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  Dragonball Z
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Due to popular request we have added a section dedicated to powerlevels. The power levels on this page are 100% accurate. They came from either the Daizenshyus(Dragon Ball encycopedia) or the Manga. This means that everything on this page is fact, not opinions or guesses because they came from Toriyama himself. Although all these power levels are true they don't always make sense due to plot holes.

*Note the power levels are in chronological order so Dragon Ball Z will come after Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball

The quest for the Dragon Balls

Gokou: 10
Gokou Ozouru: 100

22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai (The Earths Greatest Martial arts Tournament)

Goku: 180
Tenshinhan: 180
Jackie Chun (Kame-sennin): 139
Tsurusennin: 120

23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai

Gokou: 260
Piccolo Daimaou: 260

Dragon Ball Z

Raditzu Saga

Raditzu vs. Farmer

Raditzu: 1,500
Farmer with Shotgun: 5

Raditsu vs. Gokou and Piccolo
Raditzu: 1,200
Gokou (with weighted clothing) : 334 Goku
(without weighted clothing) : 416
Gokou (with Kamehameha) : 924
Piccolo (with weighted clothing) : 322
Piccolo (without weighted clothing) : 408
Piccolo's Makankosappo (1st) : 1,330
Piccolo's Makankosappo (2nd) : 1,440
Gohan: 1 to 1,307 (after he got mad)

Right after the Battle

Kame-sennin: 139
Kame-sennin's Turtle: 0.001
Kuririn: 206
Tenshinhan: 250
Yamucha: 177
Piccolo: 329

Vegeta Saga

Fight with the Z warriors vs. Saibamen & Nappa

Kuririnr: 1,770
Yamcha: 1,480
Piccolo: 3,500
Chaozu: 610
Tienshinhan: 1,830
Gohan: 2,800
Saibamen: 1,200
Nappa: 4,000
Gokou: 5,000
Gokou power up: 8,000

Gokou vs. Vegeta

Gokou's power: 8,000
with Kaioken x1: 10,000
with Kaioken x2: 16,000
with Kaioken x3: 24,000
with Kaioken x4: 32,000
Vegeta's power: 18,000

Freeza Saga

During Arrival at Namek
*Note this is not all at the same time. For example Vegeta is at 24,000 power level when he arrives, but by the time Gokou gets there Vegeta is much more powerful.

Gohan's power: 4,000
Kuririn's power: 3,000
Vegeta's power: 24,000
Nail's power: 42,000
Freezer's 1st form power: 530,000
Gokou's power (without completey powering up): 90,000

Goku vs. Freeza
Freeza (form 4 33.3%): 4,000,000
Freeza (form 4 50%): 6,000,000
Freeza (form 4 70%): 8,400,000
Freeza (form 4 100%): 12,000,000
Goku's Base Level: 300,000
Goku Kaioken x10: 3,000,000
Goku Kaioken x20: 6,000,000
Super Saiya-jin Goku: 15,000,000

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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