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Episode 195 "The World Tournament "

The Summary

Finally, after much anticipation, The World Martial Arts Tournament begins!

…well, that is the Junior Division does.

As the Junior Division is about to kick off, Goten and Trunks are in the prep room when one of the larger boys in the tournament decided that he would try to scare trunks before their first match. However, all does not go according to plan when Trunks doesn't flinch at the boys fake punch.

As the tournament is about to start, ZTV releases a "Historical Recreation" of what happened at the end of the Cell games when the transmission was interrupted. In it shows Hercule saving the world and exposing Cell for the "Trickster" that he really was…

…it was one of the funniest things in DBZ I have ever seen in any saga.

After this enlightening documentary, we're finally ready get into some action! The junior tournament begins with various matches of the 35 children in the tournament. Contenders include kids in oversized Boxing gloves, a sumo child, and some kid who likes he really belongs in the Anime "Fist of the North Star".

Finally we see Trunks in his first match with the Kid who tried to intimidate him and is now sure he's going to beat Trunks silly. The match lasts all of… 3 seconds.

Now all we're waiting for is Goten's first match….

The Review

Pre-review- Before I get into the actual guts of the episode I must first comment that this episode had a lot of "Little Things" that made this episode extremely entertaining to watch, but very hard to explain in a concise manner. Therefore, I recommend that if you missed tonight's episode (9/28), try to watch it when it re-airs on The Midnight Run sometime next week (The midnight run is currently 3 episodes behind, and due to Adult Swim on Thursdays, that "lag time" should grow by one episode per week.).


Once again, TOEI brought out their "Important Episode" team for today's animation. The key thing to look for in my opinion is the "Facial Close-ups" to really find out the quality of the animation. If they have the more "realistic" nose and more detail in their teeth and eye lines, then chances are they have their top teams working on the Cell-to-Cell animation.


There were some "Low-Quality" moments in this episode that I find so interesting about DBZ. I noticed it particularly on the Hercule close-ups right before they aired their "Historical Recreation" on the big Blimp-O-Vision. I've never been sure exactly why DBZ seems to exhibit this "phenomenon" more than any other Anime I have ever seen, as style consistency is so huge with animation and most other Anime's.

All in all however, the animation was very good. There really wasn't much hardcore DBZ action today, so the fluidity was not showcased as it is in more "Battle Happy" episodes.


The chorography in today's episode was an interesting showcase. Whenever Hercule is involved, be prepared for flashy backgrounds, annoying poses and that laughing mug that we have all come to know and love. (Shivers)

We really didn't see some of the unique perspective angles that we normally do in the more intense DBZ episodes, every shot was pretty much straight forward with the occasion wide pan shot of the entire field, yet nothing that I can really get too excited about.


I don't know if there was an episode where I remember hearing more of the Hercule Theme music. I'm sure there is, but that's just about all I remember hearing…that and the Hercule laugh.

Again, I renew my complaint about FUNi not keeping the original music.

If you want to experience that Music like it was intended, just tune to the International Channel on Wednesday at 10pm PST or Sunday at 6pm PST (I think….ITC might have changed the time since I last saw it) and just listen to the music. There are no subtitles, so chances are you wont understand what they're saying, but at least you will have a chance to see just how different the music selection is for certain moments.


Once again, I was laughing all throughout the episode for mainly one reason: The Historical Recreation of the Cell Games.

Have you ever seen poorly translated Chinese movies, especially Chinese movies that are really good? A perfect example is The Chinese Connection starring the legendary Bruce Lee. Excellent movie, but poor English translations (hmmm doesn't this sound like DBZ?)

Well guess what, FUNi in their own way was right on top of this by making fun of that very thing with the Dialogue of the HR (I will now for speed's sake refer to "Historical Recreation" as HR).


HR Cell: Ha! I have beaten you because you are not strong. In fact you are weak.

HR Goku: He is right, we are beaten.

You know what this reminds me of?


But my favorite line in the HR was this. (And I even wrote it down to make sure I quoted it perfectly):

HR Hercule: Your useless tricks are stupid…and useless.

That was too perfect. I really wish they could take some of this new found wit FUNi has so recently found and put some of it in more episodes… we'll see how that pans out.


It's about time. That's pretty much all I have to say about that. Now that the Tournament is underway, things will really start to pick up in the plot department. All I can say is make sure that you keep up, as both some interesting characters will show up as well as some good hearty DBZ Action.

As far as Today goes, there really was not much in the way of plot, and FUNi didn't try to force it.

Just make sure you keep watching.


Why do I love reviewing episodes so much? So I can extol the virtues of DBZ to worldwide community. This episode had a sliver of action with Trunks and a whole lot of humor! I was literally laughing throughout the entire episode.

Some things obviously I would change if I was God of All Things Related to the Production and Distribution of DBZ, but why nitpick over things you can't really change? It was an excellent show and definitely worth 25 minutes of your time.

Monday's episode is going to be great, so don't miss it!

The Celestrian gives today's humorous episode:

6 Dragonballs out of 7... Because it is humorous.

-The Celestrian

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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