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News From December 2000

Get Linked by the DBZN (12/31/2000)
Site Update: Simple guidlines that will help your site get listed in our network. Visit this page if you wanna get a shot at getting linked by us.

DBZ Midnight Marathon (01/01/2001)
Site Update: Just to remind you guys, CN will be showing 10 episodes of the Garlic Jr. saga. It will be shown from 12:00 - 5:00 AM.

"Free The Future" Review (12/30/2000)
Review: Trunks has retuned to his timeline and there seems to be some Androids lurking around.

"Dead Zone" DBZ Movie Review (12/30/2000)
Review: Gohan gets kidnapped by the same henchman that beats up Piccolo, Chi-Chi, and the Ox King. Goku rushes off to...

Outlaw Star on Toonami (12/29/2000)
News Article: Outlaw star has been confirmed to be released on Cartoon Network. It will take the place of....

"One More Wish" Review (12/28/2000)
Review: Now that Cell is gone peace has spread out in the DBZ universe. Don't worry Trunks is going back to the future for some action...

"Goku's Noble Decision" Review (12/27/2000)
Review: Read the review of todays episode. Today Gokou decides to...

The DBZN Wallpaper Contest (12/27/2000)
Site Update: So you think you have some artistic tallent, eh. Lets see how you compare with the other DBZ fans from all over the globe.

"Save The World" Review (12/26/2000)
Review: Gokou is still coaching his son Gohan as he battles Cell. All seems lost until the other Z warriors get in to the fight...

Fan Wallpapers Updated (12/25/2000)
Site Update: Added some new fan wallpapers. Expect to see some new Gokou wallpapers, some actually have interesting effects.

Staff Submissions Over (12/24/2000)
Site Update: All new staff submissions are closed for now. Hiro is our newest staff member, he will be doing DBZ and Tenchi reviews.

Wallpaper Creation 101 (12/23/2000)
Site Update: Ever wanted to make a professional wallpaper that sends your competition running back to the drawing boards? Learn how to...

Toriyama.org Stolen? (12/23/2000)
News Article: According to sources Toriyama.org has been cleverly obtained by another company. Will Tori.org ever return?

DBZ Schedule Changes (12/22/2000)
News Article: We have some good and bad news. DBZ will not be shown on Monday due to Christmas Specials but...

"The Horror Won't End" (12/22/2000)
Review: It seems like all is lost but with some words of encouragement from Goku, Gohan is back on his feet. Read today's review by our newest staff member.

Wallpapers Update (12/22/2000)
Site Update: New wallpapers both in the staff and fan sections. Trunks lovers (all you girl Trunks fans out there) might wanna click here.

"Cell Returns!" Review (12/21/2000)
Review: So how does this episode stack up against yesterdays? Well, you could read the reviews and or do what we recommend...

DBZ Takes 2nd Place (12/20/2000)
News Article: Britney Spears somehow beats Dragon Ball to become the most search item this year. According to...

"A Hero's Farewell" Review (12/19/2000)
Review: Read the review for todays episode. One of the few episodes to ever get a perfect rating from the DBZN.

Eye Candy For Your Desktop (12/19/2000)
Site Update: The Celestrian has done it again, check out his new wallpapers. Now with a new and simplistic design.

Join The DBZ Staff (12/19/2000)
Site Update: Do you have a great interest in DBZ and Anime? Skilled at writing reviews or news articles? If so this may be for you.

More New Fan Wallpapers (12/19/2000)
Site Update: Five more fan wallpapers for you all to enjoy. Look for restructuring in that section soon.

"Cell's Mighty Break Down" Review (12/18/2000)
Review: Gohan has finally surpassed Cell and we see Cell lose his cool. Whats this... looks like Cell's gonna throw up an Android...

Fan Wallpapers Update (12/18/2000)
Site Update: Added four new fan made wallpapers, this time they are actually pretty good. Check them out!

New Gundam Game Rumors (12/17/2000)
News Article: Some good news for Gundam fans, according to a Japanese gaming website a new Gundam...

Satan Keeps His Name (12/16/2000)
News Article: Looks like Mr. Satan will keep his name in the uncut domestic releases of Dragon Ball Z. Cartoon Network will...

Bid For Power Canned? (12/15/2000)
News Article: Rumors from the mod-making community suggest that BFP (DBZ mod for Q3) might have received a cease and decist letter.

DBZ Nets Most Search Item (12/14/2000)
News Article: It seems that our favorite TV show is the number one show on the net. More details inside.

"Children of Cell Attack" Review (12/13/2000)
Review: Missed yesterdays episode? No problem, read the review for episode. Android 16's head is destroyed and...

New Wallpapers (12/09/2000)
Site Update: Another update for the wallpapers section. This time we have new ones by both the staff and the fans.

DBZ Model Kits (12/09/2000)
News Article: Irwin releases its new line of DBZ model kits right in time for Christmas. Check them out!

"Gohan's Desperate Plea" Review (12/08/2000)
Review: Read yesterday's episode review. Gohan explains exactly how he will be able to defeat Cell, who laughs at the suggestion.

"Faith in a Boy" Review (12/06/2000)
Review: After the long hours updating the new DBZN were back with episode reviews. It's in the Celestrians format for minimum spoilage.

DBZ 2nd Most Searched Item (12/05/2000)
News Article: DBZ has once again taken its rightfull place as the 2nd most searched item on the net (according to Lycos anyway).

New Fan Wallpaper (12/02/2000)
Site Update: Multiple, eligible, fan wallpaper submissions in one day. Thats a first, great job guys.

News From November 2000

Info on upcoming DBZ Games (11/30/2000)
News Article: Infogrames and Funimation leaks out more info on the new games in their recent press conference.

New Domain dbzn.net (11/28/2000)
Site Update: We have finally gotten a real domain. You can now access this site using our new url: http://www.dbzn.net. The old sub-domain is working now but only for a limited time.

Future Site Plans (11/27/2000)
Site Update: Currently we will hold of the episode reviews while we are promoting the topsites as well as creating new sections. Don't worry we'll be back to normal in no time!

New Wallpaper (11/25/2000)
Site Update: New Wallpapers, this time it's Gokou up-close and personal. Check it out, SSJ 4 Gokou await you arrival.

DBZ Topsites Launched! (11/24/2000)
Site Update: We have just launched our sister site DBZTopsites.com. Here webmasters can submit their site to get some serious pageviews. Also a great place for vistors looking for great DBZ sites.

Something Even Bigger? (11/22/2000)
Site Update: Well just last week we revamped the entire site. Now we're cooking up something even bigger. Don't worry we've been working on this for while, it won't take more then two days.

Digital Manga (11/20/2000)
News Article: Gaming giant Square and publisher Shueisha (once published Dragon Ball) will bring you digital manga.

New Wallpaper (11/18/2000)
Site Update: Just updated the staff section of our wallpapers section. The Celestrian once again demonstrates why he's our graphic artist.

DBZ's Online Popularity (11/17/2000)
News Article: Fritz has left the Lycos Top 50 and the new guy posted an article about DBZ's huge popularity on the net.

Forum Back Online (11/15/2000)
Site News: The DBZ Network forum has returned to the internet. Talk with DBZ/Anime fans around the world.

DBZN Forum Status (11/14/2000)
Site News: As some of you have noticed the forum has been down for a while. We will bring it back up as soon as our host finishes processing our new account. It will be hosted separately.

Wallpapers Section Updated (11/14/2000)
Site Update: Updated wallpapers section specifically the fan wallpaper section.

Today's Episode Review (11/13/2000)
Review: Cell is about to tournament his game and Dr. Briefs' is attempting to repair android 16. Read more...

Dragon Ball Z... Jewelry (11/13/2000)
News Article: DBZ now has it's own line of jewelry, yes I said jewelry. Will DBZ become the next Pokemon...

Developer For DBZ Games (11/12/2000)
News Article: FUNimation has finally decided on the developer for the new DBZ games and it's none other then...

New DBZ VHS Releases (11/11/2000)
Site Update: There are some new DBZ videos available for pre-order. Some of which are going to be released next March (2001).

Updated Wallpapers Section (11/11/2000)
Site Update: Changed the wallpapers section organization and added some new fan made wallpapers. Enjoy!

TV Schedule Updated (11/11/2000)
Site Update: Adjusted some old schedules and and added some new ones for Cartoon Network in the United Kingdom.

Game Codes Updated (11/11/2000)
Site Update: Added some new codes and also fixed some older ones. Also added a new game "Legend of the Super Saiyan."

Updated The Layout (11/10/2000)
Site Update: We are finally done with our brand new site design. Well what do you think? Send all comments to me Kaiosama.

Major Changes Coming Up (11/05/2000)
Site Update: Noticed the lack of updates recently, don't worry we are working on something big. We aren't going to reveal much now but you will find out soon.

Forum and Server Status (11/04/2000)
Site Update: Recently we moved this site to a new server. But unfortunately the Forum is not working, and we are working on it now.

"Trunks Ascends Review" (11/04/2000)
Review: Read the review of this Friday's DBZ episode as shown on the Cartoon Network. Trunks actually surpasses...

"Cell's Complete" Review (11/02/2000)
Review: Read the review for yesterdays DBZ episode. The Celestrian filled in today for Kaervak, who is having net problems.

News From October 2000

YTV NewsLetter (10/31/2000)
News Article: Okay Canadian fans YTV has announced some new dates for their odd TV schedule.

"Krillin's Decision" Review (10/30/2000)
Review: Its all up to Krillin, he can either blow up 18 or let Cell become perfect... Now imagine the Cell saga ending with imperfect...

"Hour of Temptation" Review (10/27/2000)
Review: Read the review for todays episode as shown on CN. It is another action-packed episode so you know what that means...

New DBZ Action Figures (10/28/2000)
News Article: Irwin has already begun shipping it's new 16th series figures. The include Future Trunks, me...

Toonami Schedule Change (10/27/2000)
News Article: CN's Toonami has changed its schedule in order to make space for the Toonami movies shown on...

eBay Cracks Down On Videos (10/24/2000)
News Article: eBay decides to crack down on unauthorized video. A huge blow to many anime fans that get their anime hot from...

"Sacrifice Review" (10/24/2000)
Review: Son Gokou confronts Cell, Trunks and Vegeta exit the "Hyperbolic Time Chamber."

Message Board Fixed (10/23/2000)
Site Update: Just fixed the forum which has not been working right for a while now.

New Wallpaper (10/22/2000)
Site Update: Small update in the wallpapers section. See our newest wallpaper featuring Gokou. Yep, we finally made one for him.

"Good bye 17" Review (10/21/2000)
Review: Another day, another Dragon Ball Z episode review. Click here to read our latest review by the Celestrian.

Dragon Ball Top Animated Cable Show (10/20/2000)
News Article: According to an e-mail press release from Funimation, Broadcasting and Cable Magazine shows....

"Ghost in the Shell" Review (10/19/2000)
Site Update: Read our first Cinematic Anime review, "Ghost in the Shell." It's so good even Siskel and Ebert gave it two thumbs up.

Contest Winner Announced (10/19/2000)
Site Announcement: Click here to find out who won the contest, what they won, and the answers to the contest.

"Up to Piccolo" Review (10/18/2000)
Review: Read the review of todays episode of Dragon Ball Z shown on CN. Cell is in a hurry to absorb those...

"He's Here" Review (10/17/2000)
Review: What was todays Dragon Ball Z episode filled with? Action, yep raw DBZ action at it's best. This time its Piccolo vs.Android 17.

"The Monster is Coming!" Review (10/16/2000)
Review: Read the latest Dragon Ball Z episode review in our new and much more improved format. Now with much shorter summaries and interesting...

"The Monster is Coming!" Review (10/16/2000)
Review: Read the latest Dragon Ball Z episode review in our new and much more improved format. Now with much shorter summaries and interesting...

DBZ DVD Delays (10/16/2000)
News Article: Surprise, surprise, FUNimation has once again delayed more of their products. This time it is the DVD's.

Huge ADV News (10/16/2000)
News Article: ADV has just swiped the rights to a major Anime series from another company. Click on the title for more details!

Return Of Anime News (10/16/2000)
Site Announcement: We we will start posting Anime news once again. We were unable to earlier because of the lack of time and sources.

Updated Releases Section (10/15/2000)
Site Update: Updated the new releases section specifically the Viz Manga section. Added some new DBZ graphical novel release dates.

"Time Chamber" Review (10/14/2000)
Review: How do you translate the Room of Time and Spirit to Funimation's English? The answer is... "The Hyperbolic Time Chamber."

"Our Hero Awakes" Review (10/12/2000)
Review: Missed todays review? No problem, read all about it! Son Gokou has finally awakened from his very long rest.

"Laboratory Basement" Review (10/12/2000)
Review: Read yesterdays Dragon Ball Zepisode review. Trunks and Krillin try to destroy Cell before he is even...

"Piccolo's Folly" Review (10/11/2000)
Review: Read yesterdays episode review. Piccolo screws up and Cell escapes, destined to become more powerful then the previous foe.

"His Name is Cell" Review (10/10/2000)
Review: Again, The Celestrian highlights the fact that action is more important then plot for most DBZ fans. Too bad...

Updated The Releases Section (10/09/2000)
Site Update: Made a couple of updates to the releases section. Added Dragon Ball movie(s) to the list. More coming soon!

Brand Spankin New Section (10/07/2000)
Site Update: Just created a new Dragon Ball VHS/DVD releases section. Here you will find all the info you need on releases and then some!

"Borrowed Powers" Review (10/07/2000)
Review: Ahh, finally an episode with some action. You know all of you DBZ fans out there were waiting for this.

"The Reunion" Review (10/06/2000)
Review: Read yesterdays episode review. We are finally introduced to Cell (sort of) and the Cell saga.

"Seized with Fear" Review (10/04/2000)
Review: The Cell saga is nearing and Gokou is still sick. I never thought that FUNi and CN would ever get here...

Todays DBZ Review (10/04/2000)
Review: Read yesterdays episode review. Gokou is still sick in bed while Bulma finds a strange time capsule that looks just like...

"Closing in Review" Review (10/02/2000)
Review: Looks like Funimation is finally improving a little dialogue wise. To read the full review click on the title.

Contest Secrets Revealed (10/02/2000)
Site Update: Having problems figuring out who all the characters are in the contest? Then view our most revealing contest hints ever.

DBZ DVD Delays (10/02/2000)
News Article: Looks like online giants Amazon.com and Express.com are having problems delivering the latest...

Bardock Special on Hold (10/01/2000)
News Article: Those waiting to see Gokou's father will have to wait longer. FUNimation has delayed yet another one of their products.

News From September 2000

Taco Bell's Digimon Promo (09/30/2000)
News Article: Taco Bell teams up with Saban for their latest promotion. Which will offer kids the latest Digimon...

"Last Ditch Effort" Review (09/29/2000)
Review: Click here to view the review of 122nd Dragon Ball Z Episode shown on the Cartoon Network.

"No Match for the Androids" Review (09/28/2000)
Review: This episode starts out with Vegeta moaning in pain, and soon Swoosh!, Trunks is on his way down to save his...

"Deadly Beauty" Review (09/27/2000)
Review: Read the review for todays episode. We finally see Vegeta fighting the androids and #18 reveals her true power.

More Random Contest Hints (09/27/2000)
Site Update: Still having problems figuring out the puzzles for the contest? Here are some hints that will speed things up for you guys.

"Goku's Assassin" Review (09/26/2000)
Review: In todays episode we are introduced to the two new androids from Trunks' timeline and another android even...

"Nightmare Comes True" Review (09/25/2000)
Review: Read the review for todays episode. Gokou is still sufferring from his heart disease and Dr. Gero activates his...

Random Contest Hints (09/25/2000)
Site Update: Having trouble finding all the images? Click here for our first addition of random contest hints.

Vital Contest Update (09/23/2000)
Site Update: Vital issues regarding the new contest. Click here for more info, this could make the difference between winning and losing.

"Follow Dr. Gero" Review (09/22/2000)
Review: Read about Funimations latest incarnation of Dragon Ball. Has some important plot...

"The Secret of Dr. Gero" Review (09/20/2000)
Review: Those of you annoyed by the really stupid looking Android 19 will be...

"Double Trouble for Goku" Review (09/20/2000)
Review: Read Mondays DBZ review as shown on the Cartoon Network. (Yeah, so we were late get on with your life)

"Upgrade to Super Saiyin" Review (09/19/2000)
Review: Read about todays episode of DBZ, as usual FUNimation changes dialogue for the worst and tops it off with crappy music.

DBZ Bounces Back (09/19/2000)
News Article: DBZ has once again returned to the number two spot in the Lycos Top 50. This came at no surprise to...

TV Guide Print Error (09/18/2000)
News Article: TV Guide recently messed with their latest print issue. Read all about it.

TV Schedule Updated (09/17/2000)
Site Update: Our TV schedule has been updated. We have added the Italia Uno channel to the TV schedule. Thanks to Karl Farrugia.

Fixed The DBZN Forum (09/16/2000)
Site Update: Some of you guys might have had problems with our Forum previously. It has been fixed so you guys can talk freely with no error messages.

"A Handy Trick" Review (09/16/2000)
Review: Read a detailed review of todays episode by our newest staff member, The Celestrian.

"Androids Appear" Review (09/15/2000)
Review: Finally you CN lovers get to see the Androids. Look at what FUNi cut from these episode.

"Goku's Ordeal" Review (09/14/2000)
Review: Here is the review for yesterdays (yes... we were late) episode. This is different...

DBZ Fights Back (09/13/2000)
News Article: According to the latest Nielson TV ratings, Dragon Ball Z is on top on the CN anime ratings. Gundam is currently...

"Z Warriors Prepare" Review (09/12/2000)
News Article: Read the review for todays episode. Vegeta fans will finally get an episode that concentrates on him. (sort of)

Gundam Tops Anime Polls (09/12/2000)
News Article: In a recent anime poll by top magazines and networks, Gundam was voted as the most popular anime. Dragon Ball made it...

DBZ Goes Down in the Lycos Top 50 (09/12/2000)
News Article: Unfortunately DBZ goes down on Lycos. It is no longer the internets most searched anime. Click on the title for details.

Viz Donates Comics (09/11/2000)
News Article: Viz one the largest manga publishers in the US decides to donate $100,000 dollars worth of...

"Goku's Special Technique" Review (09/11/2000)
Review: Read about the latest DBZ episode. Includes info that you missed on the edited CN version.

The Best is Yet to Come from Toonami (09/09/2000)
News Article: Do you miss Toonami Movies? Coming soon in October, the new Toonami Movies will include brand new Gundam, DBZ...

New Sailor Moon Episodes (09/09/2000)
News Article: Thats right new Sailor Moon episodes will comeout. Also CN will air the lost episode which was not...

Intruder Alert (09/09/2000)
News Article: Toonami will begin airing, "Intruder," which is a program that lets fans decide what to air on CN.

"Mystery Revealed" Review (09/08/2000)
Review: Goku is back and Trunks challenges him to test his skills. Finally, Funimation layed off on a lot of the editing.

Pioneer Animation Hacked (09/08/2000)
News Article: It seems that some Napster Fan(s) hacked the Pioneer Animation site and placed anti-Metallica messages on the...

"Welcome Back Goku" Review (09/07/2000)
Review: Read about FUNimations latest dub of Dragon Ball Z. Guess what Goku returns, hopefully that wasn't to hard to figure out.

Updated Wallpaper Section (09/07/2000)
Site Update: Added some more wallpapers by fans. I also modified the page to load faster then before. Check it out!

New Gundam Series Rumors (09/07/2000)
News Article: Recently alot of new rumors have surfaced about a new Gundam Series, "For the Barrel." Click on the title for more info.

TV Schedule Updated (09/06/2000)
Site Update: Just updated our TV schedule. Changed the timetable for the International Channel, Telemundo, etc.

"Another Super Saiyan? " Review (09/06/2000)
Review: Read the review of todays DBZ episode. Also find out what Funimation cut-off from todays episode.

Wicked City Special Edition DVD (09/06/2000)
News Article: According to the latest press release by Urban Vision, they will release Wicked City remastered on DVD.

"The Mysterious Youth" Review (09/05/2000)
Review: Read the review of the uncut version of todays episode. I really recommend reading this review by one of our newest staff member.

New DBZN Episode Reviews Section (09/04/2000)
Site Update: Just added our newest section, "The Daily DBZ Episode Reviews." Read our first review, "Frieza's Counter Attack."

New Staff Page Created (09/04/2000)
Site Update: Click on the title to see the staff members of this site. Everyone is new except for me Kaiosama. Note we are still excepting new staff submissions.

Die-Cast Gundam Coming to US (09/02/2000)
News Article: Wholesale toy company, TMZ, reports that they will be importing full die-cast Gundam action figures to the US.

Bid For Power News (09/01/2000)
News Article: Bid For Power, a new Dragon Ball Z Quake 3 mod, is in the works. Click on the headlines for more details.

Endless Waltz on YTV (09/01/2000)
News Article: Canadian Gundam Wing fans are in for a treat. YTV will show the Gundam movie...

News From August 2000

ADV's Stand On Overlays (08/31/2000)
News Article: According to a post in Anime on DVD's forum yesterday, an ADV...

Added New Codes (08/31/2000)
Site Update: Added some more new codes for the games. Added a new game to the list, "Ultimate Battle 22."

ADV Cancels Cutey Honey Rerelease (08/31/2000)
News Article: Although ADV has just announced the re-release Cutey Honey they have decided to...

More info on new DBZ Episodes (08/30/2000)
News Article: Our sources have released more information on the new DBZ episodes. Cartoon Network has purchased an additional...

ADV Announce ReBoot Volume 2 (08/30/2000)
Press Release: ADV Films will release new "Reboot" volume 2 VHS and DVDs.

Technical Problems (08/30/2000)
Site Update: Sorry, I couldn't update in the last four days. Unfortunately my computer's monitor was broken. But we are back in business!

Rightstuf.coms Release dates (08/30/2000)
News Article: Rightstuff.com has released some information on release dates for four new DBZ tapes.

TOEI Joins DVD Market (08/26/2000)
News Article: TOEI Animation, Japans largest anime-producer has finally decided to join the DVD market.

DBZN's New Staff Page Update (08/25/2000)
News Article: DBZN's new staff page has been updated. We added a anime reviewing position. Anime fans this is for you.

YTV To Show New Seson on 9/4/2000 (08/25/2000)
News Article: Canadian fans will get to see the new episodes the same time Americans will. CN and YTV will both air them on Sept. 4th.

Warner Aquires 3rd Pokemon Movie (08/25/2000)
News Article: Thats right, another Pokemon movie will come out. Read all about it.

Toonami's New Lineup (08/25/2000)
News Article: Starting Monday, Sept.4th Toonami's lineup will be revised. This is also the date for the new DBZ episodes.

SakuraCon Announces Guest of Honor (08/25/2000)
News Article: SakuraCon has already selected it's first guest of honor for its 2001 anime convention.

Dragon Ball Petition (08/24/2000)
News Update: It seems that many Dragon Ball fans have been greatly disappointed with Viz's decision to edit the manga.

Fist of The North Star Game (08/24/2000)
News Article: Bandai is going to release a Fist of the North Star game.

CN's Highest Ratings Ever (08/24/2000)
News Article: Cartoon Network, home of DBZ gets its highest ratings ever last week.

ADV Announces Dates for Releases (08/24/2000)
News Article: ADV has some new dates for their release. Click on the link above for more info.

DBZ Back To # 2 (08/22/2000)
News Article: DBZ is back in the number 2 spot in the Lycos top 50. This could very well mean that in the coming days DBZ...

Viz Talks about Edits and DBZ (8/22/2000)
News Update: Many anime fans in the '80s dreamed about anime...

The Latest Viz Newsletter (8/20/2000)
News Update: This is the latest Viz Newsletter. It concerns there comic products and their website. Which includes Gundam Wing, Vision of Escaflowne, and more.

DBZN needs Staff Members (8/17/2000- 8/30/2000)
Site Update: DBZN is in need of your help. Click on the link above to find out how you can become a member of our staff.

Save Dragon Ball Z Petition (8/17/2000)
Site Update: Are you a DBZ fan living in the U.S.? If you are then it is your duty to visit this page and sign the petition to improve the quality of Dragon Ball Z in USA.

Added New codes (8/14/2000)
Site Update: Added new codes to our Game Codes section. They include codes for the game "Attack of the Super Saiya-in", for the Super Nintendo.

New Ninja Scroll Action Figures (8/09/2000)
News Article: Beginning in early 2001 the combined forces of The Mars Colony and Palisades Marketing will begin releasing several ultra cool products based upon ...

Fixed The Game Downloads (8/09/2000)
Site Update: Due to space limitations on our server. I had to upload all of the games to a different server. Now all of the games are up and working. Soon I may be adding some of these games in english.

Hour Block Begins Today (8/07/2000)
News Update: For those in the eastern time zone starting today CN will air Dragon Ball Z for an hour. This will continue to the end of season three.

Dragon Ball Z Network's New Online Stores (8/04/2000)
News Article: We just opened several online stores. With over 250,000 products to buy you might find something you like. They include the new Dragon Ball Z episodes with the lowest prices...

Pokemon losing Popularity (8/03/2000)
News Article: Pokemon has finally lost its # 1 spot in the Lycos Top 50. It tumbled down to number 4 after dominating the list for over six...

New Game Forum (8/03/2000)
Site Update: We have a new game forum in the DBZN Forum. Everything game related should be posted in that forum.

Season 4 to Air on Toonami (8/01/2000)
News Update: Good news everyone! After a really long wait Cartoon Network will finally air new DBZ episodes. Season four will air on Toonami in September this year.

Android Videos Available for Pre-Order (8/01/2000)
News Update: Androids: Assassins and Androids: Invincible are available for pre-order. They will come out August 15th.

News From July 2000

Fixed Forums (7/27/2000)
Site Update: For quite sometime now the forums had problems that didn't allow new members to register. Well the problem has been fixed so you guys can post now. Enjoy!

Game Downloads are Up! (7/22/2000)
Site Update: Well, as promised the game downloads are finally up.

Just Added 2 New Forum Categories (7/21/2000)
Site Update: Added two new categories to our Messsage Board.
Check them out!

Game Downloads Will Be Back! (7/19/2000)
Site Update: Great news for everybody who waited for the game downloads so long. Game downloads will be back on Saturday the 22nd of July.

DBZ Network Back in Business (7/19/2000)
Site Update: As many of you have noticed the site hasn't been updated for the longest time in its existence. Don't worry this site is far from over. I just had some technical problems. Also all of the emails since 2-3 weeks ago have been deleted. If you have some important things to say email me again. Sorry!

News From June 2000

The New Forum (6/30/2000)
Site Update: Visit our new forum. It has new features and lots of things the old one didn't. Also a great place to exchange Dragon Ball Multimedia.

Done uploading all movie clips (6/29/2000)
Site Update: I have just finished uploading all the movie clips. Enjoy!

Dragon Ball Z Back to # 2 on Lycos (6/29/2000)
News Update: It seems that DBZ is back to number 2 in the Lycos Top 50. This means that it is the 2nd most searched item online. With Pokemon as number one for about 40 weeks straight.

Super Butouden 2 Reviewed! (6/27/2000)
Game Reviews: Just wrote a new review for Super Butouden 2. Read all about this classic game for the SNES. Features some new pictures not in our image archive. Read the full review click here

New Wallpapers Added (6/26/2000)
Site Update: Added some great new fan art in the DBZ Network Wallpaper section. I must say some of you guys have some talent.

No longer Accepting new Members (6/26/2000)
Site Update: We are longer accepting new Network members nor affiliates at this time. Do not bother signing up at this time, all submissions will be deleted.

Edited the Wallpapers Section (6/26/2000)
Site Update: Changed the wallpapers section around alittle so it would be a little more space efficient. Windows 95 users will also notice faster download speeds.

Added a new FAQ (6/24/2000)
Site Update: Just added a new game FAQ to the section, DB Final Bout to be exact.

New Game FAQS Section! (6/22/2000)
Site Update: After getting some game great game FAQs from numerous DBZ fans, we finally decided to add the the new game FAQS/Guides section to our site. Enjoy!

Site Announcements (6/20/2000)
Site Update: There will be some changes going on in this site. We will get a new server, we'll also start hosting other sites, and much more. This also covers other subjects like the game downloads.

Toonami Grows by 1 Hour (6/15/2000)
News Article: Toonami will grow by an hour due to a large amount of requests from fans.

FW Star Prints Article About DBZ (6/15/2000)
News Article: Fort Worth Star Prints an Article about DBZ and it's increased popularity.

Latest Offerings From Viz (6/15/2000)
News Article: Newest Viz news letter about it's latest offerings. Includes info about comics Dragon Ball Part 3 #1. Also has Information about their Ranma video and their other products.

New DBZ Wallpapers Section (6/13/2000)
Site Update: We have just added a brand new multimedia section for your desktop. The new wallpaper section has some high quality images for your desktop. Check them out click here.

New DBGT Final Bout Codes (6/10/2000)
News Article: Added some codes for DBGT Final Bout. Includes exploding with Vegeta and Majin Buu also...

CN Anounces Blue Submarine (6/9/2000)
News Article: Cartoon Network will offer the American debut of Blue Submarine No. 6. The cutting-edge Japanese...

Gundam Action Figures Debut (6/9/2000)
News Article: Information about the upcoming Gundam Wing action figures has been unveiled. Interestingly the assortment of action figures include...

Funimation Launches New Site Late (6/8/2000)
News Article
: Funimation finally gets their new DBZ site's design right. But the content is another story. Just click here to view it.

Tenchi Muyo Update (6/5/2000)
News Update: A reminder to everybody that Tenchi Muyo will be start on The Cartoon Network on July 3rd this year.

Gundam Section has been Launched (6/4/2000)
Site Update
: Just lauched the Gundam animation section. Currently there aren't very many because I have been working on other new sections!

New Gundam Animations (6/1/2000)
Site Update: Just got my hands on the game "Gundam Wing Endless Duel" Prepare for lots of great animation for it. Click here for a preview.

Networked sites deletion (6/1/2000)
Site Update: Well there have been a couple of networked sites deleted for various reasons.

News From May 2000

Card Captors to show on The WB (5/30/2000)
News Article: Accoring to the World's Finest News page Kid's WB did not do especially well in...

CPM Recently Released DVD Info (5/30/2000)
News Article: Central Park Media has released some information about...

Official BK DBZ Promotion Site (5/29/2000)
News/Update: Burger King recently launched a page for their DBZ Promotion which started today. It includes info on the collectibles(toys, cards etc.) and the DBZ Video offer.

BK's DBZ Promotion Press Release (5/28/2000)
News Article: Here is an interesting Press Release from Burger King about their recent DBZ promotion.

Viz's new monthly Comic Releases (5/27/2000)
News Article: Viz is going to release new comics monthly including Aqua Knight...

Bandai's DVD Plans (5/24/2000)
News Article:Jerry Chu of Bandai Entertainment has stated that the four episode...

Anime Expo Packed With Visitors (5/24/2000)
News Article: Anime Expo has announce yet more guests for their already packed roster. Voice act...

The Long Wait Ends Trunks is Here (5/19/2000)
News Article: Trunks tapes will finally come to America (in Funimation's dubbed format) soon on...

Brian Drummond back To DBZ ? (5/18/2000)
News Article: Looks like the former voice actor from DBZ seasons 1 &2 may be coming back.

More Great DBZ Movies added (5/18/2000)
Site Update: We just got our hands on Real Producer 7 and it is great. Click on the link above to see the new clips.

Better DBZ Action Figures (5/16/2000)
News Article: Well we finally have good DBZ toys made by...

MP3s down for good (5/14/2000
Site Update: Well mp3s are down for good. They seemed to be too popular and caused bandwith problems and we are not allowed to to have them.

New DBZ and GT MP3s (5/12/2000)
Site Update: Just added some great new MP3s. Including Chalaheadchala, Dan Dan, We Were Angels, Rock The Dragon...

New codes for DBGT Final Bout (5/11/2000)
Site Update: Added another code for DBGT. Thanks to the fans who submitted them.

The new DBZN Top 50! (5/9/2000)
DBZ Network is proud to present out brand new topsite list. Webmasters can submit their site here to get some serious page views.

New Network Program Join now! (5/9/2000)
New Section: Are you a webmaster of an anime site? If you are then get your site some serious hits by signing up.

New Layout delayed (5/9/2000)
Site Update: Because of the suggestions I got from you guys too get more content, we will concentrate on that instead.

Added more High Quality Movies (5/5/2000)
Site Update: Well added some more high quality clips that are both larger and clearer.

News From April 2000

Watch free Anime Over the Net! (4/30/2000)
News Article: Great news for anime fans. Yahoo is providing free anime movies over the internet in several...

Movie Clips Update (4/30/2000)
Site Update: Updated Movies section. See Gokou as Namek nears destruction and more.

More Game Codes: DBGT (4/29/2000)
Site Update: Added codes from DBGT Final Bout to our new and growing codes archive, play as SSJ 4 Gokou and much more...

Game Downloads Section Down (4/27/2000)
Site Update: Unfortunately the game downloads section is down it will be back within a couple...

Download DBZ Games (4/25/2000)
Site Update: We have DBZ games available for download at the Game downloads section.

Game Downloads Section (4/22/2000)
Site Update: Due to the huge popularity of the other game sections we are going to...

New Game Codes section (4/22/2000)
Site Update: We have a new game codes section. Here you will find codes from...

Added even more movies (4/21/2000)
Site Update: Just added some more movie clips for you guys. Enjoy!

Site moved and movies added. (4/21/2000)
Site Update: We have moved and we added some movies. More coming soon.

DBZ Network Moving (4/17/2000)
Site update: We are moving to a new server soon. This may delay the new layout, but were going to be able to add more to this site.

TV Schedule Update (4/16/2000)
Site update: Added the Telemundo channel to the TV schedule.

DBZ Network's new look. (4/15/2000)
Site News: Well you can expect the new layout to be done in a couple of days.

Burger King's DBZ Promotion (4/15/2000)
News Article: Burger King will launch a DBZ promotion, which will include 7...

Evangelion on DVD (4/10/2000)
News Article: AD Films to release this classic anime on DVD.

Animations section updated (4/10/2000)
Animation Update: Created new animation for the section although only a few have been updated.

Boo Saga review complete (4/07/2000)
Saga Summary: Still waiting for the new episodes read about the Boo Saga right here.

Super Butouden 3 (4/04/2000)
Game Review: Super Boutoden 3 although it's not new it's still a great game. Read the review. Just click on the link above.

Power Levels Section added (4/01/2000)
New Section: Due to popular request we have added a power levels section to this site.

News from March 2000

Gundam #1 on Toonami Block  (3/30/2000)
News Article: GundamWing is currently the highest rated program on Toonami, beating both DBZ and Sailor moon.

Fox gets more Anime titles!  (3/30/2000)
News Article: Fox is adding more anime titles, find out which ones...

Bandai website Launch  (3/30/2000)
News Article: Bandai Entertainment launched their website recently with DVD...

DBZ back to # 2 in the Lycos Top 50  (3/30/2000)
News Article: Dragon Ball Z has become the 2nd most searched item in the Lycos Top 50.

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