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Episode 214 "Vegeta's Pride"

The Summary

With tension rising between everyone, will Vegeta's long awaited dream of fighting Goku be realized?

Let's find out...

Continuing off from yesterday where Majin Vegeta blasted a portion of the stadium away and killed thousands of spectators, we have the great confrontation between Goku and Vegeta. The crowd is continuously fleeing from the tournament in fear of Vegeta attacking more people.

Ok. Here we finally get to see a close up view of Vegeta's face and body in the Majin form.

Oh my gosh! The detail and emotion shown was enough to make me cry. Honestly, it was THAT good.

Anyways, the scene quickly switches back to the flight of Goten and Gohan trying to figure out what Buu is and why he would want to hurt anybody. They both really hope that everyone's all right, and we even get to see a little humor from Trunks.

"They're gonna make spaghetti out of Buu!"-Goten

Can this show get any better?

You bet it can.

Babidi is very pleased that the plan is working and is even more exciting by the fact that the energy will soon begin to pour into Majin Buu. A few minor humorous scenes ensue with Hercule trying to intimidate Vegeta. Do we have to have that guy in every show?

So without further delay, we have the fight about to begin. Goku asks Vegeta is he's still under the control of Babidi. He tries to provoke him, by suggesting that Babidi can make him do anything he wants him to do. Big mistake, Goku! Vegeta turns his arm and again, destroys not only more parts of the stadium, but countless human lives. The Supreme Kai at this point has a jaw that reaches the ground. Not really, but that's what his mindset is at the time.

I'd just like to take a second to remind everyone of the enormous detail and ferocity that the animation displays here.

Moving on...

Goku becomes enraged at Vegeta's actions, and it looks as if he'll turn super saiyan. Not just yet. Vegeta begins a speech talking about his saiyan identity. He says that as a warrior and sworn enemy to the monkey-boy, Goku, he must complete his duty and destroy "Kakarot," as he says.

Goku, at this point, turns super saiyan, which was no surprise at all, yet, great to witness anyways. Goku has clearly made up his mind, and there is no way anyone will stop him from fighting Vegeta.

The Supreme Kai has other plans though.

He jumps in between the two saiyan warriors, stretches his arms out, and professes that he won't let them fight. He is afraid of more energy being sent to Buu for his revival, and has all the right to do so.

Goku knows that deep down in his heart, he doesn't want to hurt the Kai, but he also realizes that he must defeat Vegeta to prevent more deaths. Goku somewhat reluctantly begins to form a ki energy attack in his palm. Its intensity grows, and the Supreme Kai starts to get nervous. Soon enough, he finally acknowledges that he's no match for Goku's power; he steps out of the way saying that he's sorry he couldn't help.

Goku is sorry too, but it can't be helped.

Babidi is overjoyed because now there is no more interference for the fight. In fact, he dances and shouts with joys like a little child getting a new toy. (It's the best analogy I could think of.)

Babidi wastes no time, however, and transports the group to a deserted area in the canyons somewhere. The Supreme Kai and Gohan decide that it would be best for them to go back to the ship and disrupt the seal of Buu, because it would be less of a threat than to release him in full power.

The following scene is amazing in both animation and dialogue. Just superb...

The Supreme Kai's plan to go back to the ship annoys Babidi so he forces Vegeta to kill him. He gets inside his head with his magical abilities and pushes Vegeta to obey his command. Vegeta, somehow, possessed with that frightening Saiyan blood, fights his wishes. Yes, that right. Vegeta resists Babidi's control even though he is now a slave. Babidi, now furious with Vegeta's resistance, increases his control, and Vegeta drops to his knees in pain. He covers his face with his hands and continues to resist Babidi's control.

(Just one second here. Do you realize what he's doing? Vegeta is trying to resist the power of the strongest wizard in the entire universe, something that no one has ever accomplished. Oh boy, this why I live for this show.)

Vegeta refuses to obey his command, and with a scream of ultra-extreme rage, blasts his power and yells, "YOU MAY HAVE INVADED MY MIND AND MY BODY, BUT THERE'S ONE THING A SAIYAN NEVER LOSES, HIS PRIDE!"

It's hard to grasp the emotion and force with which he delivers this message. Just mind blowing.

Babidi is thrown back. No one has ever resisted his control, and succeeded. The Supreme Kai is amazed at his immense energy, but Dabura, once again has plans.

He tells Babidi to let the Kai and Gohan enter so that they can confront them. He, personally, wants to deal with Gohan, and the Kai will be left up to Babidi. He agrees, and he opens the chute to the ship.

Gohan talks with Goku about the upcoming fights, and Goku even hands him a Senzu bean to boost him to his full power. Goku tells him to fight with his emotion; for the people that died and all those that he loves. Gohan tells him to be careful, and soon enough, they're off to face Babidi and Dabura.

The fight begins.

Goku tells Vegeta that he wants to skip the warm-up and get right into action. He agrees, and they simultaneously turn into the Super Saiyan 2 form. Goku knows that he will need to give it his all.

Vegeta calls it fate...

We will find out tomorrow.

The Review


I don't think I can stress enough, the importance and prominence this had in the episode today. Every scene from the beginning to end was packed with fluid-like, crisp detailing in the faces, clothing, and bodies of the fighters. This episode alone rivaled the animation of the Cell saga.

Vegeta's close-up on his face was probably the best or close to the best drawing I've seen yet in Dragonball Z. Each strand of his platinum hair was reinforced with a bold outline, his aqua-turquoise eyes slanted evilly were just too much to handle, and the definition and anger in his face was beyond words.

If you didn't watch the episode, then just find a clip of Vegeta talking, and that will satisfy you.

Not only were Vegeta and Goku depicted perfectly, but the Supreme Kai, Gohan, and Babidi were also stressed highly in this particular show. I need a glass of water.


Vegeta's speech, alone, could be an episode in itself. From his disobedience to Babidi to his insistent nature of wanting to fight Goku, all parties were pleased today.

The conversations from everybody were good. When the frustrated Babidi discussed plans with Dabura, I enjoyed what was happening. Also, the conversation between Goku and the Supreme Kai was nerve-racking. Goku, a mere mortal, trying to move "THE" Supreme Kai of the universe by any means necessary is a concept unfamiliar to me.

Most of all, again, the speech between Goku and Vegeta was beyond everything. The banter from the two saiyans was enough to make my spine tingle with joy.

What more could I ask for? We have Super Saiyan 2 Goku vs. Super Saiyan 2 Majin Vegeta. To tell you the truth, I kind of like that match up. (huge understatement)


Well, I think that I've adequately discussed it in several forms above, but just to hear my opinion again, I think that this episode is the best (non-big battle) episode of Dragonball Z. That's saying a lot, but the facts all support it. The sequencing and low of the story today was great.

Sometimes, these English episodes, on CN, are interrupted and then brought back in a different scene. There was none of that either; perfect, or at least, almost.

The Existence's Bottom Line: We had the best of the best displayed in many aspects. Almost no plot holes except the concept of Goku being on Earth for one day. It sure seems like more than a day. Whatever. It's a cartoon.

The Existence gives today's episode:

6 Dragonballs out of 7

-The Existence

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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