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Mystery Revealed

(Episode 107)

    This episode starts off with the others greeting Goku, who just came back to earth. Goku wonders how they knew he was going to arrive there and Bulma tells him that the mystery person told them about Goku's arrival. Goku claims he has never seen that mysterious person before and then he wonders who destroyed Frieza. To his surprise the new guy (Trunks duh) destroyed Frieza. Bulma explains that he is a Saiyan, so being that naive Goku we have all come to love (or hate), he believes Trunks is a Saiyan without giving it any thought how. Vegeta on the other hand explains that Goku, himself, and Gohan are the only Saiyans left.

     With still a lot of questions to be answered, Trunks asks to speak with Goku alone. They go to the other side of Goku's impact crater and begin talking. Trunks' first asks Goku to turn into a Super Saiyan and Goku does what he says. Then Trunks turns into a Super Saiyan and surprises Goku(wow i didn't know my hair turns yellow Gosh). Trunks then tests Goku and flies at him with his butter knife. Goku doesn't move because he knew Trunks wasn't going to hit him. Then Trunks says this time he will not stop and so Goku blocks all the assaults with his index finger (Wouldn't it of been something if you saw him using his middle finger to block? Like hehe I am better than you!). Trunks after being what he calls "Satisfied" then tells Goku some things. He says that Vegeta is his father and Goku has a hard time believing that, but then he tells Goku about the grim future.

     Tien...Yamcha...Piccolo...Krillen...Chouzu...Vegeta will all be killed by Androids! Everyone is killed except for Gohan. He tells Goku that Gohan was his master and trained him in the future, but later the androids killed Gohan too. He then tells Goku that he died before the androids arrived from a heart virus he recieved on Yardrat. Goku without a second thought wishes he won't die so he could fight those androids. Trunks surprised at Goku's will and determination gives Goku the antidote to his heart virus. He then tells Goku that Bulma is his mother and Goku's knees give in and he falls over in disbelief. Trunks then says he has to go back to the future to let his mother know that everything went ok. He leaves and Goku goes to the others. And Piccolo tells Goku that he better tell the Z fighters what is coming their way (He was able to hear because of those namekian ears of his.) Goku doesn't explain so Piccolo does without giving the Z fighters the information on who Trunks is. Now the Z fighters have to prepare... it is 3 years til the androids arrive ...3 years too short.

What You didn't See: Surprisingly I could find little or no differences between the cut and uncut version. There really wasn't anything you could cut from this episode, except if FUNimation got weird on us they might of cut the part out about Vegeta and Bulma being his parents because all the American viewers would have to wonder how Bulma got impregnated.

The Good and the Bad: Well this episode was A-Ok as far as music goes. Is it just me or is Goku's voice getting more clownish as we progress further. Just the part where he said "Vegetable is going to be a Daddy!" was funny-sounding. The most notable tunes are when Trunks assaults Goku with his sword and when Trunks is giving that heartfelt speech in his little egg-shaped time machine.

Episode Flaws: Again why didn't Goku just teleport to fight Frieza if he knew Frieza passed him? (This technique is explained in the next Episode). Other then that this episode was almost flawless.

Final Word: Well although this episode had a few great parts, it also had a lot less action then the previous two episodes. This episode was only meant to be verbal, to explain a lot of things. There is always the improving music score and a few funny jokes, comments, and a good old fashioned "Your future is doomed speech". Overall this episode did pretty good without hardly any action.

Kaervak gives it a 4/5.

-Kaervak DBZN Staff

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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