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The Cell Game

The Cell Game, remains as one of the greatest milestones in the series' history-mainly because in this plot--our main character Goku faces his ate...and destiny. Shortly After the escape of this Biological-Android Cell, He sets out to find the crazed Androids to take their energy. On his path of destruction, Cell terroizes towns, cities, and everywhere else to suck the life out of helpless, inncocent individuals, just to supply enough strength for the battle.This is covered on every news in the world, and it is viewed as a world-crisis. His specially engineered tail contains an ability to suck life out of someone, and with each victim, he becomes stronger with that power. Finally, the Androids and Cell meet up-but strangely, everyone else is amazed because they do not know of each other. 17 threaten to kill Cell, so he begins to engage in Battle. But, suprised at the increasingly strong energy of Cell, 17 is quickly and easily killed, left on the ground for later power-absorption. 16 now faces the monster, and everyone watches in amazement at how 16's strength can actually stand up against cell. But, he is also destroyed. Cell then devours 17's strength with his tail--and uses that power to transform into a different stage of power, Cell-form2. He spots his next and final target, Android 18-and sets out to devour her strength as well. Eventually, 18 tries to escape but is devoured as well. With the incredible energy within him, Cell now powers-up to his maximum-level-"Perfect Cell"-where he develops into an organic form, evolving from an android stage!

Cell departs and leaves, and the Z Warriors try to escape his awesome force. Meanwhile, Bulma collects the parts of Android#16 and repairs him. She also reprograms him to fight on the Z-Warrior's side. Now, the Z-warriors set out to fight this menace. With world-wide coverage, a military team is dispatched full with tanks, guns, and etc to try to take care of Cell, but efforts fail, and Cell demolished the whole army. A new character is introduced, Mr.Satan, supposedly a world-renowened fighter who is really quite weak, and he issues a challenge to Cell. A ring is introduced into a desert-and the Cell Game begins- the Z Warriors look on as Mr.Satan and his crew of fighters try to engage in battle with the powerful being. The 3 fighters all fail, and Mr.Satan finally goes up to battle. He realizes how much stronget Cell is, so he runs away and hides behind a rock for most of the fight. All the Z Warriors have been training, and Gohan is now a teenager with the ability to do a Super-Saiyan (!)-Vegeta also aquires the technique, and Trunks becomes stronger as well with this training. the Z Warriors take turns in fighting, due to Saiyan honor and the rules of the game. Goku and Vegeta fight Cell 1 at a time, until Cell reproduces and forms many Cell Jr.s-1 younger, blue-colored, replicates of Cell. They all are pretty strong, and Gohan steps into the fray and unleasehes his SSJ Lvl.2 powers! all 7 are destroyed, and Gohan takes care of the battle with cell. (his mother is watching him on tv and is quite worried)-Cell is then kicked so hard that he is forced to spit Android#18 back out. He then returns to Cell-Form2, where he is confronted by Goku and beaten badly.

Cell transforms into self-destruct mode, where he swells up into a large form. The explosion from his burst is enough to destroy the earth, and he is willing to risk his life. To save the world, Goku tries to devise a plan, therefore he teleports the swollen-about-to-burst cell to King Kai's planet, where he explodes and suprisingly kills Goku, Kaoishin, and his monkey, Bubbles-(remmeber they trained in the Raditz Series). Everyone is shocked at the bold move Goku took to take away his life, and everyone mourns the death of Goku. They are finally thankful for the ending of the cell threat.

But, suddenly a sharp piercing ray pernetrates through Trunks, killing him-and Cell appears--in Perfect Form 3!!!!He explains that when he exploded, a surviving brain cell multiplyed and formed perfect form. Cell laughs suprisingly that he could still regenerate all the way to level 3. Cell now announces his plans to destroy Earth, and Gohan steps into the fight. Armed with his SSJ Powers and nothing but Rage. Engaging in Battle, one of Cell's fireballs injures one of Gohan's arms, when he attempts to protect a weakened Vegeta from getting hit. Realizing this, Vegeta knows that he owes Gohan one. Gohan charges up for a KameHameHa fireball, and fires it with the strenght left in one hand. Cell counter-attacks with a kamehameha of his very own. A giant explosion is the result of the collision, and the 2 fireballs struggle to see whose is stronger. Constant energy is used by both combatants, and they try their hardest to overpower the other's Ki. Now with the help of Vegeta, Vegetafires a small fireball to hit the side of cell as a distraction. Now Gohan sees his chance.......with his Dead father's help, he begins to gain some energy-Goku communicates and aids him with the final burst of energy capacle of blowing Cell away....He releases the power and Cell is completely Destroyed, blasted away by the Awesome Energy of the FireBall. Cell is disentegrated to mere dust, and Gohan lies down, exhausted.

After the battle, Satan comes out from the rock and reports to the world of his "victory" over Cell. He tells the reporters that it was him who destroyed the creature, and everyone congragulates the "hero". Satan's swiping of credit from the Z Warriors meant nothing to the true Heroes, because all of them know what they ahd accompolished, all of them know..that the terrible event of Cell is to be forgotten no matter what.----The Cell series ends with a collection of DragonBalls, and everyone who has died is wished back again. Goku explains to everyone that he is alright when he is dead, and he has a halo above his head to represent his citizennship in the Heavens. Although Goku is not allowed to come back down to Earth beause he was already brought back to life, he goes along living his life. Krilyin has developed a crush on Android #18, Gohan lies in a Hospitol, the Z Warriors return, and the remembrance of Goku is felt through everyone.

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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