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     Welcome to the characters section of this webpage. Here you will find information on numerous characters in the Dragonball world (not limited to just DBZ). This is a new section and is still in development. Currently we have a brief amount of information on the main characters (more detail biographies coming soon). When this section is finished we hope to have all the characters that have appeared in Dragon Ball Z.

Currently in the works:
Detailed biographies for each of these characters. After this is complete we will go on to provide a brief summary of each and every character in the show.

Main Characters:
Gokuu- Is the leading character for most of Dragon Ball Z with only his son Gohan taking his place for a brief period. Appears throughout the entire show and in the end the most powerful person in the show (not potential). Read the full bio on Gokuu
Gohan- The powerful son of Goku and Chi-Chi (Chi-Chi is Goku's wife). Has an enormous amount of power that is summoned during key parts of the show. Although he may possess the most power in the entire show he never gives it his all unless motivated to do so.Read the full bio on Gohan
Bulma (Buruma)- One of the few main characters in the show that doesn't fight. Although she plays seems like a minor character in DBZ, she has her importance. Bulma happens to be the technologically advanced daughter of Dr. Briefs and his wife (never mentions her name)!
Vegeta- The Saiyan(Saiya-jin) prince as well as the most powerful Saiyan from the destruction of Planet Vegeta till the battle between Goku and Vegeta. Defeated many key enemies in the series (Android 19) and saved Goku several times. Also the "bad" guy until the end of the Frieza saga.
Trunks- Son of Vegeta and Bulma (Bulma and Vegeta never married). We see two versions of Trunks one comes from the future (via Bulma's Time Machine) and the one from the main DBZ Timeline.
Piccolo- Gohan's mentor and the second most powerful man on earth behind Goku until the Saiyans arrived. Also known as Ma Junior he is the son of the original Piccolo (Daimou) who split from Kame long ago before Dragon Ball Z.
Krillin (Kuririn)- Goku's best friend... trained with him in the early years of Dragonball with Master Roshi. Although no longer a major fighter in Z he is a crucial character in the show. Involved with Gohan/Goku and the other Z fighters in much of the show.

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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