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(Episode 115)

Android 19 is flying towards Vegeta and gives him a powerful punch in the face (Good way to start the episode, ne?). And then he starts to swing at Vegeta with a fast pace and manages to hit him in the face again, but Vegeta just pushes his head forward and is pretty much unscathed, except for a little blood coming out of his mouth. After giving one of his famous "You are weaker than me" speeches, Vegeta literally starts beating the crap out of 19, by kicking his feet into #19's stomach and socking him in the face with a powerful punch. #19 flys at Vegeta, but he just kicks #19 in the air. And then Vegeta punches #19 in the face and he starts leaking that red stuff. To finish it off Vegeta knocks #19 into the ground creating a small crater. As Vegeta goes down to check it out #19 grabs him and says he will not let go until he has all of Vegeta's energy. Vegeta challenge's his idea by pushing his feet up against #19's head. In the mean time Yamcha is rushing (well not really) Goku to his home so they can give him the heart medicine.

#19 continues to hold onto Vegeta until Vegeta finally gives one last push and makes #19's hands come off. Everyone is surprised, and soon 19 turns into a puss and crawls out of the crater and runs for his robotic life. Does Vegeta allow people/mechanical objects to live even when they are weaker then him? Of course not, he starts charging up to get rid of #19. #20 tells him it is enough and Vegeta just insults him for telling him to stop only because they are losing. Vegeta delivers his 'Going Away Present (English Version)'/Big Bang Attack (Japanese Version)' directly on #19 and he blows up and his head rolls around. #20 claims that Vegeta is much stronger then he thought but he can still take on Vegeta and win. Vegeta says that #20 should attack him because he is weakened from the energy #19 stole. #20 figuring there was no way he could win now flys off! Vegeta tells Kurilan to give him a sensu bean so he can go after #20. Piccolo soon figured out that #20 really could of beaten Vegeta had he figured out Vegeta didn't have enough energy to take him on, but since Vegeta kept a calm demeanor, #20 couldn't notice it.

Vegeta flew off telling them all that they were no longer needed, and of course they are not too fond of that idea and follow in pursuit of #20. Vegeta is looking for #20 but he cannot find him because he is hiding in the mountains. Since Vegeta knows he can't sense #20's Ki he tries another tactic, making #20 feel shame for hiding. But #20 doesn't seem at all bothered by Vegeta yelling is ass off about how 20 is a coward. Vegeta cannot stand cowards, and so he decides to just blast the whole mountain range with a huge blast. #20 sees this and oddly approaches the blast. He holds up his hands and absorbs all that energy. Vegeta charges down towards #20 but he goes into hiding again. No one is able to find #20, but he is able to notice them. #20 devises a plan to steal the energy from the other Z warriors so he will have enough to take out Vegeta. Vegeta and the others are going to have a lot of trouble finding this Old man that escaped from a nursing home. And so #20 has all the time he wants to steal their energy 1 by 1. And thus another ending of DBZ episode.

What You Didn't See: Again nothing too notable except for the part when Vegeta ripped off #19's hands. In the uncut version blood (red oil?) gushed out of what was left of #19's arms. And that is pretty much why FUNI has to tack on another 3 or 4 dollars to the uncut version : /

The Good & Bad: Well the good would have to be that #19 is out of the picture! Finally we can unmerge DBZ and Teletubbies into two separate shows again. That weenie whistle music wasn't present so that is a plus. The music...eh, still pretty much the same old music we have heard before. There are two bad parts. One would have to be Piccolo's stupid comment when Kuriran said "Wow that android is toast". He replied to that by saying "More like burnt toast". I am sorry but that is flat out corny. In my opinion of course, but maybe others they think Piccolo is Da Man or something. And oh yeah before I forget, I didn't like how Vegeta said "A little going away present for you, ha ha ha ha" those words sounded forced and people want to know names of attacks. Why the name was edited out is beyond me.

Episode Flaws: When you saw #19's arms get ripped off, we saw how he was pretty much 99% mechanical. What is the use of that blood? And why did it come out of his nose too? If that is oil I guess it makes some sense.

Final Word: Well there was more editing dialogue wise then there was footage wise. I don't know which you prefer over the other. Most of the Japanese fans are mostly likely going to be dissappointed that they took out the name "Big Bang Attack". Me... well I am sure I will live. I recommend watching this episode only if you must see el chunko blanco die. And to see Vegeta full of confidence once again and fighting at his best.

Kaervak gives it 3.5/5

-The Kaervak DBZN Staff

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Vegeta SSJ
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