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Episode 191 "The Newest Super Saiyan"

The Summary

Not wasting any time we are in Kami's palace/temple where Piccolo is continuing his deep meditation training which is all that wander towards him (cute little butterflies). Dende the current god of earth (changed to "Guardian" here because we can't have anything to do with religion in the CN version) quickly heals all the poor little butterflies before they die.

Next we're at Master Roshi's place where Krillin and his wife 18 have taken a permanent residence. Here husband and wife can be seen sparring with each other in preparation for the World Tournament coming in about a month. Old man Roshi (who happens to be past his 300th birthday, no joke or typo for that matter) is watching them train by his door while brushing his teeth.

We then see Chi-Chi in the kitchen either washing dishes or cooking while Gohan and Goten head out to train. She tells young Goten to not get in the way of Gohan's training... We are now forwarded to Dai Kaio's (Grand Kai's) planet in heavan, here we see Dai Kaio complaining to Baba about letting Goku go back to earth without going through him first. Right after Baba asks Dai Kaio to train Goku he gets nervous (because Goku is really more powerful then him) and ends his complaint.

Back on earth Gohan is concentrating in his training only to be annoyed by Goten, who is told to sit on a rock for misbehaving. After a while Gohan decides to let Goten train with him and discovers Gotens incredible speed and strength... Only to be surpised even more when Goten becomes a Super Saiyan at age seven. Videl arrives for the flying lesson and has a very loud conversation with Chi-Chi...

The Review

Animation: It's gotten a lot more refined and the movements have become far more fluid then ever before. But it did have it's negative points, the fighters weren't as detailed as they were in the Cell saga (they will be once again later on). Even during their training the fighters didn't have their usual ultra-muscular look. Piccolo looked rather bland and even Gohan's hair seemed pale (it does that often when there not doing much), his body could have been a lot more pumped when he went SSJ but the animators seem to wait until the real fights come on for them to look beefed up.

Music: Music has also come along way since the old day's but I do sincerely wish they kept the original music. The fact that we don't hear the song "When we were Angels" in the ending of DBZ or see Goku (who has angel wings) also pisses me off but that's another story. Overall the music was decent by my standards and does a lot better then some US cartoons (usually anime retains their original music when re-dubbed so there isn't much to compare it with)

Dialogue: Wow, now here is where the US DBZ has really come along way since the old days of the Saiyan Saga. However there are still some scenes where one or more characters continue to say words that just sound corny. Some of today's best dialogue include Chi-Chi's rather heated conversation with Videl. It was true to it's Japanese counterpart and sounded like a classic verbal fight between two women in english.

Plot: Today's biggest plot development includes Goten's becoming a Super Saiyan at age seven. We also learn that Chi-Chi has changed alot since Goku died and has sparring matches with young Goten. We also find out that Videl and Chi-Chi are really similar in that they can both fight very well and not just using there fists either...

Overall, this episode was decent but by far not one of my favorite eps... The Great Saiyaman was absent from this episode and so was the comedy that went along with it. Animation was average and there were no great action scenes in the entire episode. Everything else was just average... It's a good thing that the episodes will really take off with the tournament coming up soon.

The Nazmune gives today's episode:

4 Dragonballs out of 7


Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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