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The Vegita Saga

Training begins for all the living fighters on Planet Earth. Piccolo sees the potential in Gohan, therefore he trains Gohan to control his awesome emotion-powers so he may be ready for the arrival of the stronger saiyans. Tenshin-Han, a 3-eyed fighter that joined in DragonBall, trains with Kame, as well as Yamcha,(from DragonBall) Chauzzu, and of course, Kuilin. Gokou trains with the Kaioshin King Kai, on Planet Kaoshin with some challenges that test his skills.

He needs to catch a quick monkey, which requires Speed and.. He needs to hit a really fast grasshopper with a mallet which requires even more speed and some strategy, he continues to train until it is his time to come down to earth.

Gohan trains with Piccolo. Piccolo leaves him in the wilderness all by himself so he can build up survival skills and courage/strength. There he faces a scary dinosaur which he musters enough strenght to defeat, and then eats him for meat. Piccolo becomes his idol, and he even begins to dress like him with a cape and dark blue clothes.

They continue to train until the Saiyans arrive. Finally, the day arrives when the dreaded Saiyans touch down on planet earth. After about a year of training, everyone's BP is increased greatly, and they are all around 1000 or so. The battle vs. Vegeta and Nappa finally begins

Strongest Characters:

Goku:7950 BP-After training under King Kai, Goku returns to Earth after Piccolo, Yamcha, Choutzuu, and Tenshin-Han are all killed by Nappa. His BP is greatly increased, and he now has the ability to perform at an increased strength level--"Kaokintei"-where flames engulf his body and he attacks with greater speed strength and ki.(he learns this from the Kaoishin King Kai) Level 1 Kaokintei brings him up to 10,500 BP!- Level 2 skyrockets him to 21,050!- and Level 3 brings him up to 31,000 the final Powerup, Kaoiken Level 4, brings him all the way up to 45,000 with a KameHameHa (fireball) He beats Vegeta badly with these powerups, because Vegeta is no match for all the BP.

- Vegeta comes to Earth from planet Freeza to wish for immortality with the Dragonballs. It ends up that he's a Saiyan just like Goku, and he arrives with Nappa. After Vegeta powers up once, with a purple force surrounding him, his BP Rises to 21,000...eventually Goku and Vegeta fight, and Vegeta turns into a Giant-Saiyan Ozzuru Monkey-that holds 30, 000 BP. A samurai character (Ubujji) cuts off his tail, causing Vegeta to shrink, and they resume the fight. Goku wins at the end but is badly hurt, he is rushed to the hospital and Vegeta escapes through the pod back to a home base.

Piccolo: 3400BP- Piccolo trains with Gohan for a year, and his BP is at this level after powering up.

Gohan: 2000BP- After a year of training in the wilderness with Piccolo, Gohans emotional strenght is more controlled.

Luckily, Goku finally arrived to save Gohan and Kuririn by using Kaioken. Vegeta became angry of Nappa's attempts to kill Goku and shouted "SHI NE," destroying him. The battle between Goku and Vegeta began. Vegeta gained an advantage by creating an artificial moon and transformed into Oozaru form but lost his ability when Yajirobe cowardly cut off his tail with a sword. (Note: The tail allows a Saiya-jin to transform into a giant monkey called Oozaru when a full moon appears. The transformation will be reversed if either the moon disappears or the tail is cut.) Goku was seriously injured while fighting Vegeta and handed his Genki Dama to Kuririn, who then weakened Vegeta with it. Finally, Gohan turned into Oozaru and started beating up Vegeta. With his last amount of strength, Vegeta escaped back in his spacepod. Bulma and the others arrived to pick up Goku, Kuririn, Gohan, and the bodies of their dead companions. Because of Piccolo's death, Kami also died unfortunately. Without Kami, the dragon balls was not able to exist. Kuririn stated that he heard Vegeta saying that Piccolo came from the planet Namek. By using Kami's spaceship, Bulma, Kuririn, and Gohan traveled to Namek, hoping that there would be more powerful dragon balls to revive their friends.

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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