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I am Saiyaman!
Episode # 186


Episode 186 "I Am Saiyaman!"

The Summary

On his way home from his first day of High School, Gohan stops at Bulma's house to ask for a uniform in which his identity would be hidden… therefore, he could fight crime and protect his family's identity. Here we meet the 8-year-old Trunks, and find out Vegeta is bent on making him stronger than Gohan. Bulma completes Gohan's outfit, and he thinks it's wonderful. Little Trunks doesn't like it.

Heading back home, he takes on his new identity and stops some "kamikaze drivers" who - at first - laugh at him. However, with little evidence of Gohan's strength, they quickly cower. This is when he first dawns the name "Great Saiyaman," as well. At first they laugh at it, but... as previously stated... he quickly fixed their attitude problems.

Finally, he gets home... and we meet 7-year-old Goten! (Yay!) The narrator informs us that he's Gohan's little brother. Because Gohan can fly faster than Nimbus, he gives it to Goten when he leaves for school the next morning. When he arrives, he finds out that word of the "Great Singing Man" has already spread amongst his peers. He's quick to correct them.

Videl receives a call on her watch - from the police - (she fights bad guys) and leaves class to fight some criminals. They hijacked a bus. Gohan gets worried, and follows after her. Apparently, her leaving to fight crime is normal, but when he goes "to the bathroom" it's a little more odd. She ends up being able to defeat the criminals, but she still almost dies. The bad guys were unconscious, but the bus fell off of a cliff. Who saves her? Gohan Great Saiyaman, of course.

The Review

This episode is one of my most least liked episodes in the Saiyaman saga. The animation was just fine, but there weren't many action scenes. Gohan's aura upstaged everything else. Also Videl's fight with the thugs were pretty weakly done, reminded me of comical cartoons that we have plenty of here in the US.

Dialogue wasn't as great as some episodes... There weren't a lot of unnecessary things said in today's episode. At some points it sounded like some of that characters were trying to act. At least the lip movements corresponded with what they were saying. Numerous accents were also present in this episode, thank god they were done well.

If you can't tell, I'm not much for episodes that lack action. If this episode seems boring, it's because the person who reviewed it thought it was. Trunks' voice was pretty bad in this episode. It gets better... trust me. Well, maybe not a lot better, but it grows on you. FUNimation really improves as the saga goes on.

-Madd Skittle

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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