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Blue Gender Voices Decided

June 24, 2001

FUNimation has chosen the voice actors of the two main characters in the show. They both happen to play Trunks in DBZ, Eric Johnson plays the voice of Adult (teen) Trunks, who you've already seen in CN. He will be voicing Yuji as Laura Bailey, currently doing the the voice of young (chibi) Trunks, will be voicing Marlene.

FUNimation is pleased to announce that we have cast the two main characters for Blue Gender. The envelope please...and the winners are Eric Johnson and Laura Bailey. Johnson will play the voice of Yuji, who is the star of Blue Gender. Johnson had this to say about his part in the series, "I am excited about the character Yuji because it gives me a chance to play a character who is experiencing emotions different from what I have played in the past. I think Blue Gender is the best thing that FUNimation has produced so far. It is one impressive piece of work." Johnson also plays the voice of Trunks in the series Dragon Ball Z. Bailey will be the voice of Marlene, the female lead in the series. Bailey said, "I am so excited to be a part of something so new at FUNimation. Marlene is such a strong character it is an honor to be able to bring her to life." Bailey is currently the voice of young Trunks in the series Dragon Ball Z. Production on Blue Gender is under way; we will keep you updated as the series progresses and moves toward release.

Nazmune- Editor-in-Chief

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