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Episode 2 "Star Of Desire"

The Summary

Well, Here we are everyone, the Second beautiful episode of Outlaw Star. Today's episode starts off with that young girl and guy from the outer space gang (pirates) having finally located where Gene and Hilda (Rachel) are. They cast some neat magic spell that seemingly instantly teleports them to Gene's and Hilda's location. Inside the building where Gene and Hilda are, we see a young-ish looking girl in side of some futuristic looking suitcase (apparently a cryogenic chamber). Gene has a gun to Hilda's head and asking questions of her nonstop. Hilda agrees to answer a few questions if James (Gene's sidekick) will repair her bionic enhanced arm. While James is repairing her arm, Gene continues his interrogation of Hilda, but all he receives for his troubles are evasive answers.

After the repairs are done on Hilda's arm, Gene and the others realize that the Magic/Space technology Gang is right outside. Hilda informs the others that the girl in the cryogenic suitcase type chamber cannot be moved until the resuscitation devices bring her back to the land of the living. Hilda says she has a drop-ship nearby that she can take to get to her actual spaceship, but Gene quickly replies that she can only go after it if she takes James along. Before they leave, James gives Gene a number 5, and number 19 shells for the strange gun that Gene wields. As Hilda and James leave, the Space Gang begins their attack on the makeshift stronghold. Gene quickly fights off the robots, but the older magic user summons some type of Dragon that appears to be made out of water. Gene quickly loads the number 5 shell into the gun and fires at the dragon, instantly destroying it. The magic user expresses surprise at this feat, and claims it to be "Old Magic". The lull in the battle only lasts for a minute as Gene quickly loads the number 19 shell into the gun and tries to fire it at the old man. However, the bullet is a dud and Gene is quickly driven back into hiding until Hilda comes along in her spaceship and starts to blast away at the robots and the magic users.

As Hilda fights off the Magic users and their cronies, the girl in the cryogenic chamber becomes fully revitalized and stands up in a cloud of steam. She says her name "Melfina" and some other things that as of right now make no sense. Gene says her name, and after a short silence, Melfina breaks down crying asking why she had ever been brought to life. As this is going on, James comes in and lets them both know that they need to hightail it out of there and onto Hilda's ship. They make a run for it and are completely successful, even outrunning the second magical Dragon summoned by the space gang.

Now safely in space, we find the Outlaws headed out of that complete solar system to somewhere more safer. During their time on the spaceship, we find out that Gene dislikes space because he lost his father to it when he was much younger. These memories seem to be very powerful, causing Gene to finally wake up in a cold sweat right before the spaceship arrives at its destination "Blue Heaven".

After docking the ship, Hilda and the others disembark and are headed into the Space colony when they are stopped by one of Hilda's friends, a mechanical type robot that seems to have a high degree of human sentience. The robot and Hilda hit it off quickly, but Gene gets off to a bad start with the robot after he is called "Kid" by the robot. After the confrontation, Hilda assigns Gene to go with Melfina to shop for clothes. Gene quickly dumps the responsibility onto James saying that he wants some answers from Hilda. Hilda agrees and the group quickly splits up with James and Melfina ending up in a clothing store and Melfina buying a pair of slacks with a blue shawl to go over top of her shirt. The scene now switches to Gene and Hilda in an Outlaw bar. Gene asks why they are there, and Hilda responds saying that she is looking to hire some outlaws to come with them to find a mysterious Spaceship called a "Grappler". After the explanation, three rough looking guys come up to Hilda's table saying that they were available for hire. However, Hilda quickly brushes them off saying that she didn't want the "McCoys" she wanted someone with actual skill. After a few more ill spoken comments, a fight ensues, leaving Hilda as the victor and the Outlaws known as the "McCoys" running off in pain and fear.

Later in the night, when all of the seemingly "heroes" of this anime are sleeping, the McCoys launch an attack, only to find that they had been anticipated by Hilda and Gene, and are on the receiving end of some very devastating punches that lay them out. Hilda and Gene quickly rush out to the hall, where apparently the third and final McCoy member is inside of a huge mechanical war suit. To Be Continued...

The Review

Well, for the animation today, I would have to say that it was just as impressive as yesterday's episode if not better. But, again, give the series a few weeks to see if it will uphold this so far, impressive showing of animation and graphics. One of the best-animated parts in today's episode was the magical Dragon being summoned, and right at the end where the last McCoy comes crashing through a wall in his mechanical war suit.

The Music was exceptional, playing right into the actual animation quite fluidly. Quite a surprise that so much of the original music was actually left in the music. This show might just earn it's spot in CN's afternoon lineup if it continues its excellence. I look forward to more good music in future episodes to add to the action.

As far as dialogue goes, WOW, I'm impressed. I didn't get to see yesterday's episode, but if it was anything like today's, then it must have been pretty impressive as well. Some inappropriate language used? That is a first. I was amazed. The voices are quite nicely doing as well, fitting their characters perfectly.

Plot...still not able to go into it to much, but, we did learn that the girl "Melfina" is the treasure that is being hunted by the Space techno/Magic Gang. Also found out some history behind Gene, which adds a little bit of extra depth into an already seemingly deep character.

In closing thoughts, all I can say, is that I hope this animation keeps to the standards it is setting for itself so far. If it does, it will definitely have quite a few of followers in America. This anime is excellent all-around, and hardly lacking in anything.

Hiro Gives today's episode a rating of 4.5/5

-Hiro DBZN Staff


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