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Toonami Scheduling and the DBZN

September 4, 2001

As many of you already know season five of DBZ on CN will be shown starting Sept. 10th. DBZ will continue to be shown like it has been for the past couple of months, two episodes in a row from 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM EST/PST. But the new episodes will be shown on 6:00 PM only. Luckily for later viewers new DBZ episodes will also be shown at midnight (12:00 AM). Here's the complete Toonami line-up as of Sept. 10th for all those interested:

5:00PM - Mobile Suit Gundam (Episode: The Duel in Texas)
5:30PM - Dragonball (Episode: Find That Stone!)
6:00PM - New Dragonball Z (Episode: Warriors of the Dead)
6:30PM - Old Dragonball Z (Episode: Saiyans Emerge)

12:00AM - New Dragonball Z (Episode: Warriors of the Dead)
12:30AM - Outlaw Star (Episode: Forced Departure)

The only bad news we have for today is that we might not be able to see much of the Buu Saga in this season. As it looks like the season will end just around when Buu first appears. However we get to see at least 50 episodes of some of the best of DBZ and perhaps all of Dragon Ball in my opinion. (Note that I only enjoyed the fight's with the Majin Buu's themselves more then this). We should have more info on this tomorrow.

As far as the DBZN's coverage goes for this new season. We plan on having daily episode reviews as well as the movie clips! Almost 2x the amount of coverage we ever had for any season.

Nazmune- Editor-in-Chief

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Vegeta SSJ
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