeta...

11.6.2001 Tuesday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: Dabura the king of the dem... nevermind Majin Buu is here and he's already established his supremacy.

11.5.2001 "Buu is Hatched" Review
Site Update: Today's odd and exciting episode continues with the opening of Buu's egg.
Babidi is laughing and prancing...

11.5.2001 Monday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: Saiyan's aren't really the intellectual types... We've got rare footage of Goku and Vegeta actually using their heads.

11.2.2001 Fan-Fiction Section Added!
Site Update: Added our newest section with plenty of content to keep you entertained. Enjoy 10 chapters of "Shadows..."

11.2.2001 Review/Clip Delay
Site Update: Thursday's episode review and clip will appear on the site tomorrow. (having high-quality reviews/clips daily can get difficult)

News From October 2001

10.31.2001 No DBZ Today
Site Update: Because it's the 31st Cartoon Network has decided to have a Scooby Marathon, this means no DBZ...

10.31.2001 "Long Awaited Fight" Review
Site Update
: With a cliffhanger in Monday's show, what will Goku and Vegeta hold in store for us in this episode (Tuesday's)?

10.30.2001 New Fan Wallpapers Added
Site Update: Added some new fan wallpapers, most of them look decent. I think you guys will like these...

10.30.2001 Tuesday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: We had plenty of action in today's episode. As alway's only one moment can be chosen..

10.30.2001 "Vegeta's Pride" Review
Site Update: With tension rising between everyone, will Vegeta's long awaited dream of fighting Goku be realized?

10.29.2001 Review Delay
Site Update: Unfortunately due to unforeseen time restraints today's review will be delayed. Expect it around 1:30 PM PST tomorrow.

10.29.2001 New Fan Art Added
Site Update: Added some new fan art. Includes, Gohan, Trunks (Sephiroth), and Vegeta...

10.29.2001 Monday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: It's the episode right before the clash of the Titans. It look's like nothing can stop the battle between Goku and Vegeta.

10.29.2001 DBZN Schedule
Site Update: From now on daily movie clips will be posted at 6:00 PM PST. Episode reviews will be posted at 8:00 PM PST.

10.27.2001 Accepting Fan Submissions
Site Update: The last couple of weeks have been hectic but we are ready to accept fan art/wallpapers once again.

10.27.2001 TV Schedule Updated
Site Update: Modified the TV schedule to fit current show schedule. Include's Toonami's Saturday 1-3 PM DBZ run.

10.25.2001 "Dark Prince Returns" Review
Site Update: Gokou and the rest of the gang all try to figure out why it is that Darbura would retreat from...

10.25.2001 Wednesday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: After a great show of power and ability from Dabura we see Gohan taking it up to the next level.

10.24.2001 "Heart of a Villain" Review
Site Update: As the battle between Gohan and Dabura finally gets interesting with Gohan becoming a Super Saiyan, we finally...

10.24.2001 Tueday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: Gohan the young and inexperienced fighter has got some tricks that even Dabura the Demon King falls for.

10.24.2001 "Pay To Win" Review
Site Update: After surviving the first two levels of Babidi's ship and having Dabura's full power ready to be released, can Gohan...

10.22.2001 Monday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: The battle between Eighteen and the Mighty Mask continues and ends today. View the dramatic end...

10.22.2001 "Eighteen Unmasks" Review
Site Update: With Dabura in meditation, and Android 18 involved in a brutal fight, we should have a spectacular episode...

10.20.2001 Buu Saga to not Finish
Site Update: FUNimation and the Cartoon Network plan on leaving us with one heck of a cliffhanger. Read on for more info.

10.18.2001 Thursday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: Today's episode concentrates on the bravery of one man. We bring you footage of Mr. Satan's awesome plan. </sarcasm>

10.18.2001 "Battle Supreme"
Site Update: This episode consisted of back-and-forth drama between the happenings with Babidi, as well as...

10.18.2001 "Next Up, Goku" Review
Site Update: So after Vegeta gives a sounds thrashing to Pui Pui, what warrior will challenge the crowd favorite Goku in...

10.17.2001 Staff Wallpapers Updated
Site Update: Added our newest wallpaper, and this time we have no 3D models. We know you love'em but you'll like this just as much!

10.16.2001 "Vegeta Attacks" Review
Site Update: Today begins with the almighty Vegeta telling Pui Pui that he is no match for him. Pui Pui doesn't...

10.15.2001 "The King of Demons" Review
Site Update: The episode starts with Babidi and Dabura laughing while contemplating about killing more humans. Kibito then...

10.15.2001 Monday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: We are given a decent introduction to Dabura, King Of the Demon World. Watch him in action!

10.15.2001 "The Wizards' Curse" Review
Site Update: This episode review (shown on Friday) is a little late but more then well made-up in content. You'll really like this one...

10.13.2001 Friday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: We got a glimpse of Babidi and his evil powers. Click on the link below to check out Friday's clip of the day.

10.12.2001 "Energy Drain" Review
Site Update: This was a spectacular action-packed episode. It begins with the fight of Kibito and Gohan. Gohan is in...

10.12.2001 Thursday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: The Super Saiyan 2 transformation in this episode was not only detailed but much more fluid then the norm.

10.11.2001 Forum Upgraded!
Site Update: No more UBB 5.44 we've got the latest version of Jelsoft's vBulletin for everyone to enjoy. Check it out!

10.11.2001 Another Delay
Site Update: We have another delay due to the software updates. We insure you two episode reviews and two clips for tomorrow!

10.11.2001 "Identities Revealed Review"
Site Update: Not wasting any time, yesterday's episode began with Gohan pacing back and forth impatiently waiting for...

10.11.2001 No Wednesday Clip
Site Update: After careful thought we've decided that there were no single moments (episode itself was great) worth your download time.

10.10.2001 Delay's And A Facelift
Site Update: We've had some delays due to time used up on a problematic new software. The reviews/clips will be back tomorrow.

10.09.2001 "Videl is Crushed"
Site Update: Our episode continues where yesterday's left off. Spopovitch chases after Videl, and is coming towards her FAST!

10.09.2001 Tuesday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: Powerful episode today, with a brutal beating to our hero (and ALOT of censorship). No matter, Gohan to the rescue...

10.08.2001 "Dark & Secret Power" Review
Site Update: Today's episode begins with Shin walking away from Spoppovitch, with an awkward glance towards...

10.08.2001 Monday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: Today we didn't have too much of the hardcore action DBZ is known for but we did get one of the two possible climaxes.

10.07.2001 Movie Clips Fixed
Site Update: We have had some problems with our movie clips as we found out through our fans. It's all been fixed, enjoy!

10.05.2001 "Forfeit of Piccolo" Review
Site Update: Our episode begins with a press conference for Hercule, as he outlines his expectations of this year's....

10.05.2001 Friday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: Overall, we really liked this episode... Unfortunately there can only be one moment of the day.

10.05.2001 Clips and Reviews
Site Update: Because of some tech problems we missed Thursday's clip and we are working on the episdoe review problem now.

10.04.2001 Wednesday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: Realizing that Trunks was in a class far beyond himself, Mr. Satan (Hercule) asks Trunks to land a super-soft punch.

10.03.2001 Tuesday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: We saw plenty of action from Goten and Trunks in monday's clip. Today we've got yesterday's climax for you to enjoy!

10.02.2001 New Toonami Schedule
News Update: It seems Toonami has taken out one of episode of both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, and replaced the episodes with...

10.01.2001 Monday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: It's the final round of the World Martial Arts Tournament's Junior Division and we've got the finalists duking it out in the ring.

News From September 2001

9.29.2001 "The World Tournament" Review
Site Update: Finally, after much anticipation, The World Martial Arts Tournament begins! Read on...

9.28.2001 Thursday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: Goku and the gang try their best to hold back their energy but it looks like Vegeta wasn't trying hard enough!

9.28.2001 Wednesday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: After some time, we actually had a decent one on one fight. Although they were just sparring....

9.27.2001 "Videl Takes Flight" Review
Site Update: Tueday's episode began with Gohan, teaching Videl and Goten how to fly. Before they can begin...

9.25.2001 Tuesday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: We had many notable moments in today's episode. But nothing could beat Vegita's reaction to Trunks' transformation.

9.24.2001 "The Newest SSJ" Review

Site Update: Today we find out Goten is the world's youngest Super Saiyan. Due to the fact that a key staff member was missing in action this review is thirteen hours too late.

9.24.2001 Monday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: Relive the moment in which Gohan witnesses his brother become a SSJ. Enjoy!

9.21.2001 "I'll Fight Too" Review
Site Update: Today's episode begins with a crisis: A plane with a bunch of people is about to crash into the...

9.21.2001 "Blackmail" Review
Site Update: This episode begins with our hero "The Great Saiyaman" recapturing the abducted dinosaur named Chobi...

9.19.2001 Wednesday''s Clip Of the Day
Site Update: Here we have Gohan saving (sarcasm) Videl from the bad guys. Of course he find's out she doesn't truly need him.

9.19.2001 Episode Skipped?
News Update: It looks like CN skipped "Gohan's First Date" and showed "Recue Videl" instead. We will bring you more on this as we gather information.

9.18.2001 Tuesday's Clip Of the Day
Site Update: In this clip you get to see Gohan in his goofy costume as the knock of Superman... (DBZ's humorous side)

9.18.2001 I Am Saiyaman!
Site Update: Gohan makes his appearance as the Great Saiyaman, fights hijackers, plays with Chibi Trunks and we're introduced Goten.

9.17.2001 Gohan Goes to High School
Site Update: Gohan, the earth's savior during the Cell saga, has become a teenager and is in highschool. Read the full review...

9.17.2001 Monday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: Today Gohan first goes to Orange Star Highschool... There were many good parts but one part stood out. View it!

9.17.2001 Friday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: In last weeks beyond hectic schedule it seemed that multiple members missed Friday's American episode.

9.15.2001 Thursday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: This time it's unacceptably late but we really had no choice. Other then that, what scene was better then that of Kaio-sama (King Kai) dragging Goku to the ring?

9.15.2001 "Final Round" Review
Site Update: The fighters run at each other and begin to fight with equal strength and power. Then Maraikoh beats Goku into...

9.14.2001 Conflicting Numbers
News Update: Both FUNi and CN have been giving out some numbers that simply don't match. How long is the new season?

9.13.2001 Clip and Review Delay
Site Update: Unfortunately due to the fact that we are extremely busy, today's episode review and clips will be delayed to tomorrow.

9.12.2001 Wednesday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: This is a segment of the action packed Pikkon vs. Oleibu fight. Definately a highlight of the episode.

9.12.2001 "The Water Fight" Review
Site Update: Now we are getting closer to the finals and we have Goku fighting a fish like enemy as well as...

9.12.2001 Tueday's Clip Of The Day
Site Update: A day late due to recent conditions but just as good. In this clip we have the other Kaio's celebrating North Kaio's unique death.

9.12.2001 "Other World Tournament"
Site Update: In this episode we've witnessed the preliminary matches of the "Heavan's Tournament.

9.12.2001 Help Save Someone!
News Update: All of us here at the DBZN are deeply saddened by the recent acts of terrorism occuring here in the USA. The Red Cross is in need of supplies and... [more]

9.10.2001 Monday's Clip Of The Day
Site Update: We've had plenty of action scenes today with Goku and Pikkon (Pikuhan) but what really took the cake was Dai Kaio.

9.10.2001 "Warriors of the Dead" Review
Site Update: Although not exactly a new review here at the DBZN, we thought this might be of high interest.

9.6.2001 Fan Wallpapers Updated
Site Update: Added yet another decent fan wallpaper.

9.5.2001 Not the Entire Buu Saga?
News Update: It looks like there is a good chance that you won't be able to see the entire Buu Saga during this upcoming new season of DBZ. More details inside....

9.4.2001 Toonami's Scheduling and More
News Update: New DBZ episodes, when they'll be shown, how many there are, and what we'll do to provide our in-depth coverage.

9.2.2001 Budoukai Section Added!
Site Update: This time the DBZN brings you information on DB/Z's Budoukai, or Tournaments...

9.1.2001 New Section Added!
Site Update: The DBZN has had another unique and informative section added. Yet another new section will surface tomorrow...

News From August 2001

8.31.2001 Gotenks Archives Down
News Update: Our former affiliate closed down their site after four years of it's existance. You can find out why by clicking here.

8.29.2001 New Fan Wallpapers
Site Update: Added new fan made wallpapers to our wallpaper section. Even one from a non-existant Dragon Ball show. You guys just might enjoy these.

8.28.2001 Added New Fanart
Site Update: Eight new pieces of fanart has been added today. Enjoy!

8.28.2001 Gokuu Bio Updated
Site Updated: Added a new paragraph with some DBGT related info in his bio. Expect some fanart updates later tonight.

8.27.2001 Gohan Bio Added

Site Update: Added Gohan's biography with most of the details from DBZ. Gokuu's bio will be updated tomorrow with new DBGT info.

8.24.2001 More Daily Clips?
Site Update: Yepp, they will return on the same date the new DBZ episodes come out on Toonami. We will run them for a week to see how it goes. It may last longer.

8.24.2001 Akira Reviewed
Site Update: It was about time this classic anime film got reviewed by this website.

8.23.2001 Unplanned Vacation Over...?
Site Update: We really don't get too many breaks and this month we finally took one. The DBZN will continue updating tomorrow.

8.18.2001 Fusions Section Updated!
Site Update: The Fusions section has just had a thorough update. Now images of most of the characters are viewable.

8.10.2001 Net Infected? Protect Yourself
Site Update: Everyday I get eight or so viruses in my email box. Since almost everyone get's this and almost no one even knows I figured you guys need to know what's going on.

8.9.2001 Thurday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: It looked like Gohan was almost finished in today's episode but then Krillin (Kuririn) steps in and takes the blast.

8.8.2001 Wednesday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: While their was no hardcore action in today's episodes we were more then amused by Chi-Chi's temper.

8.7.2001 Tuesday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: Gohan lovers will like this one... In today's clip of the day you get to see Gohan whooping Vegeta!

8.6.2001 Monday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: Has the virtuous Son Goku finally beaten Freeza? Judge for yourself... (For those in the know, keep quiet in the forum!)

8.6.2001 Monday's Clip at 10:00 PM
Site Update: Due to time restraints we will be posting the clip of the day at special time, 10:00 PM PST/1:00 AM EST today.

8.3.2001 Friday's Clip Of the Day
Site Update: The daily clips have returned and we've got our favorite moment to go with it. View Goku toying with Freeza.

8.2.2001 Fan Wallpapers Updated
Site Update: Added a new wallpaper to our fan wallpapers section. All you Vegeta lovers out there will like this one.

8.2.2001 Late But Resolved
Site Update: Unfortunately, we were too late with the fix for today's episode of DBZ but the problem has been fixed. Expect the clips of th day to resume tomorrow...

8.1.2001 Technical Difficulties
Site Update: Unfortunately we are having some problems with our video equipment. We should have this problem fixed by tomorrow.

News From July 2001

7.31.2001 Tuesday's Action Clip of the Day
Site Update: As the title suggests today's clip of the day contains alot of action. Now without further wait view some pure SSJ action.

7.31.2001 FUNi Announces Blue Gender
News Update: FUNimation Productions Ltd. announces the release of it's latest anime Blue Gender in detail....

7.30.2001 Monday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: Two very important and exciting events happend today. Goku used his spirit bomb and then he turned SSJ. But only one can be chosen... View Goku's new hairstyle.

7.29.2001 Staff Wallpapers Updated

Site Update: Added a new technical wallpaper based on Vegeta and his Final Flash move. 3D models included!

7.29.2001 Fan Art Updated
Site Update: Added 6 new pictures created by fans... there's still much more fanart still not up yet!

7.28.2001 Wallpapers Section Fixed
Site Update: After being down several hours (this section was on a different server) it has returned to our main server. Enjoy!

7.27.2001 Friday's Clip of Day
Site Update: Choosing today's best moment was not one of the easiest thing's we've done today. But we've got it right here! View, "Piccolo to the Rescue."

7.26.2001 Fan Art Section Added
Site Update: Just Added the fan art section to the DBZN. Unfortunately we have less then 50% of our fanart up. The rest will be up soon.

7.26.2001 Daily Clip Fan Responses
Site Update: Today the 3rd movie clip of the day has been posted on the site and we want to hear what you think. Visit the DBZN forum!

7.26.2001 Thursday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: After getting beaten pretty badly Goku realizes what will happen to the Universe if he fails and the action begins.

7.25.2001 Wednesday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: From today's lengthy fight between Goku and Freeza here is our favorite moment. Click here to check it out!

7.25.2001 Fan Art Delay
Site Update: Sadly, it is taking far longer then expected to set-up the fan art section.

7.24.2001 Tuesday's Clip of the Day
Site Update: After carefully examining both of today's episodes we have decided that the most important moment by far was "Vegeta's Cry." Check it out by clicking here.

7.24.2001 New Feature: Daily Movie Clip
Site Update: We will post a new movie clip every day based on our favorite moment from DBZ broadcasted by CN that day. First one will be available 8:00 PM EST today!

7.23.2001 Fan Art Section To Launch
Site Update: The highly anticipated launch of the fan art section will be this Wednesday with over 20 different "decent" works of art.

7.23.2001 Fan Wallpapers Updated.
Site Update: Added a new high quality fan wallpaper to our wallpapers section.

7.21.2001 Links Updated
Site Update: Updated our links section, unfortunately four sites have shutdown. Several of them have moved.

7.19.2001 Slight Layout Change
Site Update: We have returned the Top DB News to the far right column due to fan requests. Enjoy!

7.18.2001 DBZ To Air in Kids WB
News Update: During the end of this month Kids WB will start airing Toonami shows within it's programming block.

7.18.2001 DB Delay Confirmed
News Update: Just last week we reported to you that DB would most likely be delayed once again to sometime in August.

7.17.2001 New Wallpaper
Site Update: Just added another staff wallpaper by the Celestrian. Before you ask us, the 3D models were created by him too.

7.16.2001 Fusions Section Added
Site Update: Added our newest section, now you can learn all about fusions! Just preparing you guys with background info (no spoilers) on what's to come...

7.14.2001 Gotenks Archives New URL
News Update: It appears that many haven't found GA's new address. The new URL is:, enjoy!

7.13.2001 Fan Wallpapers Updated
Site Update: Added several new fan made wallpapers. Gogeta and Vegetto fans will finally get a wallpaper they might like.

7.13.2001 Special Gundam Screening

News Update: Bandai recently annouced that a special screening of Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz OVA would be shown...

7.12.2001 New Section Opened!
Site Update: Just opened our newest section, the DBZ World, with the help of our newest staff member, Madd Skittle.

7.11.2001 The New CN Lineup
News Update: Two new Gundam series premieres confirmed and the Dragonball delay rumor solidifies.

7.7.2001 Fan Wallpapers Updated

Site Update: Added several fan made wallpapers to our multimedia section. You might actually like these!

7.5.2001 Yuck A Pop-Up!
News Update: Unfortunately we lost both our old addresses and many people cannot find this site anymore. Don't worry it only shows up on the front page.

7.4.2001 Android Saga CCG
News Update: FUNimation has released some info on the new DBZ cards coming out this month. They include the Android Saga...

7.3.2001 Vamp Hunter D Film Renamed
News Update: The new Vampire Hunter D film is going to go by a different name so it's not confused by it's predecessors.

7.3.2001 Where the Games Are At

Site Update: I have always been asked where DBZ games could be bought. In this new info update I have explained some sure ways...

7.2.2001 Sci-fi Channel To Show Anime
News Update: The Sci-fi channel has two anime movies scheduled for July 5th, Galaxy Express and...

7.1.2001 New DBZN Topsites Launched!
Site Update: We have just launched our second topsites listing. Our newer and far more advanced topsites ranks by the number of hits a site gets and updates dynamically!

News From June 2001

6.30.2001 Fan Wallpapers Updated
Site Update: Added another batch of quality fan wallpapers! You may want want to check them out...

6.30.2001 Return of Anime News

Site Update: Because of the large amount of anime fans visiting this site, starting this Monday July 2nd we will once again include anime news along with our daily updates!

6.30.2001 DBZ Movies on CN!

News Update: Looks like DBZ fans will get to see both "The Tree of Might" and the....

6.28.2001 "Other World T." Review

Site Update: This episode begins with Goku walking alongside King Kai towards the enormous building where lies...

6.27.2001 "Dende's Dragon" Review
Site Update: Cell has killed the Earth's main military forces, and now Goku is determined to bring back those killed by that big...

6.27.2001 Fan Wallpapers Updated
Site Update: Just added some new fan created wallpapers in our wallpaper section.

6.25.2001 "A New Guardian" Review
Site Update: The Royal military launch an all out offensive on Cell but to no avail...

6.24.2001 Blue Gender Voices Decided
News Update: Looks like the VA's for the two Trunks characters in DBZ get the starring roles in Blue Gender.

6.23.2001 More Fan Wallpapers

Site Updated: Added more wallpapers to the fastest growing section (both in popularity and content) in the DBZN.

6.22.2001 Fan Wallpapers Updated
Site Update: Added some new fan created wallpapers in our wallpapers secton.

6.20.01 - The New DBZN is on the air!
Site Update: That's right, a whole new look and a whole new attitude. The DBZN will not only provide the best DBZ content but we will also provide content unseen on a DBZ page.

Layout Change!

Fan Wallpapers Updated (06/08/2001)

Site Update: The fan wallpapers section has been updated. I love watching you guys improve your skills as a whole...

The Legacy of Goku on GBA (06/06/2001)

News Update: Yes, another major piece of Dragonball news from FUNimation...

Longer Wait... Higher Quality? (06/06/2001)

News Update: Today FUNimation has announced on their official DBZ and DB site that...

Card Captor's Starting Today (06/04/2001)

News Update: Starting today Cartoon Network will be showing Card Captors in Toonami's old DBZ...

Fan art Submissions (06/02/2001)

News Update: Due to large amounts of email on the subject we have decided to add a fan art section within this site. Show off your art work!

DBZ Back at Number One! (06/01/2001)
News Update: Pearl Harbor drops to number two and DBZ is back over at Yahoo.

News From May 2001

American DBZ Music on Sale (05/31/2001)
News Update: Bruce Faulconer is selling a compilation of his music (used in the US dub) in CD format. Check it out...

DVD Release Date Changes (05/29/2001)
News Update: Their has been a DVD release date change. World Tournament - Junior Division...

More Fan Wallpapers! (05/28/2001)
Site Update: Just added even more fan wallpaper! We now have seven full pages of "decent" fan created wallpapers.

Fan Wallpapers Updated (05/26/2001)
Site Update: Added a couple of new fan wallpapers for your enjoyment!

Exact Date for the New Season (05/25/2001)
News Update: FUNimation announces the exact date in which new episodes of Dragon Ball Z...

WWF Tops Dragonball (05/23/2001)
News Update: Unfortunately the WWF is currently 7 points ahead of DBZ over at Yahoo. Making DB the 2nd most searched item for yesterday.

CCG Hummer in Philadelphia (5/21/2001)
News Update: The CCG Hummer will be in Philadelphia this weekend... If you live in the city or nearby you might wanna check it out.

All Movie Clips On-line (05/19/2001)
Site Update: All movie clips are up and because of popular demand we removed the banners in all the movie pop-ups also.

A "Slight" Slip-up (05/18/2001
News Update: Looks like FUNimation has made more then just gramatical errors on this...

FUNi Crew at Project A-Kon (05/17/2001)
News Update: FUNimation will be at the anime convention, Project A-Kon, which is located in Dallas, Texas. Which happens to be...

CCG Hummer at Pittsburgh (05/17/2001)
News Update:  Looks like the next stop for the Hummer will be Pittsburgh or as...

Game Guides Updated (05/16/2001)
Site Update: Added a new fan-created Hyper Dimension guide over at the FAQs/Guides section.

Free DBZ Cards (05/15/2001)
News Update: Just moments ago FUNimation announced their latest promotion...

CN Schedule Change (05/15/2001)
News Update: Both Cartoon Network and it's Cartoon Network UK have changed their schedules.

Toonami's Z-Day (05/14/2001)
News Update: Toonami fans will be able to vote for their favorite episodes of Dragon Ball Z to be shown on this date.

Images Section Optimized (05/12/2001)
Site Update: All image file sizes have been decreased 30-50% without reducing image quality by any noticeable amount.

Dragonball; Long Live The King (05/09/2001)
News Update: Once again DBZ is number one in both search engines...

Sean Schemmel Goes to Jacon (05/07/2001)
News Update: Looks like our "favorite" VA will be appearing as a celebrity guest at the Jacon.

Dead Zone Tomorrow (05/03/2001)
News Update: This week's Toonami movie will be DBZ movie one, "The Dead Zone." It will be shown 4:00 PM EST/PST. Click here to view the review.

Life-Size Gundam! (05/02/2001)
News Update: We've got a picture of a life-size mobil suit! It will be used in the next live-action Gundam movie.

Fan art Submissions (05/01/2001)
News Update: Due to large amounts of email on the subject we have decided to add a fan art section within this site. Show off art your work!

News From April 2001

First Looks: The Toonami Reactor (04/29/2001)
News Update: Recently Toonami released it's Reactor, where you can view your favorite shows online!

Fan Wallpapers Updated (04/27/2001)
Site Update: More fan wallpapers have been added to ease the wait for the next big thing.

Over 65 Fan Wallpapers (04/23/2001)
Site Update: We currently have over 65 qualified and posted fan made wallpapers. With new additions just added today!

Wallpapers Update (04/20/01)
Site Update: More fan wallpapers have been added for your enjoyment!

Game Codes Update (04/18/2001)
Site Update: New codes for DBGT Final Bout for the Sony Playstation console has been added.

Another Fan Wallpapers Update (04/16/2001)
Site Update: Added some decent(not too many fan wallpapers get that comment) fan wallpapers today.

Fan Wallpapers Updated (04/14/2001)
Site Update: Added some fan wallpapers for your enjoyment.

VHS Releases Update (04/14/2001)
Site Update: Find the latest Dragon Ball Z Episodes on tape...

Gokuu Biography Added (04/13/2001)

Site Updated: Added the full biography of Gokuu to the characters section today. (Hint... huge update coming next week, more info in our Message Boards)

New Section! Characters (04/12/2001)

Site Update: Just created a new section, it's still very early in it's development but it's still enough to arouse the interest of many.

DBAF Debunked (04/11/2001)
News Article: FUNimation shatters all possible beliefs of the rumored new series.

Another Fan Wallpaper Update (04/10/2001)
Site Update: Our fan wallpapers section has been updated once again...

Fan Wallpapers Update (04/09/2001)
Site Update: Added a new wallpaper to the fan wallpapers section. Enjoy.

Game Codes Update (04/09/2001)
Site Update: Added some new codes/hints for the SNES game Hyper Dimension.

Massive Game Codes Update (04/07/2001)
Site Update: Updated the game codes section with numerous new codes on multiple games.

Fan Wallpapers Updated (04/03/2001)
Site Update: New wallpapers have been added to the fan wallpapers section of our site.

Game Codes Added (04/03/2001)
Site Update: Added some new codes for the SNES games.

News From March 2001

New Dragon Ball Episodes (03/31/2001)
News Article: Details on new DB episodes, the VA for Chibi Goku, new DBZ games for multiple systems and more.

Game Codes Updated (03/30/2001)
Site Update: Added some new codes to the game codes section. Now you can change your characters clothing and...

Dead Zone on CN (03/29/2001)
News Update: CN will be showing Dead Zone tomorrow night at...

YTV Schedule Updates (03/28/2001)
Site Update: Added the TV schedule for YTV in our DBZ schedule section.

Contest: First Impressions (03/28/2001)
Site Update: After seeing each and every wallpaper submission, the Celestrian will write a review once every...

DBZ Down by One (03/27/2001)
News Article: MIR steal's Dragonball's spotlight and DBZ is in second place one again. What will it be next week? Spring Break...

Wallpaper Contest Ends Today! (03/27/2001)
Site Update: Today is the last day (up to 11:59 PST) to enter your 5 wallpaper submissions. You could be the next winner of...

Game Codes Updated (03/27/2001)
Site Update: Added new codes for DBGT Final Bout on the Sony Playstation console.

Move Complete (03/26/2001)
Site Update: We have just completed our move... The site is on a much faster server and everything should be back to normal within 2-3 days.

The DBZN Moving! (03/24/2001)
Site Update: We will be moving to a newer and much faster webserver in about 2-4 days. Load times will become of thing of the past...

DBZ Seasons 1 and 2 DVD's? (03/23/2001)
News Article: Will FUNi release their first fifty-three episodes on DVD? Kaiosama tells you what the chances of having it actually is.

DBZ Down By One (03/22/2001)
News Article: DBZ went down by one spot on the Lycos Top 50. Wondering what replaced it, or when it will be back on top? Read the story...

Wallpapers Updated (03/20/2001)
Site Update: Is your desktop getting boring? No problem we've got a fresh new wallpaper to spice up your desktop.

DBZN's New Search (03/18/2001)
Site Update: After weeks of testing we are ready to introduce to you our own cobranded search engine. Check it out!

Tree Of Might Tomorrow (03/15/2001)
Site Update: Cartoon Network will be showing it tomorrow. If you haven't seen it yet you don't wanna miss out...

DBZ Cards To be Signed! (03/14/2001)
Press Release: Artbox Entertainment, the manufacturer of Dragon Ball Z trading cards, will release a select few cards signed by...

New Server and Layout (03/13/2001)
Site Update: We will be working behind the scenes a great deal for the next couple of weeks to finish the new design as...

DBZ CCG News (03/12/2001)
News Article: Here the latest DBZ CCG news....

Fan Wallpapers Updated (03/10/2001)
Site Update: Battled with the server once again to bring you this fan wallpapers update.

Dragon Ball Uncensored (03/09/2001)
News Article: VIZ will be releasing "uncensored" DB manga soon.

Animations Updated Again (03/06/2001)
Site Update: Made some new Gokuu and Gohan animations. We've got Gokuu scratching his...

Animations Updated (03/03/2001)
Site Update: Added some new Frieza animations over in the animations section.

Server Problems Fixed (03/03/2001)
Site Update: The server errors that have prevented us from updating without spending hours have finally been fixed!

News From February 2001

Slight Layout Changes (02/28/2001)
Site Update: We are working on updating images as well as changing different layout items. Expect a full layout change in the next two months!

Series 17 Figures In June (02/27/2001)
News Article: Irwin will be realeasing it's new lineup this June.

Server Issues (02/27/2001)
Site Update: We are having some technical difficulties with the server. We should be operating normally soon.

"Super Vegeta" Review (02/24/2001)
Review: Read about Friday's episode of DBZ as shown on the Cartoon Network. Vegeta finally confronts Cell...

"Saiyans Emerge" Review (02/22/2001)
Review: Filling in some missing reviews over at the episode reviews section with today's episode of Dragon Ball as shown on CN.

Dragon Ball on Toonami (02/21/2001)
News Article: In addition to Mobile Suit Gundam and Outlaw Star Toonami has some other new animes coming this year. Including...

DBZ At the MegaCon (02/20/2001)
News Article: Key members of the FUNimation staff will be visiting the MegaCon with a sneak preview of what's to come.

DBZ CCG News (02/19/2001)
News Article: We've got some more CCG news for you guys to check out. The Androids are coming...

Staff Wallpapers Updated (02/18/2001)
Site Update: Yep, it's one of those wallpapers that only the Celestrian could create. He just raised the bar on his own creations.

New Section: DBZ Movies (02/17/2001)
Site Update: Created a new section the DBZ Movie reviews.

Fan Wallpapers Updated (02/16/2001)
Site Update: Several new fan wallpapers have been added to the wallpapers section.

DBZ Down By One (02/15/2001)
News Article: After being the number one most searched item on the net for over a month Valentine's Day has replaced it temporarily.

FUNi Opens New Store? (02/14/2001)
News Article: It looks like FUNi is about to open a new anime store and Kaio has volunteered to offer his opinion (from a critical point of view of course).

Details on the New Dub (02/13/2001)
News Article: The new dub has been released in Holland and we have an in-depth analysis as...

"The Worlds Strongest" Review (02/11/2001)
Review: DBZ Movie # 2 has been reviewed for your pleasure. Guess who saves the day...

Major Releases Update (02/10/2001)
News Article: Added lots of new DBZ VHS on pre-order in the releases section. Must see section for those that can't wait for CN.

Starz! To Broadcast Monoke (02/10/2001)
News Article: Just like the title suggests Starz! will be broadcasting the film. Find out when...

Kenshin Replacement Discs (02/10/2001)
News Article: New copies of Rurouni Kenshin TV Vol. #1 are being currrently being sent to both retailer and...

Palisades on DBZ Popularity (02/09/2001)
News Article: Recently Palisades Marketing had an article on the popularity of Dragon Ball Z in the US. Although most of the article didn't...

Warner Bros. to Distribute Akira? (02/08/2001)
News Article: It looks like Pioneer might have finally chosen it's distributor for the theatrical release of the classic anime film "Akira."

Anime Film In the Top 10! (02/07/2001)
News Article: Yet another anime film reaches the top ten most sold video's in the USA.
Find out which one...

Game Codes Section Updated (02/07/2001)
Site Update: Added some new game codes... get unlimited money and much more.

Animated Pornagraphy (02/07/2001)
News Article: Just as recently as two days ago channel 5 WEWS, an ABC affiliated located in Cleveland, OH reported some interesting details...

FUNi Releases Tons of DB Info (02/06/2001)
News Article: When will the new episodes come out on CN? Will the DVD's ever catch up to VHS?

Fan Wallpapers Updated (02/04/2001)
Site Update: Added some more fan wallpapers to the wallpapers section. DBGT characters await your arrival.

FUNi Actors Visit Australia (02/03/2001)
News Article: DBZ VA's Chris Sabat and Sean Schemmel have taken a trip to Aussie territory for this years Comic...

"Adrift In Space" Review (02/02/2001)
Review: The race has not ended as the Outlaw Star continues to rocket at very high speeds.

News From January 2001

More Eye Candy (01/31/2001)
Site Update: Added more fan wallpaper featuring the fused Saiyan kids....

More Fan Wallpapers (01/30/2001)
Site Update: Finally added a different DBZ character... Also added a couple of Gokou wallpapers.

DBGT Final Bout Codes (01/29/2001)
Site Update: Added some new DBGT Final Bout codes for the Playstation.

Wallpapers Updated (01/28/2001)
Site Update: Got around to updating the fan wallpapers once again.

Akira Coming To Theatres (01/26/2001)
News Article: Thats right guys Akira will be re-released and it will come to US theatres in style. One million will be spent on the restor...

Release Date Discrepancies (01/25/2001)
News Article: Online anime retailers still don't agree with each others pre-releases of the new DBZ tapes. Click here for more info.

"Beautiful Assassin" Review (01/23/2001
Review: Looks like Gene and the other crew members of the Outlaw Star continue to get in trouble with...

More Fan Wallpaper (01/22/2001)

Site Update: Just got some more decent fan wallpapers. Enjoy!

"Beast Girl Ready To Pounce" (01/20/2001)
Review: Read the review of yesterday's episode of Outlaw Star.

Wallpapers Update (01/19/2001)
Site Update: Finally added some new wallpapers to the staff section. Of course this includes the Celestrians's work so you might wanna check it out.

"When Hot Ice Melts" Review (01/19/2001)
Review: Yet another review of Outlaw Star. Gene and the rest of the gang finally get on board of the "ship." Also a main character dies in this episode.

"Into Burning Space" Review (01/19/2001)
Review: Gene and Hilda continue to be harassed by different groups.

"The Secret of Dr. Gero" Review (01/18/2000)
Review: Updated review with all new high-quality large screenshots.

"Star Of Desire" Review (01/17/2000)
Review: Yet another review of this new series on Toonami. Looks like the space pirates can't stop chasing their treasure.

"Outlaw World" Review (01/16/2001)
Review: Outlaw Star premiers on Toonami, and we give you our thoughts (in detail of course). Screenshots included!

"Double Trouble For Gokou" (01/16/2001)
Review: Gokou beats the crap out Android 19. Guess who wins this battle? Added five new screenshots.

New Game Codes (01/15/2001)
Site Update: Added some new video game codes for Super Butouden 3. Enjoy!

More Outlaw Star (01/14/2001)
Site Update: In an attempt to get you guys salvating over Outlaw Star, we uploaded a clip of the show's ad from Toonami. View it!

Outlaw Star Airs Tomorrow (01/14/2001)

News: Outlaw Star will start airing tomorrow on the Cartoon Network. Expect full coverage of the show from us.

Fan Wallpapers Update (01/14/2001)
Site Update: Added some new fan wallpapers not entered in the contest. This stuff is actually worth checking out.

"Z Warriors Prepare" Review (01/11/2001)
Review: Gokou and the rest of the gang train for the upcoming android pair. Added five new screen shots from this episode.

"Gokou's Special Technique" (01/09/2000)
Review: Seven new screenshots added to todays episode review.

"Mystery Revealed" Review (01/09/2001)
Review: Added five new screenshots to yesterday's review.

Fan Wallpapers Update (01/08/2001)
Site Update: Added more fan wallpapers that are not going to be in the contest.

DBZ Topsites Contest (01/07/2001)
Contest: Ever wanted to get your site advertised on every page of the DBZN. Thats exactly what the winner of the contest will get.

CN Gets More Anime! (01/06/2001)
News Article: Looks like the Cartoon Network will be getting some more anime titles. Unfortunately they will go through localization processes that...

More Fan Wallpapers! (01/04/2001)
Site Update: Due to the enormous amount of wallpapers in the fans section I revamped the whole thing!

More New Wallpapers (01/03/2001)
Site Update: Added some new fan wallpapers that were submitted to the fan wallpapers section not the contest.

"The Mysterious Youth" Review (01/02/2001)
Review: Added more screen shots and modified the review. All new high quality image of Trunks. Enjoy!

DBZ Midnight Marathon (01/01/2001)
Site Update: Just to remind you guys, CN will be showing 10 episodes of the Garlic Jr. saga. It will be shown from 12:00 - 5:00 AM.

"Frieza's Counter Attack" Review (01/01/2001)
Review: Modified and added 10 new screen (not counting the intro) shots of this episode.

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