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Android Saga CCG

July 4, 2001

The following information is from FUNimation:

The Androids saga of the DBZ CCG is tentatively scheduled to release July 20. If you want more information about the cards visit

Here is the full list of cards to be released in the Androids Saga:

1.Android 17's Neck Hold
2.Android 18's Low Blow
3.Android 19's Body Slam
4.Android 19's Energy Burst
5.Android 20 Is Caught Off Guard
6.Android 20's Energy Burst
7.Blasted Land
8.Gravity Chamber
9.Black Confusion Drill
10.Black Draining Aura
11.Black Jump Kick
12.Black Taunting Attack
13.Blue Defensive Flight
14.Blue Foot Smash
15.Blue Glare Attack
16.Blue Idea
17.Blue Sidestep
18.Gohan's Ready
19.Goku's Conquering Stance
20.Goku's Right Knee Smash
21.Namekian Blocking Stance
22.Namekian Defensive Stance
23.Namekian Determination
24.Namekian Dodging Technique
25.Namekian Energy Absorption
26.Namekian Wrist Grab
27.Orange Fist Catch
28.Orange Palm Blast
29.Piccolo's Stance
30.Red Burning Stance
31.Red Energy Charge
32.Red Power Drain
33.Red Power Lift
34.Blue Battle Readiness
35.Saiyan Glare
36.Saiyan Inspection


37.Android 17's Back Bash
38.Android 17's Haymaker
39.Android 20's Energy Dive
40.Android 20's Enraged
41.Android 20's Search Pattern
42.Android Attack Drill
43.Hyperbolic Time Chamber
44.Master Roshi's Island
45.Black Anger Stance
46.Black Energy Assault
47.Black Gut Wrench
48.Black Off-Balancing Punch
49.Gohan's Peaceful Stance
50.Black Power Up
51.Black Searching Technique
52.Black Side Thrust
53.Black Studying Drill
54.Blue Betrayal
55.Blue Holding Drill
56.Blue Right Cross
57.Blue Rush
58.Blue Smirk
59.Bulma's Looking Good
60.Goku's Training
61.Namekian Elbow Smash
62.Namekian Finishing Effort
63.Namekian Focusing Effort
64.Namekian Forearm Smash
65.Orange Aura Drill
66.Orange Energy Glare
67.Orange Energy Phasing Drill
68.Orange Power Ball
69.Orange Power Beam
70.Orange Stare Down
71.Orange Sword Slash
72.Orange Uppercut
73.Red Dueling Drill
74.Red Hunting Drill
75.Red Knee Bash
76.Saiyan Flying Tackle
77.Saiyan Focus
78.Saiyan Heads Up
79.Saiyan Left Kick
80.Saiyan Wrist Block
81.Saiyan Destiny
82.Senzu Effect
83.Straining Energy Blast Move
84.Straining Jump Kick Move
85.Red Lifting Kick
86.Tien's Mental Conditioning
87.Tien's Solar Flare
88.Unexpected Company


89.Android 17 Smirks
90.Android 18's Stare Down
91.Android 19's Distress
92.City in Turmoil
93.Winter Countryside
94.Kami's Floating Island
95.Defenseless Beach
96.Dying Planet
97.Black Mischievous Drill
98.Black Scout Maneuver
99.Blue Terror
100.Goku's Heart Disease
101.Knockout Drill
102.Namekian Friendship
103.Namekian Teamwork
104.Orange Eye Beam
105.Orange Rage
106.Orange Searching Maneuver
108.Red Counterstrike
109.Red Tactical Drill
110.Saiyan Face Stomp
111.Saiyan Lightning Dodge
112.Severe Bruises
113.Tien's Flight
114.Android 16 (level 1)
115.Android 17 (level 1)
116.Android 18 (level 1)
117.Android 19 (level 1)
118.Android 20 (level 1)
119.Piccolo, the Trained (level 1)
120.Tien, the Watcher (level 4)
121.Vegeta, the Ready (level 1)
122.Yajirobe, the Unstoppable (level 4)
123.Yamcha is There (level 4)


124.The Hero is Down
125.Trunks Guardian Drill

Nazmune- Editor-in-Chief

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Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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