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  Dragonball Z
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Dragon Ball Z was the gleaming creation of Akira Toriyama. But it wasn't his first creation. He had also created a number of hit mangas. That is also how the Dragon Ball series started. After spawning the instant hit " Dr.Slump", Toriyama began to think about other plans for a new manga-series. He began with an idea, "Dragon Boy" a short, mini-series comic that appeared in a weekly Japanese-manga magazine-which inspired him to release Dragon Ball later on. Based on the ancient Chinese fable "Pilgrimage to the West" -or "Journey to the West"(a tale involving the Monkey King (Son-Wu-kong) and his adventures with his companions Piggy, Tripitika and Sandy.

Dragon Ball was finally released. Telling a tale of a young boy with a monkey tail named Son Gokou (Son-Wu-kong in Chinese) and his adventures with the goal of obtaining the legendary Dragon Balls. Story has it that he was found by a caring old man named Gohan, after landing in a capsule from who knows where(the story in DBZ reveals his true origins). Along the way, young Goku meets up with some life-long friends which help him find these valuable relics, such as Bulma a spunky young girl devoted to finding them, armed with hi-tech equipment, WuLong, a perverted pig that has the ability to shape-shift, Yamcha-a desert rebel fighter with an attitude and a friendly magical-cat companion(Kaos), Kame-senin, the wise old and perverted teacher of Gokou and other fighters, with a perfected martial art known as "Kame-senin style, which he passes on to all his students, and finally, Kuilin,a monk who befriends Goku at an early age where they become good friends for the whole series,(but in the beginning they are quite competitive). The "Pilaf Series" is the first installation of Dragon Ball, followed by "Red Ribbon series" and then the "Piccolo series". The series goes on until Goku grows into a young man, where he has plenty of experience in the famous "Tenkaichi-Budokai" tournaments. There is where the turning point of the series occurs, and he faces Piccolo, an awesome enemy that Goku ends up in a large battle with, and barely beats him. Piccolo supposedly splits into a good and bad form, Kame the good form and Daimou(Demon King) the evil form. It was the classic battle of good and evil.Kame eventually prevails to remain on the earth for quite some while. Dragon Ball Z begins shortly after as a TV Show, but the manga series continues from there still under the title of "Dragon Ball"

DragonBall Z was not your average TV Show and manga series, instead it involved an interesting plot that consists of a storyline where our heroes would live there lives and the plot would grow through several episodes.The sagas are based on each of these major events that occur

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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