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Kenshin Replacement Discs

February 10, 2001

     New copies of Rurouni Kenshin TV Vol. #1 are being currrently being sent to both retailer and customer hands according to Anime On DVD. The new DVD's serve a double purpose. They replace some of the current defective ones as well as improve the current product. The new version is produced on a DVD-9, or dual layered disc. This can greatly improve video quality greatly.

The following has been excerpted from Anime On DVD:

Swapped out copies of the Rurouni Kenshin TV Vol. #1 are finally making it both into retailer and customer hands these days, and it looks like there's some interesting changes with it. The first change is one way that you can tell which version you have, but only if you actually open the package. The new version is produced on a DVD-9, or dual layered, disc. This means that the bottom side of it will be gold-reflective as opposed to the silver-reflective DVD-5 single layer disc.

The phase inversion of the audio tracks has been fixed, but the first episode is still reversed (as opposed to the original disc where all four episodes were reversed). The subtitles have been tweaked in terms of spelling mistakes and the main menu now has music. The layout of the disc is also similar to more recent ones from Media Blasters, which means the branched openings/endings are gone and one straight video track is laid out instead.

Also noted is that with it now being dual layered, video quality is much improved over the original release. The one seeming downside is that the image gallery is short many of the pictures that were on the original release.


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