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(Episode 103)

     It has been a year since the Garlic Jr. saga and the DBZ warriors are now up against a major problem now. The episode starts off with with Gohan studying asking himself where his father was and why he hasn't returned yet, for he has been gone for over a year now. Meanwhile, Master Roshi is looking at his collection while Krillin is training to help Goku with his further battles.

     As Gohan trips over his chair, Chi-Chi walks in with Gohan's new tutor named Mr.Shoe. As soon as Chi-Chi leaves, Mr.Shoe is already putting down Gohan and is calling Goku many names. When Mr.Shoe find two mistakes on Gohan's paper, Gohan exclaims,"Mistakes are to learn from" and is literally whipped by Mr.Shoes's whip! Eventually it is nightfall and Gohan is still studying, while Mr.Shoe is making comments about Goku to Gohan. When Gohan wakes up, he has awaken to Icorus(his dragon) but is lead to Goku, who has finally showed up after a year and a half. Chi-Chi wakes up to Gohan and Goku's laughter, she comes out to greet Goku, and exclaims that he won't get any food if he goes through a window sarcastically. When Gohan asks Goku what happened to Frieza, Goku transforms into the one and only Frieza and attempts to punch Gohan screaming out that Goku is a "loser". When Gohan finally wakes up, he is squeezing Mr.Shoes arm and gets out of his chair in an anger after Mr.Shoe calls Goku a fruit.

     Gohan gets upset and start to advance on Mr.Shoe to defend Goku's honor. Unfortunately, Chi-Chi walks in and Gohan stops. But after Gohan gets whipped in his head and starts bleeding, and says that Gohan is like his father (always a fighter) Chi-hi throws him out the window and starts chasing him all around the front lawn!

     Meanwhile at Bulma's house, Bulma, Puar, Oolong, Yamcha, Krillin, Mrs.Briefs are drinking tea, when Vegeta suddenly crashes into the area w/his spaceship. As he gets out he is forced into taking a shower by Bulma and has to change into some clothes that say Badman on the back of his PINK shirt and his lime pants. After finding out what he has to wear, everyone starts laughing at him, so he threats everyone to stop laughing or he'll blast everyone, so of course, the humor is gone due to Vegeta. All of a sudden Vegeta gasps as he feels a tremendous power nearby.

     Back over at Gohans House, Gohan breaks his pencil while writing after feeling the 2 great powers. When Gohan picks up the phone, Krillin know its Frieza and asks Gohan to suit up(saiyan armor received in Ginyu Force saga). Unfortunately, Goku isn't back yet, and with Frieza coming along with another, greater power, what will happen to earth? While Gohan flys toward the landing area of Frieza and his father's space ship, Tien,Chaotzu, King kai, and Piccolo feel the two great powers, but Yamcha can't feel them due to his unexpierience of fighing.

     As Frieza is approaching earth on King Colds spaceship(King Cold is his father) they see that Goku is almost home on radar. Frieza's plan is so maniacal, he plans to destroy and kill everyone on earth, so when Goku gets back, all he has ever loved will be in ruins. What will happen to earth, and will Gook make it in time, stay tuned to the next review of Dragonball Z:Trunks Saga!

    In my opinon this was an o.k. episode. There were many mistakes though, for instance why couldn't Yamcha sense Frieza and King Cold's power level if he had the power to before? Why wasn't Krillin wearing his Saiyan Armor? But amongst them was the biggest problem, if even Vegeta could sense Frieza and his father approaching Earth, and the radar showed that Goku wasn't too far behind from them, then why didn't Goku use his teleportation technique to go and fight Frieza? Well, above all it was a pretty good way to start off a saga, yet there was too many mistakes, but I would have to give this episode a 7/10.


Krillin About to do a Kamehameha

Gohan Hugging (Jumping) Gokou in his dream
Chi-Chi Throwing Mr. Shoe:
Frieza in Gohan's Dream
Mechanical New Body of Frieza's

Frieza and his Dad King Kold
Gohan Flying at Full Speed
Mr. Shoe about to whip Gohan
Bulma's Mom pouring to much tea
Vegeta Taking a shower (note his hair is not sticking up)

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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