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Welcome to the DBZN episode reviews section. We update this section daily on weekdays. We review one episode per day as they are shown on the Cartoon Network. Here is the Current list of Reviews:

Android/Cell Saga

Episode 103: Frieza's Counterattack
Episode 104: The Mysterious Youth

Episode 105: Another Super Saiyan?
Episode 106: Welcome Back Goku
Episode 107: Mystery Revealed

Episode 108: Gokou's Special Technique
Episode 109: Z Warriors Prepare
Episode 110: Goku's Ordeal
Episode 111: Androids Appear
Episode 112: A Handy Trick
Episode 113: Double Trouble For Goku
Episode 114: Upgrade to Super Saiyan
Episode 115: The Secret of Dr. Gero
Episode 116: More Androids!?
Episode 117: Follow Dr. Gero
Episode 118: Nightmare Comes True
Episode 119: Goku's Assassin
Episode 120: Deadly Beauty
Episode 121: No Match for the Androids
Episode 122: Last Ditch Effort
Episode 123: Closing In
Episode 124: Unwelcome Discovery
Episode 125: Seized With Fear
Episode 126: The Reunion
Episode 127: Borrowed Powers
Episode 128: His Name is Cell
Episode 129: Piccolo's Folly
Episode 130: Laboratory Basement
Episode 131: Our Hero Awakes
Episode 132: Time Chamber
Episode 133: The Monster is coming
Episode 134: He's Here
Episode 135: Up To Piccolo
Episode 136: Silent Warrior
Episode 137: Say Good by 17
Episode 138: Sacrifice

Episode 139: Saiyans Emerge
Episode 140: Super Vegeta
Episode 141: Bow To The Prince
Episode 142: Hour of Temptation
Episode 143: Krillin's Decision
Episode 145: Cell's Complete
Episode 147: Trunks Ascends
Episode 152: The Doomsday Broadcast
Episode 157: A New Guardian
Episode 158: Dende's Dragon
Episode 166: Faith in a Boy
Episode 167: Gohans Desperate Plea
Episode 169: Children Of Cell Attack
Episode 172: Cell's Might Break Down
Episode 173: A Hero's Farewell
Episode 174: Cell Returns!
Episode 175: The Horror won't End
Episode 176: Save The World
Episode 177: Gokou's Noble Decision
Episode 178: One More Wish
Episode 179: Free The Future

Buu Saga

Episode 180: Warriors of the Dead
Episode 181: Other World Tournament
Episode 182: Water Fight
Episode 183: Final Round
Episode 185: Gohan Goes To High School
Episode 186: I Am Saiyaman!
Episode 189: Blackmail
Episode 190: I'll Fight Too
Episode 191: The Newest SSJ
Episode 192: Take Flight Videl
Episode 195: The World Tournament
Episode 200: The Forfeit of Piccolo
Episode 201: A Dark and Secret Power
Episode 202: Videl is Crushed
Episode 203: Identities Revealed
Episode 204: Energy Drain
Episode 205: The Wizard's Curse
Episode 206: King of Demons
Episode 207: Vegeta Attacks
Episode 208: Next Up Goku
Episode 209: Battle Supreme
Episode 210: Eighteen Unmasks
Episode 211: Pay to Win
Episode 212: Heart of a Villain
Episode 213: Dark Prince
Episode 214: Vegeta's Pride
Episode 215: The Long Awaited Fight
Episode 217: Buu is Hatched
Episode 218: The Losses Begin
Episode 221: The Warrior's Decision
Episode 222: Final Atonement

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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