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Episode 1 "Outlaw World"

Well, did we all see the first episode ever of Outlaw Star on CN?....

The Summary

The premier begins with a chase after a large space ship with some funky looking guys in the command ship.(I'm still wondering about them...) So a group of fighters go after the ship, but what happens....

they all die... the ship gets away....

but then again,... if it didn't, then this series would have been over rather quickly, huh?

We know go to this planet:

Industrial Class
Population: 1.7 million (<--- kinda small?)
Citizen class: 4

I don't know what all this means,... but it sure does add an element of '1984' into it.... (for those of you who haven't read or seen 1984.... do so,... you will never complain about our form of government again.)

So after all of this, we go to a bar, with some guy looking for a Gene Starwind (hmmmm...), turns out he killed this guys brother and wants revenge. it also turns out that he was a class C cyborg (.... Blade Runner?) Yet Gene is remarkably quick and easily takes him.

The next day, he gets a call from a "Rachel" who requires some heavy duty parts and a bodyguard. A job's a job, and with his little partner, they run a "repair" business, where they fix, "Anything from tractors to relationships." But we know where this is going to take us...

Gene gets involved with Rachel, who isn't Rachel, but the woman that fled these gang guys in the beginning. So Mr. Starwind now has an interesting predicament, fighting off these gangsters who use machines and magic...

The Review

Animation - Kind of refreshing to be reviewing a different style of animation. It was nevertheless, very fluid. However, lets wait and see what happens, because it has been my experience that in these types of series, the pilot or first episode is most often well drawn,... to ensure the animation team's future employment.

This is why the into trailer to ThunderCats is soooooooooooooooooooooooo good, but the actual shows suck by comparison,... but that's what happens when American Producers and Directors refuse to pay the Japanese animators what they deserve, which is exactly what happened to the ThunderCats.... but I digress.

Choreography - The storyboard directors did a very good job in the scene mappings on this episode. Close-ups were very appropriate and the two major fights were fast and realistic... as realistic as cartoons allow themselves to be. I was pleasantly surprised.

Music - They actually kept a lot of the Japanese music intact, including the ending Wow,... I guess FUNi didn't get their hand on this one... good thing.

Dialogue - Very good, I particularly likes, "We can fix anything,... from tractors to relationships!" Classic.... I was impressed, though I would have expected more cussing in similar situation in real life, that is obviously out of the question. Still years ahead of some of the other American Translated rubbish we have all heard before.

Plot - You want to know about the plot on the first episode? Come on... this is just to wet our appetites for more, more, more...

Overall - Well, I'm still soaking this in. I would say it was good because it managed to keep my interest for its 25 minutes slot, as Toonami, which was once commercial free has completely sold out with its new, "This program is brought to you buy ________." Anyone else notice this? Anyway,....perhaps I should write something to Cartoon Network,... but it just goes to show, "The better Cartoon Show" is still really about making "The Quicker Ad Revenues"

So the Celestrian gives the First-ever episode of Outlaw Star: 4.5/5

-The Celestrian DBZN Staff


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