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Episode 183"Final Round"

The Summary

The fighters run at each other and begin to fight with equal strength and power. Then Maraikoh beats Goku "into orbit." Goku hits a meteor, goes through it, and hits yet another. Maraikoh hops up on top of a meteor, laughing. Goku regains control and flies towards Maraikoh who has just grabbed a meteor. He struggles a bit, but ends up heaving it at Goku. Goku retaliates with a powerful energy blast. During the explosion, Maraikoh ends up hiding himself, but Goku's able to locate his energy.

Goku attacks and with one kick he's able to weaken his opponent enough to throw him out of the ring. Goku is the victor. West and North Kai make a bet on the final round; North Kai's freedom versus West Kai's planet. North Kai's money is on Goku… of course.

Next, a lot of uh… well, just plain pointless stuff happens (Goku eats, Kais bicker, etc.).

Goku and Pikkon face off; now the real fun begins…

Goku lands all of his first attacks, which don't hurt a not trying Pikkon. "You'd better start blocking when I use my real strength," says Goku. "No games!" replies Pikkon with a punch to Goku's face. As they continue fighting they slowly reveal more of their true strength. The episode ends with their fists meeting each other with equal power and their eyes locked on to their targets.

The Review

Though today's episode lead into the beginning of this tournament's climax, it honestly wasn't that exciting. We all knew Goku was going to be up against Pikkon in the end... didn't we? Anyways, when they started fighting, it wasn't that great either. It only started to heat up towards the end; that was cool, I guess.

The animation was good, but not splendid. It definitely wasn't special. The storyline kinda' pissed me off. Why? Well, though I knew Pikkon was going to beat that red guy, he still looked like a challenging opponent, and I would've liked to actually see them fighting. Another thing that got on my bad side was the fact that the damn Kais kept arguing. It gets old, Toriyama, really...

Overall, the episode was "decent." It could've been a lot better, but also a lot worse. Tomorrow's episode will own today's... trust me.

Overall Episode Rating:

3 out of 7

Final Notes: Do I seem mad? Yes, I am mad. Not at FUNimation, DBZ, the DBZ Community, or any of the related. My last review was written quite a while ago, so that's why there's such a difference, but I'm pretty emotionally shaken right now, and not exactly in my usual hyper-active and "cheery" mood. Sorry, guys.

-Madd Skittle

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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