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Saiyans Emerge (Episode 139)

     Unfortunately this is another one of those transitory episodes that one of our staff (cough **Celestrian** cough) members have always complained about. This episode really did not have that much if any action. But we still had some interesting developments as far as plot is concerned.

     Cell is still seeking Android 18 to unite with, only then can he become "whole." Long haired and slightly more mature Trunks comes out in slow motion with his father, Vegeta. Their serious faces, increased muscle mass, and torn clothing make the other guys go through their Ahhing Syndrome.

     Vegeta's arrogance is at an extreme level because at this point he KNOWS he is the strongest man in the planet (with Trunks being the exception). Piccolo is still pretty pissed as well as Tien when they exchange friendly words with Vegeta. Gokou is still his goofy self and is the only one that hasn't put up a serious face yet. Bulma comes over with Trunks and offers new Saiyan armor/clothing to the guys.

     At around this time Android 16 is laying down and peacefully looking at birds hanging around near his knee while 18 is going through a nervous breakdown. Cell starts to realize they couldn't have gotten very far especially with 16's injuries. So he decides to open his big mouth and scream. Which literally causes the surrounding land and towns to shake. He tells 18 to get out from hiding or he will destroy each and every island in the area with her. 16 reasures her and tells her that he wouldn't do that... then Cell starts to blow up islands killing thousands of people with it.

     Both Vegeta and Trunks are flying towards Cell and the Androids insuring plenty of action for tomorrow's episode. If you haven't seen it yet you really shouldn't miss it!

     For me this was a very disappointing episode... the animation was great, the dialogue was the usual and the music hasn't changed much. The plot development however was above normal but wasn't enough to satisfy this slightly bored fan. Mostly because of the lack of action in this episode.

Kaio-sama gives this episode:

4 Dragon Balls out of 7.



Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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