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Episode 213 "The Dark Prince Returns"

The Summary

Gokou and the rest of the gang all try to figure out why it is that Darbura would retreat from a fight. The Supreme Kai explains that Darbura is Babidi's most powerful fighter, and that they have no one else to bring in. All the while Vegeta blames Gohan for not destroying Darbura immediately.

After a while of suggesting theories, Vegeta begins to push it, and says he's going to take charge of this mission. He charges up a right-handed blast of energy and aims it at the bottom floor. The Supreme Kai begs for him to stop, only for Vegeta to turn the blast on him. Gokou intervenes, and calms Vegeta down.

At the World Tournament, Hercule brags excessively, as the crowd cheers him on. When he spots Android 18, he freezes up a bit, before resuming with his primitive grunts.

Back at the ship, Babidi finally releases his charm upon Vegeta. Vegeta immediately begins to keel over in pain, fighting the inside force that is attacking him. The Supreme Kai had previously predicted this would happen, and knew what was going on. He encouraged Vegeta to fight it. Vegeta went Super Saiyan. Everyone encouraged him to fight against it - especially the Supreme Kai - until Vegeta argues that he is evil.

He ascends towards the ceiling and his aura turns a much deeper gold. Red sparks of evil energy crackle about his body, as his power level skyrockets. The emanation of energy is displayed outside of the ship as a ripple of it oscillates the ship and razes the ground. He appears to be fighting it…

Babidi stops Vegeta's fluctuation of power, and he descends once more. He's on his hands and knees, his head facing the ground. Gohan tells Gokou to "talk to him" but as Gokou steps forward to do so, the Supreme Kai warns that it is too late; Vegeta has become Majin (this is proven when they see the "M" Majin symbol on his forehead).

More than ready for the fight to begin, Babidi begins to transport the fighters to a new area.

The World Tournament Arena…

The majority of the crowd stares in awe amongst the fighters who had just appeared out of nowhere. However, Bulma, Chi-Chi and the rest talk about how glad they are to see them… Except for Master Roshi. He quickly points out that Vegeta's energy is "quite different."

Blasting the announcer and Hercule away with his energy, Vegeta points to Gokou, challenging him. His pointed finger rises up along with all others; he's prepared to fire an energy blast. This time, however, he isn't stopped by Gokou's demand. He fires, and Gokou crosses his arms, taking it head on. It pushes him back, and when Gokou can't withstand it anymore, it pushes him out of the way… for the crowd to endure. The blast goes through hundreds of people, the arena, and buildings for miles after that. Bulma can't believe what she's seeing.

Gokou lands in front of Vegeta… an all-out war between two of the most powerful beings anywhere is about to begin

The Review


Splendid! It was very, very good. Vegeta's charging up was great. I liked his aura, and he looked best when he had the red sparks coursing over his body. Babidi's magic looked really good too. Though I was impressed with today's animation, there was one thing I did not like. Vegeta looked like he was Super Saiyan 2, when he - in fact - was not. Other than that, however, I was impressed with today's episode's animation.


Inexcusably bad. It was at its best when Vegeta was charging up in Babidi's ship, and even then it was pretty bad. It was horrific when they showed the outside of Babidi's ship… it was a half-serene melody, as the ground was crumbling. Uh… eww…


It stayed true to character, but I didn't like it very much. Babidi giggled insanely, Vegeta ran his mouth (both before and after turning Majin), and I won't even talk about Hercule. He can grunt… that's something to cheer about? I think not.


At first, I thought the plot was great. I even began to write this review stating that it was, but then I realized something: Vegeta, being the prince of the Saiyans, has a bigger ego than Darbura, the KING of DEMON WORLD. Vegeta would NEVER have backed down from Gohan to send another challenger, but Darbura did. Though the episode was good, and Darbura's backing down was believable, it just wasn't quite true to character. Good, but not great.

Side Notes: If you're reading this, you probably didn't see the episode. Feel sorry for yourself, you didn't get to see one of the coolest Super Saiyan transformations. It wasn't an incredible episode all-in-all, but it had some cool scenes.

Madd Skittle gives today's episode:

5 Dragonballs out of 7

-Madd Skittle

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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