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The Freeza Saga

The Freeza series has boosted the popularity of Dragon Ball Z greatly. It is a crucial turning point in the Dragon Ball Saga, because it involves Goku's very first transformation into the legendary "Super Saiyan"(which comes every 1000 years) with the ability to power up to a golden-haired strenghtened stage. It also introduces the character Trunks at the end, as well as explain more story and plot that occured prior to the start of DragonBall.

events that happened before the Freeza Series
Years ago, Freeza killed Vegeta, the Saiyan king, and destroyed the Saiyan Planet Vegeta. Then he used prince Vegeta(King Vegeta's son and the Vegeta we know and love), Nappa, and Radtizu as mercenary-slaves to conquer other planets. After the Vegeta Series only two pure breed Saiyan were left. One was the Saiyan Prince, Vegeta. The other was Bardock's son, our main hero, Gokou. After the death of Raditz, Vegeta learns from the message from Raditz's scouter that Dragonballs existed. Later, he figured out that in Namek Dragonballs also existed. After getting beaten by Gokou, Vegeta retreats to Freeza's planet to recover. Now, he carries on the new goal of gathering the dragonballs for himself to be granted the wish of immortality. He also plans to kill Freeza. Freeza is also in search of the Namek Dragonballs to become immortal and begins to terrorize Namek for the dragonballs. Meanwhile, Bulma learns about the Namek Dragonballs via PoPo, Kami's assistant. With the hope to gather the dragon balls to wish their friends killed in the Vegeta Series back to, Gohan, Klilyn, and Bulma venture off to Namek on the spaceship that Kami rode on to travel to Earth years ago. Great battles on Piccolo's home planet are to take place.

Right after the Vegeta series takes place, Freeza-an interplanetary conquerer or planets, makes his apperance on the Planet Namek and begins to collect Dragon Balls. Gohan, Kuilin, and Bulma all go on a spacecraft to investigate, while Goku remains in th e Hospitol, recovering from the wounds from the fight with Vegeta. The storyline before Freeza Arrives is a long and complex one, so it may be explained later on.

Anyway, once on Planet Namek.( Planet Namek's residents all look like Piccolo.)-Vegeta discovers Freeza's(Vegeta and the rest of the Saiyans are Freeza's sworn enemy) whereabouts so he goes over to Namek to try to gather the Namek Dragon Balls as well to wish for immortality. (The Namek Dragon Balls give an individual 3 wishes as opposed to 1 wish on earth.). Freeza begins to conquer Namek, sending out his henchmen, Zarbon and Daoduiba, to gather the DragonBalls and terrorize and destroy the Namek Villages. Meanwhile, our heroes Gohan and Kuilin are having trouble themselves, but finally meet up with the Namek village elders and team up with the Nameks to help. They meet Dende, a very helpful young Namek that serves as a guide around Namek.

Goku recovers from the hospitol thanks to one of Ubujji's magical beans, and springs into action with help from Dr.Brief (Bulma's Father) and his invention. He boards a training capsule heading to Namek, where he plans to train on his way there under certain Gravity Forces several times that of earth. Along the way, he encounters some tough terrain and eventually ends up in a Gravity Storm which throws him into G-level 100. He fights it and eventually becomes strong enough to train in it.

While in Namek Vegeta, Gohan, Kuilin and Bulma all face the problem of gathering the DragonBalls. Vegeta has the upper hand, after he raided Freeza's base and stole 5 of them. The plot gradually continues...with the summoning of the Ginew Force, an elite warrior team composed of Freeza's best henchmen, and they are taken care of by the combined forces of Vegeta and Goku-(there leader can switch bodies, and a frog is thrown in the path of his mind laser, where he gets stomped afterwards)...until Goku finally reaches Namek, all trained and ready.

Then, the battle of Freeza finally begins!!! When they first battle, Freeza reamains in Normal Form. Then, as the battle progresses both fighters energy levels increase, and Freeza changes into 4 different forms during the battle. He begins with 530,000 while Goku has 550,000 BP. After fighting, Frez a i ncreases to 700,000 in Form2, then 870, 000 in Form 3. Goku's max powered-up rises him up to 800,000--being barely able to confront Freeza Form 3. Freeza ultimetely transforms into Perfect-Form, with a smooth metallic look and incredible strength. ( 1,200 ,000 BP!!). Goku's rage rises, because his good friend Kuilin has been killed in battle-and he finally recieves enough power and anger to unleash the Super-Saiya-jin!!! as he blasts up to a whopping 1,500,000 BP with flowing gold hair and a bursting energ y field around him. But it still seems Freeza has another transformation well sort of. Freeza powers up to 100% he was currently fighting at only 70%. It seems Freeza has the upper hand but not for long, the longer Freeza fights at 100% the faster he loses his power. Freeza attacks Gokou with a Slicing disc but instead he cuts himself. Freeza is now incredibly weakened, and Goku finishes him off with a fireball.

Now he has to race against time to escapes just before the planet explodes because Freeza had use his Death Ball Attack on planet Namek before he died.Goku's whereabouts are unknown, and everyone believes that Goku has died. In the last mili-second Gokou finds finds the Ginyu's Pods and escapes. Our hero has traveled to the planet Yardrat to learn the art of teleporting! The DragonBalls are gathered, everyone who died is revived and they all return to living a peaceful life.

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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