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Welcome to the movies section. We will have more clips coming very soon. Currently all these clips have been encoded with Real Producer G2 and or Real Player 7+. You will need to get the free Real Player 7 here, unless you already have it. We used Real player format because it had the best compression, these files are very short yet they retain some great quality. The newer movie clips can be found at the bottom of this list. The following have all been captured and or edited by the DBZ Network staff. Enjoy!

Download Marketscore, a free software that will speed up your internet speed by over 100% and provide much required email virus protection. This program is excellent. The members of this staff that use dial-up connections such as AOL and earthlink have gotten a huge speed boost! Get it now before you view these movie clips on the site, so that everything will load much quicker. Click here to download the free MarketScore internet accelerator.

You will need to have Real player enabled to view these clips! You can dowload the correct software for free from Real themselves. Just click here to download the free version (not trial). If that link does not work then go to and look for signs of the "free" real one player.
An action packed segment of the Trunks for Goten Match.
Final Moment of the Trunks vs. Goten Match.
Trunks knocks out Mr. Satan!
Krillin defeats his first opponents with his eye's closed (funny).
download Videl vs. Spopovitch, Spopovitch doesn't go down easily.
download Gohan SSJ and pissed after the Spopovitch brutalizes Videl.
download Gohan goes SSJ 2 with all kinds of effects...
download Babadi destroys Spopovitch.
download King Of Demons
download Mr. Satan's Fantasy
download Trunks and Goten Revealed
download Gohan... a fool?

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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