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Episode 5 "Beast Girl Ready To Pounce"

The Summary

In today's episode we find Gene and the others in the Outlaw Star asking for permission to dock at blue heaven. Hilda's robot friend is surprised at this, figuring that it was Hilda and her old ship "Horace". Upon entering the docking area, he finds that it is not Hilda, but "the kid" Gene. Gene quickly explains every thing that has transpired since Hilda's friend last saw them, including Hilda's death on the surface of a sun. After explaining everything, Gene asks the robot-like creature(who is really just wearing a robotic exterior, we see what he truly looks like earlier in the episode) if he can get them registration for Outlaw star, and paint the hull for free, until they make it big. Because Hilda's friend owed her a favor, he quickly agrees to do what Gene asks of them, and quickly sets about to do everything that needs to be done.

Meanwhile, Gene, Melfina, and James head off to try to find a place to eat, when they are stopped by none other than Lady Aisha of the Ctarl-Ctarl empire. Lady Aisha asks the group of Hilda's whereabouts, and is quickly shocked into a momentary silence when Gene reveals that she is dead. Lady Aisha quickly regains her composure and rushes in front of Gene to stop him from walking off, and asks him the exact location of the Galactic Layline. Gene responds by telling her to lean closer in, and then screams "That's what I'd like to know to!!!!!!, causing her be knocked back a few steps by the sudden loudness. After a few more heated words, Lady Aisha and Gene start to battle, with Gene coming up the victor in a quick brawl. However, Lady Aisha is far from beaten, and reveals some of her true strength, by transforming into a more beast-like form of her body. Gene makes a quick comment about how Blue Heaven has no moon, and while Lady Aisha is distracted, Gene and the others make a quick get-away and take off running splitting up with Gene and Melfina going one way, and James going the other.

After sprinting through numerous alleyways and streets, Gene believes that they have outrun the angry Lady Aisha. As soon as he stops however, he sees the outer-space through a window, and drops to his knees as a wave of nausea passes over him. Melfina quickly rushes to his side, and leads him to a bench so he can sit down until his nausea passes on. After talking to Melfina for a little while, and assuring her that he would find out where and why she was created for, Gene decides that it is time to get back together with James and gives him a buzz with their communication system. During their brief conversation, Lady Aisha manages to get the drop on them and jumps in front of Melfina and Gene. Gene yells out in surprise, and tells James to hurry over to their location to help them out against Lady Aisha. After asking the same repetitive questions of Gene, Lady Aisha starts a battle with him, this time with Gene breaking his sword(??) on her stone hard skin. Lady Aisha laughs at him, and brags that she is going to reveal her true strength. However, because of their last two fights, Lady Aisha has burned to many calories and is not able to sustain her enhanced form for more than 30 seconds and collapses to the ground in a dead faint.

The episode now jumps ahead to about 15 minutes later, where we find a now revived Lady Aisha with Gene and the others, at a restaurant eating food, allowing Lady Aisha to regain her strength. When they are done eating, Lady Aisha immediately turns on Gene and his friends, stating that no Ctarl-Ctarl ever notices or cares about one of their enemies showing compassion. Lady Aisha screams a few choice words, and brags about how Ctarl-Ctarl are immortal, when Gene decides to fire a massive shock blast into her chest, blowing her out of her seat and about 10 feet away on her back. On his way out, Gene tells the restaurant manager that the meal was on her bill, and to not let her weasel out of it.

In the final minutes of the episode, we find Gene and the others back at the Outlaw Star, where they receive a brief history about Hilda, and the space pirates that were hunting her, and the general galaxy that they were currently in. Gene and the others then proceed to board the ship, leaving the docking bay behind, and leave the Blue Heaven solar system, in order to go back to their home planet so they can find a man named Fred Luo, who will equip the Outlaw Star with weapons and other things. To be continued....

The Review

Today's animation was actually not quite up to it's usual standards, but still heads and shoulders above the other anime's out there. There were a few lame facial expressions shown by Lady Aisha, that personally reminded me of Princess Aika from Tenchi Muyo. However, other scenes did make up for it, such as the first time Lady Aisha and Gene battled it out. The rest of the episode was pretty decent.

The music in today's episode was pretty good, not as good as yesterday's, but better than the previous episodes aired on CN. There were a few spots where it could have been better(perhaps a little bit more battle oriented in the fight scenes, or more festive when they were eating). Overall, I'd have to say that Outlaw Star is doing a good job with the music so far, a lot better than other anime's such as Ronin Warriors, or Sailor Moon.

The Dialogue was pretty well done as usual. I especially liked the verbal exchange between Melfina and Gene after they evaded Lady Aisha for the first time. Some places were a bit corny, such as Lady Aisha's really annoying voice when she gets angry. Other than that, all is well in the land of voices.

Overall, today's episode managed to keep my interest, and uphold the previous standards set by it's previous episodes. I'm just praying that it keeps this standard of excellence up.

Hiro Gives today's episode a rating of 4/5

-Hiro DBZN Staff

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