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Episode 209 "Battle Supreme"

The Summary

This episode consisted of back-and-forth drama between the happenings with Babidi, as well as at the World Tournament.

What happened at Babidi's ship was quite simple: Darbura decided he would fight at level 3, but had to first go into the "Meditation Room" to focus his energy. Gohan, Gokou and Vegeta waited impatiently for the next challenger, while Supreme Kai continued to warn them about how they should not take this lightly.

He felt they had now idea what they were getting into, but he also has no idea of what they're capable of. It doesn't look like the Supreme Kai will believe otherwise until the Saiyans prove themselves.

Babidi talked to himself a lot about how they would all die.

Sadly, there was more action at the World Tournament…

The judges couldn't decide what to do, until Hercule intervened. He suggested a Battle Royal; a Battle Royal it was. It started off with Mighty Mask knocking out Killa and Android 18 knocking out Jewel. Hercule predicted he'd beat them both, but as he attacked Mighty Mask, he (they) flew towards Android 18, beginning hand-to-hand combat. It was quite even and neither fighter seemed to be going all out, yet. When Android 18 started to get the upper hand, Goten informed Trunks it was time to take to the air; they did. Android 18 followed determinedly, and hand-to-hand combat continued there. Hercule stared in amazement, as this event foreshadowed - to him - the loss of his title as World Champion.

The Review


Nothing spectacular. As goes with most action-lacking episodes, it was fine but didn't have much room for error. Something that I feel stood out amongst all else was Darbura's energy when meditating. It was quite unique, but could've been drawn better. Perhaps it was done quickly, because it wasn't a very intense scene. The fighting between Mighty Mask and Android 18 was also pretty good… I thought it was a little bit above average energy-lacking fights.


Sorry to inform you guys, …but I just simply didn't notice it. Music is something I don't pay much attention, and completely forgot to do so in today's episode. It's safe to say it wasn't very bad, then… because if it were, I would've noticed.


The dialogue was just above average today. The best part about it was that it was realistic. Gokou laughed about everything; the Supreme Kai stressed the importance of not underestimating Babidi and his henchmen; the announcer babbled about the obvious; Chi-Chi worried about winning the prize money in the tournament. Some of it was annoying, but it all stayed true to character.

Side Notes: Can't wait 'til Friday's episode… Gohan should take action by then! I can only hope, because they didn't talk anything about the events at Babidi's ship in the announcement about the next episode.

Madd Skittle gives today's episode:

4 Dragonballs out of 7...

-Madd Skittle

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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