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The Raditzu Story

Now five years have passed since the battle of Tenkaichi-Budokai, and the world has finally obtained some peace. Goku ends up marrying a woman that he fought in a tournment that proposed to him as a child- ( the ox-king's daughter, as a child she had a sharp blade on her helmet) Chi-Chi, and they have a kid Son Gohan (which is named after Goku's caretaker "Gohan" and means dinner in Japanese).Peace eventually goes to pieces when a great trouble that reveals all of Gokou's past arrives, which we all find out is Goku's brother "Raditz". The stories point of view switches into an epic, where the growing up of Gohan carries on the legacy of his father.

It ends up that Gokou is a Saiyan from the planet Vegeta, where Goku was originially from, Goku's real name is really "kakaratto" or just Kakkarot meaning carrot in Japanese, and he reveals all about Gokou's past and his mission and reason he was sent down to planet Earth. You see, Saiyans have incredible superhuman strength- -and most of them use it for evil or conquering , since Gokou's father was a soldier from the Planet Vegita, his offspring were supposed to be sent down to different planets to conquer. Goku's planet was obviouly Earth, and when he was sent down as an infant his rage was uncontrollable. Luckily, Grandpa Gohan found him and had accidentally dropped him down a cliff where he hit his head, losing all memory of his evil objectives. He became a good child from then on, until his saiyan blood transforms him into a huge monkey when he looked at the moon, (temporarily) and he destroyed Grandpa Gohan's home and killed Granpa Gohan unknowingly. With all this info now, I will just hop along the series past all the battles with short and informative tidbits of data to expl ain the plot. So....thus begins the first installment of the DragonBallZ Story....The RADITZ STORY! -Goku's father was named Bardock, and was killed later on by a deadly interglactic mercenary that threatens Goku later on. Raditz has a tail, just like Goku had when he was little, *(but Kame cut it off when he was little) and a special communication device worn on one eye that tells BP and power of any individual--known as "Scouters". He wears the traditional Saiyan armor (very symbolic in the series) and has longer hair than Goku. His strength is many times greater than Goku, but with a little help Goku prevails.

Fighters on Goku's Side: The Strongest Characters in the Story So Far

BP stands for Battle Power (Power Level in America), overall strength a character contains so far...
Goku: 416 BP- after 5 years, Gokou is reasonably strong compared to an average man, but lacks training and strength. He has been relaxing a little too much, and when the arrival of the saiyans strikes, Gokou is completely unprepared for the battles ahead.

Kuilin:234 BP-still trained under Kame-senin, Kuilin has some strength and contributes to Gokou's side as one of the better fighters. Still short, Kuilin volunteers to help Gokou battle Raditz.

Piccolo: 408 BP- The strongest character so far, even after the battle at Tenkaichi Budokai. He is still thought as an "enemy" and "rebel" kind of character. Not too trustworthy, and wanders the land to just train and train. He masters some new techniques that are useful aga inst Raditz, and is completely against all the Saiyans. Therefore, he makes it his objective to train everyone he can for the next arrival

Gohan: 1-700, changes with emotion -Gokou's son obviously looks like weak and defenseless due to his young age, but looks are decieving. Gohan contains a special energy within him that overpowers even Picoolo and Raditz's Power when he gets angry. So, Raditz's little nephew puts up quite a fight against him.
Raditz: 1200 BP-The strongest threat Gokou and companions must face for now that is. Incredibly powerful compared to Gokou. Is a match for Piccolo and Gokou together. The fight ends wih Piccolo's special attack, a sort of finger-shot that goes through Raditz as well as Gokou when he tries to hold him.

Raditz dies as well as Gokou, and Raditz warns Piccolo about the arrival of the other Saiyans, and the fact that the eye-piece was used as a communicator to send help to the much stronger beings from Space. Gokou ends up on the endles Dragon Road after being set on a mission from heaven by King Yama, lord of the heavens, and ends with a specail training with a special Kaoishin, King ends with a vision of 2 unknown Saiyans recieving the transmission of Raditz death from the Scouters, as they end up deciding to go to Earth just to conquer it and gain control of all the prescious dragonballs to wish for immortaility. We know them as...Vegeta and Nappa.

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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