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Details On New Dub

February 13, 2001

      As some of you guys already new Ocean Studios has been redubbing Dragon Ball Z. The rumors were flying around the net for months and now we finally have the evidence. Just recently the dub has been airing in Holland. But that's not the only place you'll find the dub. It seems that YTV (CN of Canada) is growing tired of the delayed tapes by FUNimation. Chances are YTV might adopt Ocean Studios' new version.

      For those new to the series Ocean Studios voice actor's first voiced the series back in the first two seasons. Since then FUNimation has developed it's own internal group of voice actors led by Chris Sabat.

      The new version of the dub in not that much of a great step up as some sites seem to report. While it's nice to here the old cast again they really aren't that much better then FUNimation. For example, Piccolo(Scott McNeil) in Ocean's dub in my opinion has a much better voice then FUNimation's Chris Sabat. But the problem is that his acting isn't that great... FUNimation however seems to put more emotion to it (sometimes too much).  

       Also the dialogue to many fans dismay has not really changed much. So far from what I've seen it's almost exactly alike. Only some words were changed around a little. The new version is also slightly rushed because they want to get as many episodes done in a short time as possible. The only problem is that accurate translations with exact mouth movement matchings can take a great deal of time.

     That was just my opinion... you can formulate your own. The following clips might help you. 

Piccolo re-states the info about the Androids and Vegeta questions him
"Crampin My Style"-Krillin
Vegeta's Rivalry with Gokou

Done hearing those? Let everyone know what you think.

Source(s): DBZOA


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