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The Buu Saga

The Buu Saga Approximately 7 years have passed since the battle of Cell.The focus of main-character through out most of the series goes to Gohan, but changes back to Goku at the end. Gohan is now all grown up-goes to Orange-Star High School,and has a girlfriend named Videl. (Satan's daughter) and he also has a brother, Goten-who looks exactly like Goku when he was a kid. Kuilin and Android18 have married each other and had a daughter, Marron. Goku continues to fight in tournaments in the heavens, and lives a peaceful life, making a new friend and opponent, Paiku-han. Trunks is grown up from a baby, and he is best friends with Goten. Everyone is shocked and suprised at the ability Goten and Trunks posse to transform into SSJ at such a young age. This series is also very important to the plot mainly because it involves all the heroe's chances to learn the art of fusion for the very first time!

Another Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament occurs on Earth, and everyone attends. Goten and Trunks are banned due to their young age, but they steal the masked fighters comstume to fight Android18. Goku is granted a single day to visit earth, so he visits his family and watches on as the competitors battle. When it finally reaches Gohan's turn, Gohan steps up and battle as his new identity, the "Great SuperSaiyan-man" where he dons a bandana and shades as well as a superhero costume. (that Bulma creates). He takes on this identity to fight crime, while everyone else is though to believe Gohan is your average nerd. ( ala Clark Kent--Superman) Gohan reveals his identity to everyone, and battles. Suddenly, 2 combatants, Spopobitch and Yamu appear in the battle ring, bearing a large "M" insigna on their forehead. They drain Gohan's energy using a weird shaped lamp, and then they take off. Everyone stares in confusion, at the strange event that just had occured.

A Kaiou-shin, a god of the heavens and a planet above, and his partner, approach the grounds of the Tenkaichi-Budokai and try to help Gohan. They revive Gohan, and explain their tale. The beings are truly beyond Kaiou, (the planet where King-Kai lives) and their mission is to stop the diabolical plot of Babi-di and his companion, Daruba. Babi-di is a little, shriveled, ugly wizard/majician who plans to destroy all life on the planet just for fun. Daruba is supposedly the prince of Darkness, and he has the ability to turn people into stone. Together they are trying to revive the ultimate creature of destruction, "Boo". To bring back this terror, tons of ki-energy must be consumed and used. It turns out that Spopobitch and Yamu are majin-zombies of Boo. The "M" stands for the mark of the Majician or "Majin".That is the reason why these guys tried to absorb the great amount of energy from Gohan. The Z Warriors agree to aid the Kaoshin's in their battle-and they follow the two zombies to Babi-di's lair. Babi-di's many creatures and minions confront the Warriors, but they are all beaten by the forces of Gohan and Vegeta. Kuilin and Piccolo try to battle Daruba, but they are turned into Stone easily. the only way to "un-stone" is for the death of Daruba to occcur. Vegeta learns that becoming a Majin-slave increases energy greatly, by powering the insanity within an individual, therefore he intentionally volunteers to become one of Babi-di's slaves. Vegeta becomes evil once more, also appearing with an "M" on his forehead. His crazy emotions go beserk and he sets out to KILL Goku once and for all. He is known know as Majin-Vegeta, and a threat to the Z Warriors once more. With every slave, babi-di recieves their power. Therefore, with the great donation from Vegeta, the majician has finally enough power to summon the legendary terror.The revival of the legendary threat Boo finally occurs--and he appears as an overgrown fat baby-like creature with INCREDIBLE strength. Boo also has an attenae that has the ability to turn people into various sweets and trats, so he can feed on them and get power with it as well. Boo pisses every -body off, even Daruba-so Daruba and him engage in a battle. Boo beats him easily, and turns him into a giant cookie to devour. After Daruba is defeated, Kuilin and Piccolo return to their normal form. Babi-di rides on Boo and they fly around, terroizing the cities as Boo changes the innocent civilians into tiny cocoa-balls to eat. He gains more energy from this as his strength grows. Meanwhile, when all this terror is taking place--Majin-Vegeta is busy battling Goku. His overpowering strength knocks out Goku temporararily, so he starts for Boo. Boo is alot stronger, but Vegeta counterattakcs with some techniques of his own. Finally, when his energy is almost depleted-he desperately tries his special 'Big Bang Attack". Vegeta fires the giant fireball, and it is so powerful that it disentegrates him as he falls to the ground and crumbles into dust.

Goku now tries to take on Boo, but as he tries to power up to SSJ-level2 , his power still remamins weak compared to the incredible strength of Boo. His anger burns, and with enough power...Goku reaches..Super Saiyan Level 3!!!!-his golden hair is increased in length, and his power exceeds normal as well. They battle it out, but Goku doesn't prevail. Meanwhile, Bulma is gathering all the DragonBalls to restore all the lives that were lost due to the Majin-zombies. The Fat Boo grows tired of Babi-di's control and begins to rebel. He kills Babi-di, and then unleashes a fission blast--which sends him into 2 beings, one being pure good, the other whom is all evil. The good one is the fat boo, while the evil one resembles a small, skinny child. These two duel, and the evil one ends up transforming the Good Boo into a cookie snack. The evil Boo eats the cookie, and transforms into a much stronger form. The skinny child is now much more muscular and lean, with more defined-human like features.

All this time, Gohan is trying to recover from the wounds that Boo dealt him during one of the fights. The Kaoishin's heal him, and they bring him to their planet for training. He dons the Kaoishin's uniform, and begins practicing with the legendary Z-"Zet" Sword. Their training involves this suprisingly heavy blade, as he fights under the watchful eye of the Elder Kao-shin-Dao-Kaoshin. Gohan begins to realize his hidden potential without his Super-Saiyan Powers, and how he can use his normal strength as an alternate to becoming angry.The Kaoshin tells him a bit about his past, and how his people were terroized by Boo many years ago on his home planet. The Kaoishins placed a curse on Boo to make him have a fat appearence, and Boo was enraged so all but 2 Kaoshins were killed. Our heroes in the meantime are training in the Sky-Palace, while Boo approaches it, attracted their from a high power source. It turns out that he needs more power to transform into his maximum power stage, therefore he must absorb strong people's energy to attain that level. The lure this time is Goten and Trunks, and their ability to "fuse" as Goku had taught them. The boys are training inside a special weight room, so Piccolo outwits Boo into waiting for them to come out. Time passes by much more slower in this gravity room, therefore the boys recieve much more time to train for the upcoming battle. Chi-chi scolds Boo for killing so much people, so Boo, turns her into an egg and squashes her. Boo grows impatient, so he threatens he will kill everyone in the Sky Palace if he dosent get to be taken into the same room Goten and Trunks are in. Picollo decides to lead Boo into the room, hoping that the boysm have acquired enough strenght to beat him. They begin to battle, and Goten and Trunks fuse together into the powerful Gotenks and fight Boo. Neither side can win, but Boo seems to be getting the winning hand while Gotenks tries all his techniques. Finally, as a drastic measure, Piccolo destroys the doorway leading out of the room, and attempts to trap Boo as well as everyone inside forever to prevent him from killing any more people. Boo, however, constructs a giant fireball and blasts through the air to form a portal. He exits the room and returns to the sky palace. Gotenks and Piccolo are hopelessly trapped in the room, while Boo is roaming around possibly killing everyone. SSJ Gotenks is too weak to create big enough of a fireball, so he tries to reach SSJ lvl.3--finally, he obtains that goal--and lets out a giant scream that rips through the air and produces a big enough portal for both of them to go through, as Gotenks meets up with Boo once again, this time in SSJlvl.3. Gotenks kicks Boo around, and uses a final attack to blast Boo back down to Earth. But, in the process the Sky Palace is reduced to ruins. With Gotenks becoming cocky and dancing a victory dance, Boo is found still alive-and the fusion wears off. The boys are found in a mishap now, as their power has no effect on the incredible strength of Boo. Finally, Gohan completes his training with the Kaoshins, and is teleported back to Earth, wearing his father's uniform.

Gohan appears just in time to save Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo. Gohan just overwhelms Boo and beats him with ease. The crew flies away, thinking the battle is won--but Boo follows closely behind, sneaking up with an attack and absorbing Gotenks. He becomes much stronger and begins to fight Gohan. Tenshin-Han joins in and tries to contribute to the battle. Meanwhile........Vegeta is granted life back by King Yamma to help fight Boo. Goku is told about the special Potablo fusion earings. So, the elder Kaoishin sacrifices his life to bring back Goku. Goku returns to earth with a mission to fuse permanently with Gohan to battle Boo. He Thanks everybody and leaves..Goku teleports to the battle scene and suprises Boo by slicing him with a destructuion disk. This cuts off his attenae, which lies on the ground and engulfs Piccolo to become absorbed. Boo changes and grows stronger once again. The other part of the attenae knocks Tenshin-Han out cold, and approaches Gohan. Goku threw him the ring, but Gohan had dropped it. looking desperately for the it, the rest of Boo's attenae engulfs Gohan and draws him into Boo's body to be absorbed. All hope is gone for a stronger fighter to fuse with, as Goku lies in awe and his son becomes part of the monster. Suddenly, Vegeta's prescence is sensed, and he teleports out of Boo's range to find to his suprise..Vegeta alive and well!..he tells him to take the earring but Vegeta refuses. He claims it is resticted by Saiyan Honor, and Goku and him always had a grudge going. But Goku explains to him that everyone has been devoured by this creature, and no hope is left...Vegeta finally joins when he realizes his own family has been hurt. Then the two take the earrings and fuse to become....Vegetto!!!

Vegetto is no match for Boo, with the incredible strength he contains with his Super-Saiyan Powers. But, Vegetto purposelly gets absorbed by Boo to save evreyone else that is inside him. The fusion cancels out once inside, and they find Goten, Gohan, Trunks, and Piccolo within in small pods. They carry them out after Vegeta rips out the cord attached to the Fat Boo, his main source of Power, and then they escape through one of Boo's pores. After the absorption of Vegetto, Boo returns to his "true" self, his strongest form, before he was cursed by the Kaoshins. He resembles a child, but contains great energy. Then he attempts to shoot a fireball to destroy the earth, but Vegeta blows the fireball off path. Boo prepares another fireball to be fired at our heroes, but with quick thinking Goku quickly grabs Mr.Satan, his dog, and Dende, and summons the Kaoshin to teleport all of them back to his planet. They teleport, leaving Gohan Trunks, Goten, and Piccolo behind, as Earth explodes with the release of Boo's fireball.

They get back safely, and all believe that they have won, because Boo has been destroyed along with the Earth, and Earth can be easily returned with help from the Namek DragonBalls. But, Unfortunately..the Kaoshin spots Boo reforming from the explosion in his crystal ball, as Boo suddenly transports right to their Planet to find Goku+Vegeta! The Kaoishins and Dende teleport to a much safer part of the planet, as they watch the Final Battle begin...!!!

The Final Battle against the Boo Threat has begin, and Goku and Vegeta stupidly decide to take on him one at a time, mainly because they try to live up to their Saiyan code of Honor. Goku powers up to SSJ lvl.3, and the fight between them reaches no clear victory. Vegeta takes his turn up, and gets easily disposed of by Boo, even when he fights in SSJ lvl.2. Mr.Satan decides to distract Boo, because he sees Vegeta getting beaten, So Boo rushes at the unsuspecting victim. Suddenly, a pain in Boo's stomach occurs, and the Fat Boo is spat out. Shortly After, the Fat Boo arises-we know now that he is good-and defends Satan by saving his life from one of Boo's fireballs. The Fat Boo and Boo duel it out, with the evil one getting the upper-hand. This gives Vegeta and Goku a chance to Goku plans to create a giant Genki-Dama, the ultimate Soul Bomb, to take care of Boo once and for all. Meanwhile..on Planet Namek, all the DragonBalls are gathered and the Namek Dragon is summoned. Dende starts the 3 wishes, as he begins by wishing the Earth back. The 2nd wish is for all the people killed by Majin Boo to be revived, therefore everyone in the Sky-Palace, the cities, and the Kaoshin's are revived. Vegeta is revived as well, because he died in the battle against Fat Boo. Finally, Goku flies up in the air...and begins his process of summoning energy for his GIANT GENKI-DAMA. Vegeta tries to help out by telepathicly communicating to all the people in the world, but only few-such as Goten, Gohan, Trunks, and Piccolo donate energy. Goku recieves some..but it is still not enough........

Vegeta tries harder, to try to get more energy...but none of the people trust him.... The Androids donate energy, 17 donates ki, 8 as well, and characters from the beginning of DragonBall such as Bora each give something....It grows a little..... Vegeta then fights Evil Boo, trying to distract him from interupting Goku's Genki-Dama. Suddenly, Satan steps up and shouts his voice to everyone on Earth...and as a well-known figure..everyone listens....They all hold their hands up in the air, and large amounts of energy transport into Goku's power...

The SOUL-BOMB grows....LARGER than it has ever grown before, and Goku finally tosses it at Boo. The 2 sides, good and evil struggle, as Boo tries to combat the Genki-Dama with energy of his own. Goku seems to seems he cannot fight any longer.....until Dende wishes his last wish, for Goku to regain his strenth. Goku is suprised, and takes advantage of his newfound power that awakens within, and finally....powers up to Super Saiyan and blasts it with his remaining force.... Boo crumbles away as the ki overwhelms him, and Goku exhaustedly falls to the floor. He sees Vegeta and gives him a thumbs-up. Vegeta smiles (for the first time) and gives him the thumbs-back.

Our heroes find the Fat Boo, and decide to spare him, because Mr.Satan pleads because Boo has saved his life. They return to the Sky Palace....and the Earth is the DragonBalls.

10 years have passed after the battle....Bulma grows older, Vegeta and Goku remain the same, but Goku sports a new, more relaxed blue uniform, Boo becomes one of Satan's good friends, and Satan himself starts to bald. Trunks and Goten grow up to teenagers as best friends, and Trunks has a younger sister named Bra. Krilyin has white hair, Yamcha has a new look, Kame-Senin gets new shades, and Piccolo still resembles his own self after he fuses with Nail. And Finally, Gohan and Videl have a daughter, Pan, who shows great fighting skill at the age of four.

After this time, another Tenkaichi-Budokai Tournament takes place and all the characters including Pan, Goku's grandaughter, participate. A new character, Ubu, is introduced, a little boy, who is paired up with Goku in a match. Goku has a feeling that Ubu is actually the True Evil Boo reincarnated, because Goku made a personal wish to himself that the evil monster would return 10 years later as someone "good". He recognizes Ubu's strength and immediately knows that his wish has came he flies away with Ubu and tells his family that he will train with him. He leaves the arena with Boo, and flies away into the sky. An end narration is spoken, and the sky fades out.....' So Long, Goku....till the Day We Meet Again!"...

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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