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Episode 185 "Gohan Goes To High School"

The Summary

Gohan, the earth's savior during the Cell saga, has become a teenager and is in highschool. While he was walking to his school, Gohan noticed that a bunch of bandits with guns (how original) were robbing a bank. Being the protector of the innocent, Gohan decided to spring into action. But first he would have to transform into a Super Saiyan so no one would recognize him when he got to school (this is so he can protect his family's privacy). After taking out the bandits, the town appraised its new hero...the Gold Fighter. Just after Gohan saved the bank, the pigtailed prep of pulvarizing power named Videl showed up. Being the usual one to stop crime, Videl was pissed that someone beat her to the job.

Sounds like she can be a Pan in the ass huh? Hehe, my humor sucks.

Next, Gohan goes to his first class which happens to have Videl in it. After a kind offer from Videl's friend for a seat, Gohan sits one person away from Videl. He soon learns that Videl is the daughter of the great Hercule (Mr. Satan)and that she is very suspicious of him. Videl starts debating with herself on whether Gohan is the Gold Fighter. Her other friend clears that thought stating Gohan is not super hero material.

Later Gohan and his classmates go outside to play baseball. Having the dork aura on his shoulders, the opposing team tells Videl he has to be on her team. The first batter up hits what appears to be a homerun off of Videl's pitch--Gohan catches it about 30 feet in the air. Later Gohan worries when it is his turn to bat because it will be hard not to show his strength. Sensing that Gohan is a "sissy" the pitcher aims a fastball at Gohan and expects him to duck, but he doesn't and it nails him in the head. To everyone's surprise Gohan is completely unharmed and proceeds with his walk to first base. This re-awoke Videl's suspicion and she decided to follow Gohan to see how he gets home. Eventually Gohan was able to lose her and heads home on the flying Nimbus. Thus his first day of highschool comes to an end.

The Review

Animation: Today's episode probably had the good batch of Japanese artists. As you may already know the artists usually alternate when drawing the episodes. The character's all had good detail, most notably Videl. The quality of the animation was good, but there wasn't any good animation sequences in this one since there was no fighting.

Music: All of the music in this episode was pretty much that peaceful times score you hear at Gohan's house. It was the usual upbeat tune they usually play at times of peace (like before and after the Cell Tournament). The Japanese episodes had more silence than they did peaceful music, but you can debate amongst each other which is better. I really had no problem with it, and I don't really think the music is a big factor in episodes without fighting or plot.

Dialogue: Mouth movements matched! That is always a plus. As I have stated in the past, I really don't mind if they can't follow the japanese version word for long as the characters look like they are saying what they are saying. But the dialogue was pretty close with few changes. Gohan's voice may take some time getting adjusted to because we are all used to his scratchy adolescent voice. His VA is actually doing a superb job and I hope he continues to do so (which I know he will do ^_-). Videl's voice isn't outlandish, it is...normal which is all that I need. The only annoying voices were those of the minor characters, such as the bandits and policemen. But they are minor so who really cares.

Plot: Plot? Huh where? This is probably one of the only few times in dbz where the episodes are not leading anywhere. Yeah sure you are learning about Gohan's school life, but you have no clue that there is going to be a new enemy. Ever since the Raditz Saga, everything the Z warriors have done was before they faced the new evil. Even the driving episodes, you knew the androids were coming. These episodes do not hint you whatsoever that there is a new evil. So the plot is minimized to Gohan trying to keep his identity under difficult circumstances. Don't worry the plot will show once the next tournament begins.

Overall: Today's episode was fairly comedic as you watched Gohan's troubles with a teenage life. There will be many more episodes to come, each drawing ever closer the climax of the plot (revealing Gohan's secrety Identity that he gets in tomorrows episode). You get to meet new characters in this saga and get to develop a greater attachment to them. So watch and enjoy because it won't be long before the true fighting begins. As for today's actionless/low plot episode, it was very interesting but may not appeal to all the dbz fans.

Kaervak gives an Overall Rating of:

6 Dragonballs out of 7


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Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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