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Where to Find DBZ Games

There has been one constant question fans have been asking me since day one. Where do we find these DBZ games whose reviews, images, codes, or animations have been found on this site. Most of the games asked for happen to be the classics like Hyper Dimension or the games in the Super Butouden series. There is one obvious place to get these and that is you local video game store. But the problem is unless you're extremely lucky the store probably doesn't have any of these rare gems.

My simple solution to this problem is eBay, they seem to always have at least one or two people selling each and every one of the games mentioned in this site. For example, just an hour before writing this paragraph I found six people selling Hyper Dimension and eight others selling one of the Super Butouden games. The only problem with such a site is that once in a while the prices get extremely high. There have been times when Hyper Dimension have been bought at over $100 dollars and there have also been times when the same game was bought for under $30 dollars. Which IMO is really good for such a rare and much sought after game.

How did I get these games, you might ask? I bought Super Butouden two from a local video game store, which has now unfortunately closed down, and the rest from eBay. I still don't have the RPG though….

Before you go check out there is a good chance they have what you are looking for whether it's a game, an action figure, or once in a while a Daizenshu…

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