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Episode 158 "Dende's Dragon"

Cell has killed the Earth's main military forces, and now Goku is determined to bring back those killed by that big schoolyard bully Cell. In order to do so, Goku will need the dragon balls. Seeing as the Earth has no more dragon balls due to the fusion of Piccolo & Kami, Goku decides to go to Planet Namek [the planet, not the site] and bring to earth a new guardian who can create another set of dragon balls. Goku travels to King Kai's planet to find out where the planet is so he can use his instant transmission technique to get there. Once there he explains the Earth's situation to the Nameks and the eldest reintroduces Dende to him. Gokou grabs the "pint-size" Namek and teleports to K. Kai's place, and then onto Kami's lookout.

Next Gokou retrieves Gohan and Krillen to meet their old friend and then they get down to business. Dende merrily tells the others that he will have the new dragonballs created in 100 days. After a few jaw drops they decide to just have Dende copy off of Kami's model for the Dragon Shenron. A few points are brought up on whether the dragon will be able to wish everyone back at once (like Shenron) or just once person at a time (like Porunga). They agree to even out between power and number by giving the dragon the ability to grant two wishes. Dende starts saying a lot of crap (in Namekian) and soon all the dragonballs on earth are revived. One task is still at hand though...Gokou must go and gather all the dragon balls. He immediately gets the Dragon Radar from Bulma and starts his mission to get the dragon balls. Goku finds his first dragon ball in the desert and later his second one. And so begins his mission to collect all seven balls as Cell impatiently waits for the tournament to start.

The Good & The Bad: This episode kind of had two styles in animation. If you hadn't noticed, in the beginning of the episode Gokou and the other characters seemed less detailed and more like paper animation. But nearing the end of the episode, more of the 2 d's were added to the characters (detail and dimension). This proves my point that when one artist goes for a coffee brake another one finishes the work in his own style. I noticed this a lot on Namek with certain characters (Vegeta). I only wish that they weren't in such a hurry to get the episodes out that they took barely any time in making the animation have good detail. Anyway the BGM of this episode was nothing spectacular, but this isn't to say that it didn't fit in with the scenes. I think the music that played when Gokou visited the planet Namek was probably the best in the episode.

Fighting in this episode is almost non-existent. So for you hardcore action junkies this episode could of been a snore. This episode was entertaining to me because I am more of a plot and drama junkie (Dende has returned as the guardian, Trunks discusses more about why Gokou is so calm about the Cell fight). FUNi handled this episode quite well, and I only hope the quality in which they handle the episodes from here on out isn't going to be like a roller coaster (which we have seen throughout the beginning of Season 4).

Final Word: If your a Dragon ball fan tomorrow's episode will be entertaining. Why you ask? Because Gokou runs into an old nemesis during his hunt for the d-balls. Comic relief for some, but a painful hemroid to others. Overall episodes like today's are necessary in order to increase the plot and make the fighting scenes to come even more exciting.

Rating Factors

  • FUNi's Music: (-) Too Bland
  • Animation detail: (+) Most was drawn in good detail
  • Plot: (+) Not just a charge-up or transform ep
  • Voice Acting: (+) Always getting better
  • Entertainment: (+) for plot and (-) for action, so neutral.

Kaervak puts his feet on the desk, leans back in his chair and gives this episode a rating of...

5 out of 7

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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