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The Android Saga

The Androids arrive, and the plot goes all the way back to DragonBall. You see, a small organization known as the Red Ribbon fought against Goku as a child, and they planned to obtain the DragonBalls as well. This high-industrial military company made all sort of androids as well, mainly evil ones that planned on destroying things. Dr.Gero, a demented Red Ribbon doctor genius...sworn revenge on Gokou ever since the beginning of the whole series, mainly because Goku was the kid who destroyed the whole organization. Therefore, he created Android #19, a powerful sorta chubby white faced cyborg to kill Goku. Later, he asks Android #19 to make him into a powerful Android as well, so he becomes Android#20, a cyborg with a white beard. Both bear the <R-R> red ribbon logo on their uniforms, and they meet up with the Z warriors to fight. Vegeta faces Android#19, and Android#19 is destroyed, the plot fails, and Android#20 falls , but Dr.Gero has programmed himself to auto-repair and survives the battle.

Android #20, Dr.Gero, then goes back to the Drawing Board to try to come up with a stronger android model. He releases his most recent creations, Android #17 and Android#18. 17 has black hair while his sister, 18 has blonde hair. Both are incredibly strong and they are unleashed.Both Androids eventually get quite annoyed at Dr.Gero, so they kill him. Being a brilliant mad scientist, he had suspected this, therefore he had created Android#21 prior to his death.

Although Android#21 was still placed in a regeneration tube, he was assigned a command--to feast on the energy of over-rebellious androids that didn't obey.Android #17 and Android#18 break out of the lab, and they bring along the strong Android#16, (who turns out to be a peaceful robot, later on). Our Z Warriors are aware of these new nemesises, and begin to confront them-but they are no match for them and continue to fight and fight reaching no particular victory. The problem is, endurance is what is lacking for our heroes, because of the Android's long endurance and long-lasting energy, and they can fight with much more stamina than the unprepared combatants. Suprisingly, Goku suffers a Heart Attack, and retreats-shocked. Trunks from the future was luckily sent back by his mother, Bulma, to give the heart-medicine to heal Goku's heart. Goku is saved, but the Z warriors avoid confronting the overwhelming power of the Androids-therefore they go up to the Heavens and Train in a special gravity room to prepare. Piccolo tries to ready himself for the fight as well, by fusing with Kami-his half-father and guardian of the DragonBalls-while Dende, the young Namek assumes the position of DragonBall guardian. Androids #16, #17, and #18 go out to find Goku to kill him. Piccolo spots the Androids and they begin to duel. All this time, Android #21 has been regenerating, and it finally breaks out of its imprisonment--the being is known only as the powerful "Cell" and he sets out to accomplish his creator's commands.

Fan Art of the Moment

Vegeta SSJ
by Abe Stemmons

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