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News Dragonball Episodes, Games, and more.

March 31, 2001

The big news of the is the promise of the original Dragon Ball episodes coming this summer or fall. No public announcements have been released about it, except for the voice actor for our ever-present hero of the story, Goku. Stephanie Nadolny was voted #1 to receive the part of Goku's voice for this summers Dragon Ball release. Only time will tell the episode's quality, and popularity. Also, unlike rumors before, DBGT is planned to eventually make it's way to the US, says Gen Fukunaga, Executive Producer and President. "We plan to move to Dragon Ball GT after DBZ and we also want to find a way to give Dragon Ball exposure as well. But, these shows cannot be heavily promoted today because the retailers do not want the confusion in the market place of having 3 similar products simultaneously." A specific release date for Dragon Ball, nor Dragon Ball GT has yet been announced.

Season 5 of Dragon Ball Z is also set for the summer or fall, so apparently, it's schedule will overlap with Dragon Balls. It will be interesting on how scheduling for Toonami will change. Major production seems to be coming to a head for this summer and fall. Not only is Season 5 of Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball coming, but also Movie #4 slated for U.S. release around August 2001. Movie #5 expected in October, #6 to follow shortly thereafter.

It also seems that Dragon Ball made be widening it's horizons on the gaming front once again. You may recall video games such as Ultimate Battle 22, and Dragon Ball GT:Final Bout. Neither of which were commended as reasonably good, or successful games. Maybe infogrames will bring true quality with their prized license. No consoles, or release dates are yet set. Infogrames is currently in the preproduction phase of game development and as such, are focusing on putting the finishing touches on game design documents and acquiring necessary approvals. We will keep a close eye on the movement of this company and the production of the game for you.

Many DVDs and VHSs have been released. Along with release dates of not-on-the market ones. The information on dates seems slightly unreliable to me. Many things I think should come out before others. So don't just look at this, and go to the mall and expect to find the tapes there. Frankly, I'd say use you telephone first. FUNimation has released two DVDs. "Androids" And "Dr. Gero". Assassins is set for release at 4/3/2001. FUNimation has also released dates for it's VHS episodes. Perfect Cell episodes "Temptation" and "Perfection" are set to be released on 4/17/2001. "Unstoppable" and "Ultimatum" for 6/19/2001. Apparently, The Great Saiya-Man episodes are set to be released BEFORE the Cell ones. This is why I find it hard to believe. Then again, I have been out lately. I'll check the local shops for answers soon enough. "Declaration" and "Gohan's Secret" according to resources, have already been released! "Crash Course" is set for 5/15/2001. And one VHS "Junior Division" is going to be released 5/15/2001. These numbers look very jumbled up to me. Don't rely on them too much.

One last thing, for all you high speed broadband connections out there. Cartoon Network has made a sort of "online TV" for you to enjoy. I personally have not looked at it, but you should. Check it out at: http://cartoonnetwork.com/TOONAMI/reactor/

-Jragun, DBZN News Contributor

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