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Episode 189 "Blackmail"

Today's episode begins with our hero "The Great Saiyaman" recapturing the abducted dinosaur named Chobi, from the circus. The police see him as a thief for stealing the dinosaur and pursue him. He craftily evades the police, and Videl becomes the last line of defense.

Videl speaks about "The Great Saiyaman" finally revealing his true colors. Insinuating that he is a thief, because **Obviously** she is jealous of him. Gohan pleads to Videl that he isn't a criminal and that she needs to just trust him, but she isn't buying it. With all the police watching the scuffle, Gohan doesn't want to embarrass Videl by simply pushing her aside. Desperately he tries to explain that if Chobi isn't brought back to his parents, they will come and reek havoc on the city. Most likely hurting others in the process. Sure enough, Chobi's parents arrive. The Great Saiyaman tries to reveal himself to the angry dinosaurs, but they can't recognize him inside his "Great Saiyaman" outfit. When Toto, one of the older Dinosaurs, prepares to attack, Great Saiyaman makes a terrible mistake. He yells "IT'S GOHA!!…" But stops himself short, realizing he's just given away his identity to Videl. Toto then pursues Videl, and Gohan is forced to punch him unconscious. He grabs Toto, and takes the dinosaurs safely back to their home.

The episode ends with Gohan running late for school and bumping into Videl in the empty hallway. She notices a cut on his face, in the exact place as "The Great Saiyaman" and his identity is officially ruined. Videl promises not to tell anyone, under 2 conditions.

(1) Gohan Must participate in the Worlds Marstial Arts Tournament.
(2) He will have to teach her how to fly.


Animation: didn't have any tiffs this episode regarding animation. Since the greatest deal of action was when Gohan dodged Videls punch, it was all rather simple. However, in general it appears to be more refined now than ever before.

Music: The music was your typical Funi filler. Below par in some parts, and maybe slightly above in others. Overall, not that horrible.

Dailogue: The Dialogue actually wasn't so bad. Although there were a few lame comments, that has just come to be expected in DBZ nowadays. There a few words and sentences that came out choppy and rehearsed, but nothing ear damaging.

Plot: Although childish at times, the plot wasn't so bad. It set up the next few episodes well, and kept me fairly interested the first time through. I was happy when Videl finally learned the identity of the Great Saiyaman.

Pheonix's Inside Line: The purpose of this episode is to set up the Worlds Martial Arts Tournament, as well as reveal Gohan's identity to Videl. I think they did a great job casting Gohans Voice as well as Videls. Although he sounds dorky as "The Great Saiyaman" his regular voice is way above what I expected. I'm a firm believer that Funi is coming a LONG way.

Dark Pheonix gives an overall rating of:

4 Dragonballs out of 7

-Dark Pheonix

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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