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IDouble Trouble For Gokou

Episode 113

This episode starts out with Goku charging towards #19 and immediately swinging fists with him. #19 flys backwards and blows up a mountain just as Goku is passing over it, and of course Goku remains unharmed. Goku keeps on jumping from one area in the air to another and appears behind #19 and elbows him in the back. And then #19 screams in pain? Goku knocks #19 into a nearby mountain and soon enough #19 emerges from the rubble and charges towards Goku. But he is able to stop #19 with his hand and kick him into the air. They engage in another air battle swinging and dodging fists. During this time Marron shows up and Roshi wants nothing more then to grip her round..... Anyways while she is there Roshi tells her the story of how Goku defeated the Red Ribbon Army when he was a little boy. And of course being the ditz that she has always been she claims she didn't understand it and happily says "Who will protect me from the monsters?".

Goku and #19 continue to exchange blows, and it appears that Goku has the upperhand. But something is odd, Goku is never breathing hard this early in a battle. Anyways he continues to bat #19 around. #20 realizes that #19 is in trouble, for if he doesn't steal any energy he will malfunction. Gohan and Kurilan arrive at the battle sight, and Tien assures them that everything is ok, for Goku is winning. Everyone is rooting Goku on except for Gohan and Piccolo. Gohan and Piccolo notice Goku seems to be lacking a bit. Tien and the others just think they are paranoid. Gohan suggests that #19 maybe secretly absorbing Goku's energy. At this point Goku knocks 19 into the ground. And what do you know, he stands up and looks at Goku, pretty much unhurt. Goku decides to use his Kamehameha on #19 and for some odd reason #19 smiles and holds up his hands while the beam is heading towards him. He absorbs it and then laughs. Piccolo warns Goku not to use any "energy waves" for they can absorb them in their hands. At this point Kurilan notices Goku looks extremely tired, and #19 is now fully charged.

#19 takes this opportunity to go on the offensive against Goku. He misses Goku with his first punch but Goku swings and hits him to the side, but it does nothing to him. He smiles and then swings his hand across Goku's mouth and then knocks Goku towards the ground. Goku is able to stop himself before he hits the ground and angrily tries another Kamehameha, but Piccolo stops him. There is definitely something wrong with him, and Gohan notices that Goku is holding his chest. It appears that STD* Goku picked up on Yardrat has finally started attacking his heart. But why later then what Trunks said it would? And this episode ends right there.*(He alone probably picked up that virus from the Yardrations because they were most likely immune to it and didn't know anything about it because they weren't affected.)

The Good & Bad: One of the bad aspects of this episode would have to be how they repeat that same fighting sequence of Goku and #19 swinging fists in the air 3 or 4 times. It just wastes time in my opinion. And I don't really know if this is a bad aspect but, the whole sequence at Master Roshi's Island took about about 7-9 minutes of the episode. That is almost half of the episode in the cut standards. Now for some that are interested in the background of Goku in the Dragonball series, this may of been a good thing. For those that don't care and just want to see what is going on with Goku and #19 this was probably more on the "Pain" side. The music at the beginning of the episode sort of sounded like the music you would hear on an old SNES game or Atari game. I am sure that FUNI spent at least a whopping 10 minutes + on making that score.

Episode Flaws: Good job at keeping this episode flawless, Kudos to you Japanese Animationists! Well maybe I missed something that didn't make sense? If so you know what to do.

Final Word: An actions episode obviously. But it contained mainly bland action for it repeated the same fighting sequences over and over again. And with that pause in the middle of episode to tell about Goku's past with the RR army, it kind of made this a frustrating episode. I don't really have much to say about this episode, not really one of my favorites.

Kaervak gives it 3.5/5

-The Kaervak DBZN Staff


Dr. Gero Smilling

Gohan, Krillin, and Yamucha Flying
Little Gokou about ot give a beat down
Little Gokou "using" his head.

Gokou beating Android 19


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Vegeta SSJ
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