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Episode 207 "Vegeta Attacks "

The Summary

Today begins with the almighty Vegeta telling Pui Pui that he is no match for him. Pui Pui doesn't believe him, and begins the fight with a flying kick. Vegeta easily blocks it, and Pui Pui starts to throw punches, but not one of them hits. The Supreme Kai is blown back at Vegeta's "amazing" power, but in actuality, Vegeta is barely trying. The Kai just isn't aware of the Z-fighter's power. Vegeta easily begins to defeat him. Babidi gets very angry about the fight and asks Dabura where Pui Pui would fight the best. Dabura tells him that he would fight best on his home planet.

Babidi then changes the level into the planet. Pui Pui tells Vegeta that he has no chance of winning against him here because the gravity is ten times that of the Earth's. However, Pui Pui wasn't aware of Vegeta's ability. He has trained in gravity chambers of up to 500 times greater than earth's gravity. Even though Pui Pui thinks he's bluffing, Vegeta makes it clear that he has the advantage, but he wants Pui Pui to try his luck. The fight goes on but not for long. Vegeta hits him around a bit and then blows him away with his hands right on his torso. This amazes Babidi, Dabura, and most of all, the Supreme Kai.

The room returns to normal, and the floor opens up to the next level. Babidi is furious, but Dabura assures him that they won't progress any further with him here.

Back at the tournament, everyone is antsy and growing more impatient from the delays. Trunks and Goten dressed up as Mighty Mask, walk around the place when Goten asks Trunks if he can take a break. They look for a room to undress and they jump in. They actually enter a waiting room with food.

""Juice, juice, I'm gonna have some juice...hahahahahahahahahahahhahaha!"-Goten

The announcer sees them enter the room, and he follows. A series of unimportant events ensue, but Trunks and Goten eventually avoid being caught using their wits and humor. The announcer allows them to stay in the room for a little bit, and he leaves.

Back to Babidi's ship, Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and the Supreme Kai are waiting for the next challenger. Babidi, extremely angry, asks two of his men to go get Yakon, the next chosen challenger for Goku. The men end up getting eaten by Yakon, and Babidi tells him to report to Stage 2. Dabura doesn't think that Yakon's immense power is needed to destroy the three warriors, but Babidi insists that this way, victory is a certainty. Goku, growing impatient, says that he wants to fight. Vegeta tells the Supreme Kai that Majin Buu and Dabura don't seem like much opposition and that they're not worth his time. The Supreme Kai, again, is very alarmed at his statements. The Kai asks Goku if he thinks the same, and Goku agrees with Vegeta. The Kai begins to get confused and angry with them. He says that the degree to which they underestimate Majin Buu and Babidi is enormous.

As this takes place, Yakon, Goku's next opponent enters.

The Review


Today's color scheme was quite wonderful to look at. The detailing done to recreate Pui Pui's planet, and Yakon's body must have been a grueling task. The entire show was filled with great moments like Vegeta's demolishing of the tiny Pui Pui.

However, these last couple of episodes have showed something that was a little annoying.

They keep on switching back and forth from Babidi's ship and the World Martial Arts Tournament. I suppose that the editors chose this option over creating an entire episode at the tournament placed in between two of the major shows. In this aspect, maybe I should just be happy with what was done.


Nothing much to comment here as usual. The tunes played during Pui Pui's fight were quite enjoyable but overall, but I can't really comment on the episode as a whole. I don't know what it is, but they really aren't that great anymore. (except the original songs)


This was great today. The concept of Babidi getting worried about losing is just too cool for words. He needed to look up to Dabura for a bit of reassurance. The conversations were quite entertaining too.

When we were introduced to the Supreme Kai, he seemed like a rock-solid person. It didn't seem as though he was one to worry or question things, although, that's exactly what we're seeing a lot of lately. He constantly feels the need to remind Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta of Buu's enormous power because of their underestimations.

His monologue was also quite fascinating. He wondered inside his head if the saiyans were as strong as they said they were.

I can clearly compare this to yesterday's episode when he asked Goku if he agreed with Vegeta's views about Babidi and Buu.


The story was breathtaking today as we saw Vegeta with his deadly, petrifying glance and the gigantic Yakon. There were some really memorable moments that make this episode stand out from the rest.

The Z-fighters are beginning to make their descent down towards Buu, and the way down seems to be very exciting. There weren't any plot holes or things like that, that can ruin an episode, but there was an added plus that I noticed.

They showed Piccolo and Krillin in stone again. Don't forget about them just yet because one of them will become very important in a little bit. Just wait.

The Existence's Bottom Line:
Not anything to cheer about, but well worth your time. Nothing truly amazing happened except for the fight done with and the one to come.

The Existence gives today's episode:

4 Dragonballs out of 7...

-The Existence

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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