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Dragon Ball On Toonami

February 21, 2001

      According to the news below y CNX: Toonami, Cartoon Network will air the Original Dragon Ball with several new (actually old) series including Mobile Suit Gundam. Funny how they show us the newer shows first.

Toonami, Cartoon Network's action-adventure programming block, is bringing 6 additional Japanese animated series to U.S. audiences in 2001, adding almost 250 new episodes to the Toonami library including 96 episodes of Dragon Ball Z. Also in 2001, Cartoon Network will introduce a Toonami CD and present Toonami: Lockdown Toonami's second "Total Immersion Cartoon" event. The new series for 2001 include Outlaw Star, Big O, Mobile Suit Gundam, Gundam 8's, Pilot Candidate and Dragonball (guess that means that Justice League and ReBoot: Season Three will come a little later in the year). In addition, Cartoon Network has acquired 96 additional episodes of Dragon Ball Z. The new episodes which include the King Kai Saga, the Tenkaichi-Budoukai Saga and the Majin Buu Saga are scheduled to begin airing on Cartoon Network in September.


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