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Episode 11 "Adrift In Space"

The Summary

Today's episode started out with Gene piloting the Outlaw Star at breakneck speeds to get to checkpoint 3 before a huge Ether Wave came over it. Firing all thrusters and pushing the ship nearly to it's limits(who knows what it's limits truly are), they make it in the nick of time. One of the race officials come onto their screen and tell them that was quite the feat they just pulled off, and that there was 12 ships ahead of them, but time wise, they were in 6th. After a few groans from Jim about how he could hardly believe they weren't placed any higher and how they would be farther in debt if they didn't place third, Gene and the others decide to stop for a bite to eat while waiting for the mandatory 1 hour stop for their ship to be maintenanced. While in a restaurant, Gene notices one of the McDougal brothers. He immediately goes over and confronts the younger McDougal brother, however, is quickly told that he is quite mistaken, that he just pilots the ship at race time. However, Gene is sure that he is one of the ones who was at Farfallas when Hilda was killed, and he presses on. However, the pilot(who really is one of the McDougal brothers) stands strong and calls over one of the race officials. Gene quickly backs off, fearing eviction from the race, and owing Fred Luo more money.

The younger McDougal brother is shaken by his encounter with Gene, and it shows when he gets onto his ship. He immediately requests info on Gene and the ship that he pilots. When seeing the Outlaw Star, he recognizes it as the XGP that he and his brother tried to destroy earlier in the series. He quickly sets forth a plan to ambush Gene and the outlaw star before they reach the 5th and final checkpoint before the end of the race. The episode now switches back to Gene who is in his shape waiting to be allowed to launch back into the race, with the hopes of catching up to younger McDougal brother and forcing a confrontation. Finally, the Outlaw Star is given the green light to launch and Gene blasts back into the race. The scene now goes to Lady Aisha, who is also planning to ambush Gene. However, that plan is quickly laid to rest when she is informed that the ship she is on has nothing more than a solitary machine gun and would be no match for the awesome power of the Outlaw Star. Aisha comes up with a plan to get herself on board of the Outlaw star by acting like her ship has blown up. As Gene comes within messaging distance, she sends out an emergency transmission asking the Outlaw Star to please help. Gene ponders for a few moments, then decides to go ahead and pick up what he believes to be a stranded space pilot. He dresses up to go out into space, however, before he is able to go out, he is overcome by his fear of space and is forced to take a few extra moments to clear his head. After the brief rest, he retrieves the stranded pilot and brings her on board. Aisha quickly reveals herself and confronts Gene in hopes of getting more information out of him about the Galactic Leyline. Gene and the others finally manage to convince her that they no absolutely nothing about it yet, and are trying to find more about it themselves.

After the Outlaw star clears the 4th checkpoint and all the floating debris near it, they prepare to go into Sub Ether mode. However, in the middle of doing so, Gillian informs them that there is two incoming objects, most assuredly missiles. Gene tries to outmaneuvers the missiles so they can go into Sub ether mode and completely get rid of them, however, just as they are making the transition, the missiles collide with the ship, sending it into a hectic spin, throwing them off course, and shaking everyone up. After everyone is accounted for, Gene learns they can no longer go into Sub ether mode, and seems about to completely give up, when Aisha gives a rousing speech on how the Ctarl-Ctarl never give up and are known for their courage and tenacity. This somehow manages to inspire Gene, who decides to use the nearby Ether Stream to get them to the finish line. Jim quickly opposes this plan, but is completely ignored as Gene orders the Outlaw Star to go into grappler mode, and then jumps into the middle of the Ether Stream. Using the Ether Stream, the Outlaw Star and it's crew is able to get to the 5th and final checkpoint, and then finally to the Finish line. They are told they are currently in 3rd, but if they ship behind them comes in before two minutes, they will be down to fourth. Gene is confident they will maintain third, but is quickly proven wrong when the other ship crosses the finish line just in time to snag 3rd place. Gene is crestfallen, and wonders how they are going to pay back Fred, when he is snapped out of his reverie by one of the race officials informing him that he and the Outlaw Star placed first in the Privateer Class. Fred is impressed by this, and decides to not charge Gene and the others anything at all. To be Continued....

The Review

The animation in today's episode was splendid. It is more than a match for nearly any other anime out in the U.S. at this time. Not just a few scenes, but the entire episode, was incredibly graphic and very pleasing to the eye. My favorite scenes in this episode was right in the beginning when Gene and the Outlaw Star made it past the 3rd checkpoint right before the Ether Wave passed over it. Another great scene in my opinion was when the Outlaw Star was hit by the missiles fired by the younger McDougal brother. The graphics and intensity of that scene were beyond belief.

The music was pretty well today. It seemed to match the scenes and mood just right. It didn't stand out in particular in any scene, but instead, seemed to flow in the background and enhance the episode itself without drawing to much attention to itself. Very nicely done indeed..

Dialogue in today's episode was OK. Just having to hear Aisha's annoying voice(though it does fit her personality) drove this part of the episode down. However, their were a few redeeming qualities to the dialogue, such as the verbal exchange between Gene and the younger McDougal brother in the restaurant. Very nicely done on that part.

Overall, Today's episode was nicely done all around, with just a few bad qualities. Looks like Outlaw Star was no flash in the pan after all. Kudos to it's creators and the design team behind this sterling anime.

Hiro Gives today's episode a rating of 4/5

-Hiro DBZN Staff

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