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In this section you will see the major area's of the Dragonball world. Although the planet is also called Earth it is really not the same planet. Much is similar in this version of our planet but technology and such seems to be more advanced in the show. For example this planet homes hovering cars and advanced artificial intelligience. Not to mention time machines... Toriyama wanted this Earth to have much of what the real planet has but felt it would be more entertaining by being a little different.

Without further adieu here is the map of the world:

A) Kame-House: The small island Kamesennin live's on.
B) Papaya Islands: Where the Tenkaichi Budokai is held.
C) Muscle Tower: The Northern strong-hold of the Red Ribbon Army.
D) Western City: Capsule Corporation is located here.
E) Penguin Village: Another manga by Toriyama, Dr. Slump, takes place here.
F) Karins Tower/Kami's Lookout: Both are located here.
G) Red Ribbon Army: This is the home base of the RR army.
H) Central Capitol: Piccolo tried to take over the world from here.
I) Raditzu's landing: This is where his space pod landed on earth.
J) First DBZ Battle: This is the site where Piccolo kills Goku and Raditzu.
K) Eastern City: A city wiped out by Nappa.
L) Southern City: Highly populated urban city.
M) Gokuu vs. Vegeta: This is where Goku fight's Vegeta.
N) Survival Training: Here Piccolo trained Gohan.
O) Yunzabit: this is where Kami first lands on earth.
P) Northern City: Another Highly populated urban city.
Q) Grandpa Gohan's House: The former house of Gohan and now Gokuu's.

Original map and info provided by (owned by DBZN staff member Madd Skittle), the image has been redone exclusively for the DBZN to improve character visibilty.

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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