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FUNi Releases Tons Of DBZ Info

February 06, 2001

     Recently FUNimation answered some sought after information in their online FAQ. In it we found out that Cartoon Network will show new episodes fall of this year! Looks like they won't make us hang for years like they did with the Frieza saga. They are also working on movie four with five and six following up.

     For all those DVD fans out their FUNimation plans on catching up to the VHS schedule and their is a possibility of simultaneous releases in the future.

You can read the entire FAQ below:

Q: When will new episodes begin broadcasting?

A: Cartoon Network will begin broadcasting new episodes beginning in fall 2001.

Q: What is the home video release schedule?

A: Here is the home video release schedule for the next 3 months. February 20: Imperfect Cell - 17's End; Imperfect Cell - Hunt for 18 March 20: Great Saiyaman - Declaration; Great Saiyaman - Gohan's Secret April 17: Perfect Cell - Temptation; Perfect Cell - Perfection We provide both the uncut and edited versions. Be sure to look for these new splendorous videos at Musicland, Sam Goody's, SunCoast, Camelot, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Blockbuster, Coconuts, Saturday Matinee, Record Town, Strawberries, the DBZ Store online and many other retailers.

Q: When will the History of Trunks Soundtrack be available?

A: Unfortunately, we do not have a clean answer because this project is being handled by an independent third party and is out of our hands. We have been and will continue to contact them to do anything we can to speed the project along.

Q: Will DVD begin simultaneous release with VHS?

A: FUNimation is giving fans what they want by releasing DVD's at an incredibly fast pace. Look for simultaneous release soon.

Q: What is the time-table for the release of Movie 4?

A: Production for Movie 4 is already underway and is going great. We anticipate its release this fall with Movies 5 and 6 to follow.

Q: How is FUNimation progressing with Yu Yu Hakusho and Blue Gender?

A: We are working furiously. We are currently holding actor auditions and creation of the Official Yu Yu Hakusho and Blue Gender web sites is in full force.

Q: What are futureplans for Action Figures?

A: New 5.5" figures are scheduled to hit the shelves this spring. These series 17 figures include Android 17, Android 18, Piccolo w/ cape, Goku, and Vegeta. Irwin will also introduce an assortment that includes Morphing Secret Saiyan Warrior and Striking Z Fighter action figures and many others in the traditional 5-1/2-inch size, as well as collectible 9-inch Dragon Ball Z action figures. Dragon Ball Z Energy Blasters, Dragon Ball Z Capsules, Dragon Ball Z Model Kits and Dragon Ball Z Trunks Time Capsule, which comes with an exclusive 5-inch action figure of the popular character Trunks will also be available. Exciting Model Kits and Capsules are already in stores.

Q: What's the latest news on DBZ video games?

A: Infogrames is currently in the pre-production phase of development for DBZ video games. Soon we will regularly update you on game progress in our Infogrames Update section of the News. Stay tuned!

Q: What other DBZ Merchandise will soon be available?

A: Many new exciting products including DBZ Squeezies from Alpi, Assorted DBZ Jewelry form Starline, DBZ Trinket Box from Tri-Star, DBZ 12" Figures from Irwin Toy, Towel Sets from J Franco and Sons, New Wall Scrolls from Great Eastern, New Backpacks from AD Sutton and New Key Chains from Great Eastern. Go to the DBZ Store to see pictures and descriptions of all these new items in the coming soon section.

Q: Will FUNimation bring other Anime to America?

A: Yes, we are actively working to bring the best of anime to the USA. We will soon be releasing 2 new animes Yu Yu Hakusho and Blue Gender. Yu Yu Hakusho is an exciting show about teenagers fighting in spirit worlds to save the Earth. Blue Gender is a cool Sci-fi series where earthlings must survive by fighting a giant bug-like creature called Blue that has taken over the earth. You can get details and pictures about both of these in the News Section of this web site under New Anime. Continue to look for more quality anime from FUNimation. We will keep you updated here.

Q: What are your future plans on this web site?

A: We plan to expand the site in many ways. We will have contests, chat with the actors from DBZ and the producers, games, more downloadable stuff, insider information, etc. The idea is to freshen the site often, keep you updated and to provide fans with a community for the DBZ family.

Source(s): FUNimations's Dragon Ball Page


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