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Good day, and welcome to "Cinematic Anime" Theatre. Here we will be reviewing various other Anime titles unrelated to Dragon Ball Z. After all, there is an entire universe of quality anime, both modern and classic, that would benefit any lover of fine animation to see.

As such, the format of these reviews will be slightly different than from what you are accustomed to:

The summaries for these titles will be far shorter than the episode reviews, my goal is for you to watch these titles and ultimately, review them for yourself.  Therefore, a detailed summary would spoil the anime.
  1. The reviews will place a lot of focus on elements of movie (e.g. the camera sequences, when it cuts, how certain shot are presented, etc…), and the analization of the Aristotelian Unities (The coherency of the content, the character rendition, things like that.).  I will of course put in personal commentary, but it will be just that, my perspective.
  1. Scores will be out of 100, not 5.  This way I can be a little bit more elaborate with how each element is scored and why.

I will try to review titles once a week, but with my schedule of already reviewing two episodes, and running a business, there might be times when I do not have a review for every week. Quality of the reviews, and not quantity is what sets the DBZN apart from those that just bang out dry summaries. Here is also where I will be focusing more on plots than on action ("who'd a thunk!").

Lastly, if you want me to review a certain title, because you've either heard about it, or have seen it and what to get my opinion on it (who knows why), or just for some reason want me to review it, e-mail me with your name and the title you want reviewed to, and I will look at the title, see if I can procure it, and will try to review it for you.

Current Reviews:

Ghost in the Shell

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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