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fu·sion (few-shun)
n. The act of combining; merging.

During Dragon Ball Z/GT, desperate times called for desperate measures and "Fusion" was one of those measures. In the show it's when two (can be more for a Namek-jin fusion) characters combining to form a much more powerful being. Usually one being is dominant and his or her personality is more apparent but the fused character's overall personality is completely unique. Other then the Namek-jin fusions, fused characters are usually extremely cocky. Everything else varies from the characters who fused and what method(s) they used to do it. Listed below are the types of fusions (successful, and unsuccessful/imagined) that occur in DBZ and GT. Click on Fusion characters' names to see an image of that character.

Types of Fusion

Fusion Dance: For successful fusion, two characters of about the same race, species, height, weight and power level do a complicated dance. If there are no errors, they "fuse" -- or merge -- and become a singular being of extravagant power. Should the dance not be performed correctly, the being will be extremely weak. This type of fusion wears off in 30 minutes.

Potara Fusion: It has the same results as the Fusion Dance, the characters must simply wear the Potara Earings and look at each other to fuse. However, there's one "slight" downfall: the users stay fused forever. In the Buu saga Goku and Vegeta are able to defuse back to their original selves after entering Kid Buu because the laws of physics differ within Buu.

Namek-jin Fusion: Used by only the Namek-Jin, this fusion is basically the absorbtion of another Namek. The lead of the fusion places their hands on the other Namek's chest, and "absorbs" them, gaining both their knowledge and their power. This fusion is permanent and the characters cannot defuse. This is why Kami-sama took the time he did he before deciding to fuse with Piccolo.

Successful Fusions

Chibi Trunks + Goten = Gotenks(Fusion Dance)
Gokou + Vegeta = Gogeta(Fusion Dance)
Gokou + Vegeta = Vegetto(Potara Fusion)
Nail + Piccolo = Piccolo(Namek Fusion)
Kami + Piccolo = Piccolo(Namek Fusion)

Unsuccessful/Imagined Fusions

Chibi Trunks + Goten = Fat Gotenks(Fusion Dance)
Chibi Trunks + Goten = Old Man Gotenks(Fusion Dance)
Gokou + Dende = Denderotto(Fusion Dance)
Gokou + Vegeta = Fat Gogeta(Fusion Dance)
Gokou + Vegeta = Old Man Gogeta(Fusion Dance)
Kuririn + Piccolo = Piririn(Fusion Dance)

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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