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Gokou's Special Technique

(Episode 108)

     As Goku is telling us about how he survived the Namek Explosion, the warriors and Bulma are angry at him for not coming back to Earth. As Goku explains his survival story, he explains that when Frieza's ship wasn't starting, he saw one of the Ginyu Force space pod's so he climbed in and flew to safety with only seconds to spare. As he was floating threw space with his space pod to an unknown place to him, he landed on a planet called Yardrat. Fortunately the people there were friendly, so they nursed him back to safety, repaired his space pod, and gave him some Saiyan like armor.

     Goku states that he learned a new technique called Instant Transmission in which he can teleport to a place where only a person is. In other words, he has to feel out the person in order to teleport there. As he teleports, he comes back with Master Roshi's glasses on, in which he hands to Krillin. With that, Krillin receives a new attitude, and also starts to get annoying in my opinion. As Piccolo and Goku tell everyone about the androids (Piccolo has "Namek ears" so he can hear the conversation between Trunks and Goku) everyone decides to train and fight the Androids May 12, at 10:00 am.

     Although Bulma had a great idea about gathering the Dragon Balls and wishing to know where Dr.Gero is, so that they can defeat him and won't have the androids prepared to fight the Z cast. But Goku says that since Dr.Gero hasn't done anything wrong, they can't and also Vegeta exclaims that by the time they gather the Dragon Balls, the androids will be prepared enough to fight them. So, as the episode ends, it features clips of Tien, Choatzu, and Yamcha training very lightly. But it also shows Vegeta training in 150x Earth gravity and says that he will reach 300x by the end of his training. Also, Piccolo and Goku train Gohan by teaming up and fighting him at once. It is too much for Gohan and he falls off a snowy cliff. As Piccolo exclaims that they have done enough for a day, Gohan exclaims that he wants to do more training. And so, they train for three years to prepare for the arrival of the androids. But will it be enough?

What You Missed: There wan't much missed, except a little blood here and there on Gohan, thats about it surprisingly. They did show the blood on Goku when he arrived on Yardrat, so there wasn't much that was missed, but for some reason they edited the blood on Gohan when he was training with Piccolo and Goku. I wonder why.

Mistakes in this Episode: In this episode, the only thing that was a little messed up was when Goku explained his story. He was falling down towards some lava in Frieza's Spaceship. As the window was open, a Ginyu Space Pod passed by, so he went after it, and activated it to leave and secure his safe escape. But when the moment right before the planet exploded, the last time we see Goku is when he is saying,"oh no!" and not falling down towards lava in Frieza's spaceship. How strange,right?

MY 2 CENTS: This was an A-OK episode. Goku explained his survival story, as so many people wanted to know, and he also explained his cool, new trick (Instant Transmission). In one scene Goku bashed Chi-Chi in the head sending her flying out onto a mountain accidently since he doesn't know his own strength. I thought that this was no mistake because Chi-Chi was nagging at Goku for allowing Gohan to train for three years and not study. She was very angry, and Goku got angry too, I guess, so he wacked her right through a house! This was a great episode but it wasn't as exciting and action-filled as most of the other android episodes are!

Deathstorm gives it a 4/5.

-Deathstorm DBZN Staff

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Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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