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Final Atonement
Episode # 222
*Special Thanks to MajinJT for providing us with today's review image.

Atonement: the penance or expiation of one's self.

With Trunks unable to bear Vegeta's brutal punishment from Buu, he decides to jump in and help. Piccolo yells in protest, only to have Goten follow. Trunks lays a big kick in Buu's face making him take flight into a cliff. The boys unravel the Saiyan prince and try to wake him up.

Meanwhile, Babidi's cheering soon comes to an end. Piccolo shows up behind him, and hears him say that the end of his life is now.

Piccolo tries attacking, only to meet Babidi's defense barrier. Babidi then attacks him with some sort of metallic liquid that somehow is supposed to harm him, but Piccolo is easily able to power it off. Babidi stops laughing and calls for Buu's help for he has no other protection. Piccolo tries attacking again only to find the barrier up as well. Piccolo increases his attack, depletes his barrier, and forces Babidi to take flight. In the air, he thinks he's safe. Too bad Babidi; Piccolo can fly too. Behind him, the proud Namek stands tall and meets his end. Or is it really the end?


Piccolo takes his arm and slices right through Babidi. He falls down into a chasm helplessly as Piccolo stand above staring.

Back to Vegeta...He tells Trunks to take care of his mother for him. Whaaaaaaaa!!?!?!?!?!?! What could this mean? We quickly see a glimpse of Goku knocked out on the desert floor, and Gohan as well, in the forest, in the same condition.

Trunks asks Vegeta why he'd say such a thing, and Vegeta tells him that they have to leave and that he want to fight alone. Both Trunks and Goten, however, want to help and fight as a team. Vegeta then tells Trunks that he's never hugged him ever since he was born. Oh my gosh! For the first time EVER in Dragonball Z history we see Vegeta showing sympathy. Wow!

I could almost cry.

Vegeta embraces his son for several moments only to knock him out cold when they finish. Goten watches in disgust and demands to know why he'd do such a thing. It sent chills down my spine.

Goten is knocked out soon enough, and Piccolo flies down to Vegeta. Buu nears the fighting ground as we hear some very eerie music. Vegeta asks Piccolo to take the boys as far away as possible. Before he goes, Vegeta asks him if he will see Kakarot in the other life. Piccolo doesn't want to lie to him and explains that Goku has devoted his entire life to helping others. Therefore, he was able to keep his body after he died. Vegeta, on the other hand, spent his entire life trying to become stronger for his own selfish desires. He will not get that same privilege as Goku.

Vegeta says he doesn't care, and Piccolo leaves.

Vegeta turns to Buu, and taunts him.

"You big bloated balloon freak!"- Vegeta

Buu releases steam and for the first time we see Vegeta fighting for someone else. In this case, Bulma and Trunks, and most of all, Goku.

Vegeta takes one last at Buu and then powers up quite arguably THE BIGGEST "cloud" of energy. Both Vegeta and Buu scream inside this enormous power, as the entire area is blasted away into nothingness. And so there we have it. Vegeta no longer exists and the world will be changed forever. Or does he return? We will wait and see.

I really enjoyed this episode. It contained elements of surprise, fascination, and power. It was amazing to witness Buu's constant regenerations. It was like Cell all over again. The way that Vegeta was portrayed also seemed different, yet amusing. He didn't seem blown back at his abilities, nor was he overly confident of victory. I liked that.

The sequence where Buu powered up his "multi-directional energy attack" was great. The camera slowly receded away as the power grew and then after it was done, Buu stood atop the giant crater. The same effective technique was utilized when Vegeta blasted a hole in Buu's tummy. The background got bolder and darker, and Vegeta got lighter and more defined.

The music in this episode was just awesome. Listen to the part where everyone thinks Vegeta has killed Buu with his "hole" attack. Funky, new, and fitting. Very nice.

Ultimately, I think that today was a day of recuperating thoughts, and to open the future events with. It ended on a high note, which is always a plus.

-The Existence

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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