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Episode 215 "The Long Awaited Fight"

The Summary

With a cliffhanger in yesterday's show, what will Goku and Vegeta hold in store for today?

This episode starts with Hercule talking to a reporter about how to finish the rest of the winner's ceremony...

At this point, the entire stadium is deserted except for the angered Number 18, who was anxiously awaiting her prize money. Anyways, back to the good stuff...

The much-anticipated fight between Goku and Vegeta gets under way.

The battle immediately begins with the two men throwing a slew of punches and kicks. Vegeta comes rushing in, directly at Goku, in a fiery rage and starts punching his body. He seems to be missing contact in most of his attempts, but soon lands one and knees Goku. Goku snaps out of it, and kicks him to the ground. Vegeta chases after him, but Goku heads in the opposite direction. When he turns around and they meet, they kick one another simultaneously. A shower of electricity shoots out, and Vegeta gains the upper hand once again, by head butting Goku. With his recent dominance in the fight, Vegeta's only concern is to weaken Goku as much as he can. To accomplish this, he repeatedly punches Goku's stomach with a beastly passion.

Don't count Goku out just yet though...

Goku catches both of Vegeta's fists and knees his head twice. He kicks Vegeta into a mountain, but this only angers the possessed saiyan even more.

The two brave warriors fly at each other and hover, face to face, yelling their fighting sounds.

This, in my opinion, was the best part of the fight. The way that they slowed down and clearly showed the punch was breathtaking and exciting.

Vegeta and Goku both land a punch in each other's faces. While they both make contact, Vegeta becomes much angrier...

He repeatedly hits Goku in the stomach, knees him in the neck, powers up, and renders Goku helpless.

The back-and-forth fight finally begins to sway in Vegeta's favor due to his enormous surge of energy. When this happens, he starts obliterating Goku. His attacks were placed extremely tactfully and quickly; Goku had almost no time to react.


The Supreme Kai and Gohan start to make their way down into Babidi's ship. They reach the fourth level, and are mysteriously met with a large group of Babidi's henchmen. These men, whom we must take note, are the same as the ones that Yakon devoured earlier in the saga. From this information, you should have clearly been able to predict the outcome.

Gohan powers up a ki blast, and defeats them all in one blow.

The door to the next level opens up and they continue downwards...

The attention is then shifted back to the jaw-dropping fight. Again, the battle seems very equal until Vegeta powers up an energy attack.

He hurls it at Goku, and hoku is hurled just as easily...into the mountainside, that is.

Unfortunately for Vegeta, Goku is one tough cookie. He powers up a Kamehameha attack and sends it back at him. Vegeta is prepared, however, and sends an attack of his own.

Neither side gives way...

The incredible fight switches back to Trunks and Goten who are flying towards the fight.

Goten suddenly slows down and realizes that he really has to go pee. They land on a nearby island, look to see if anybody is around, and they both do their business. Unimportant cut-scenes ensue, and we soon have the two young boys taking off yet again.

We are then taken back to the fight. The situation seems pretty glum for Goku at this moment. Vegeta clutches him up with one hand and he somehow shoots a ki blast that takes the shape of energy shackles. (Hand-cuffs)

Vegeta unmercifully, honestly beats Goku to a pulp.

Here is a quick dialogue summary of this great scene:

"What's the matter? Not winning as easily as you thought?" - Vegeta

"I never said it would be easy!" - Goku

"Hmphhh, you won't be winning at all!"

Vegeta slaps Goku in the face twice, and this angers him quite profusely.

"What clown?" Feeling angry and humiliated?"

Vegeta continues his cruel onslaught of attacks.

"You don't know what humiliation is!"

Then he flashbacks to all his humiliations in life...

...when fighting Goku on Earth,

...when Goku beat Frieza instead of him,

...when he was the first to become a legendary Super Saiyan,

...and finally, when his immense power, that he had worked and trained hard for, was surpassed by a half Saiyan child. (Gohan)

Vegeta grows tired of his reminiscing and prepares to cut Goku into pieces.

Now, Goku wakes up from unconsciousness and breaks free from the mountainside.

He gives Vegeta everything he's got. Vegeta, to put it mildly, is just being killed.

He's pushed into a cave-like area, and Goku follows him...


Some of the most astounding fighting takes place in here. They just go at one another at 110%. They begin to grow somewhat tired, so they both power up huge attacks. Goku has his Kamehameha, while Vegeta uses his Final Flash technique. The cave is completely demolished when the strikes hit. Only a large crater is left as the camera pans out slowly.

This incidence doesn't stop them at all. They just keep on going...

We then see Gohan and the Supreme Kai arrive at Level 5. They discover Buu's egg, and discuss their objective. Without much time to converse, though, Dabura and Babidi sneak up behind them with unwelcomed smiles.

Today ends with a quick glimpse of Goku and Vegeta standing atop two cliffs.

Tomorrow promises to deliver.

The Review


This had to rank in the top ten of episodes ever created. The animation was so good, that I barely took any time to notice anything else. My eyes were like grapes popping out of my head. (ok, ok, bad simily)

But really, the show kept you glued to the tube for every second. When the commercials came up, my head was still turned in exact direction of the last punch.

I don't know how to explain what was the best because "everything" was the best. Shading, definition, lighting, detail, emotion, camera action, and the background all displayed what a true episode is meant to look like.

One word sums up the show: Magnificent.


Again, some of THE best speeches today. Every word said was perfectly placed and pronounced, but the scene where Goku was pinned had to take the cake. The way Vegeta displayed his sadness and anger was so moving.

It made me want to feel sorry for the guy.

Goku, helpless, could do nothing except listen to his frighteningly interesting flashbacks. The transitions from his topics were smooth as butter, and the volume and tone in everyone's voice was top notch.

I think the "A-team" was brought out to make this episode a memorable one.

The importance of this "epic battle" was more than achieved.


This episode had one of the best plots of all the shows. The reason for that is that Vegeta has been jealous of Goku's superior power ever since the Frieza saga. His hatred towards him is unexplainable.

The only minor problem with the show (please don't hunt me down for mention a bad aspect) was that they still brought Hercule and the tournament back into play for a moment. It's getting old.

I'm just going to stop now and let you think about how important today was in terms of getting revenge and introducing Buu.

(Breath of air is released)

The Existence's Bottom Line: I'm still thinking of a way to tell you because there's no words to describe it.

The Existence gives today's episode:

6.5 Dragonballs out of 7

-The Existence

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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