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Super Butouden 3

Developed by Bandai
Gameplay 8.9/10
Difficulty 6.5/10
Music 7.2/10
Moves 9.1/10
Graphics 8.2/10
Overall 8.4/10

      Well when I first played this game it felt great. This was the first time I was playing a DBZ game. The show I had always loved as a video game. It felt cool controlling Gokou and all the other characters in it. This game is certainly the best DBZ game in the Super Butouden series. Although it doesn't compare to games like Hyper Dimension. The game was extremely easy but really fun to play. If you plan on playing both of these games you should try this one first.

     Super Butouden 3 is quite a remarkable game. Like all the other games in the series it was published by Bandai, the people I wished dubbed the American DBZ episodes. But instead Funimation bought the rights to it here before a good company could. Anyway back to the game.

 The game starts out with Vegita and Gokou yelling something in Japanese. Then you see an image of Vegita face fading into Gokou's, which is to the left. When you start the game you get the option of playing person vs. person, person vs. cpu, and also cp- vs.cpu! You get to see the computer fight itself. there is also another mode where it is group play.

     This game was really great, but their was one problem that bothered me. It was the difficulty of the game, like I said it was way to easy. Although the game was really fun to play, sometimes you just need good challenge. This is the only place the gameplay suffered.

     The sound in this game was pretty good, and the music was okay. The graphics were pretty good. Here you can be the judge here are some images from the game.     


Click here if you want to see some more Super Butouden 3 images

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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