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Dragon Ball: Rebirth

Chapter 3- Training at Yunzaba Heights

Aram stared mournfully at his house in the distance. With his sack of clothes thrown over his shoulder, he turned around and continued on down the road. He couldn't believe he had agreed to this. "Kami-samma wants you to throw down the empire," Aram said, mocking Piccolo.

After Piccolo's display of awesome power two nights ago, Aram had been told that Kami-samma, god of the earth, had personally chosen him to defeat the empire. Why me, Aram had asked, when Piccolo was so powerful and could do it with ease. Piccolo's reply was that he was getting too old and that eventually someone else would have to protect the planet.

"Hurry up, we have a long way to go." Piccolo's voice intruded upon Aram's thoughts. He looked up to see Piccolo in front of him, waiting patiently.
"Look Piccolo, if its such a long way why don't you just fly us there." Stopping and turning around, he looked at his house again. "Piccolo, I swear, if they tear up my house or burn it down or do Kami knows what else, I'll kill you. Somehow, I will. I mean, did you have to just let them have it." Piccolo ignored him and continued walking on down the road. Aram's temper flared, and he was glad because of this. He knew that when he got angry he became much stronger. He wanted to try something. He tried focusing his energy onto his hand to see if anything would happen. Slowly, a small white ball began to form in his palm, and then it began to grow. Once it was the size of a large apple, he concentrated on holding it and maintaining it. It was taking every bit of his will to maintain it. Doing this proved just how powerful Piccolo was. Now, if only he could...

Wait, Aram thought. I wonder how powerful he really is. Sure, he can put on a good show, but could he withstand my small blast? Smiling to himself, Aram threw the ball at Piccolo's back. Amazingly, the ball flew straight and didn't lose any height. Just before it hit Piccolo, it stopped and started racing back towards him. Shocked and amazed, Aram was frozen not knowing what to do. The ball hit him in the chest and exploded. The force knocked him onto the ground and made him skid a few feet. He looked at his chest to see his shirt partially burnt away. He was shocked when he coughed up a little blood. Pain raged all over his body. He couldn't think straight, and realized he was having a hard time staying awake. He saw Piccolo standing over him, scowling. Piccolo's mouth was moving but he couldn't hear the words. So sleepy, just needed to close eyes for a minute or two...

Aram yelled at the top of his lungs, leaping high into the air. Piccolo was laughing at the site. After Aram had knocked himself out from his small ki blast, Piccolo decided that it would be quicker if he flew them both there. Now that Aram had injured himself, it would take too much time to walk to Yunzaba Heights. It had taken hardly a day, but Aram would have to spend alot of time in recovery. Stupid fool, he thought, experimenting things he's not ready for. Still, that would make it easier later on.
Piccolo had let Aram sleep all that night, but the training needed to start the next day. He had tried to calmly wake Aram, but he was out colder than Piccolo originally thought. No matter, Piccolo had his methods. Fortunately, there was a nice cold spring by their campsite. Piccolo chuckled at the memories as he tossed Aram into the spring, and laughed even harder when Aram shot into the air screaming.
Half-naked and shivering, Aram cursed Piccolo under his breath. He waded back onto dry ground, and made his way to his bag. He pulled out a towel and dried himself off. He put on a clean shirt and looked around for some food. He hadn't eaten in... actually, he couldn't remember when was the last time he ate. "Hey Piccolo, where's the food?" He scanned the tent and saw nothing, except for one little cot. Turning around, he saw Piccolo staring up at the bright sky.
"Whatever you can kill is your food." Piccolo answered. "This is day one of your training. Once you've eaten we'll begin the actual training, but until then you're on your own." He turned around and flashed a half mocking smile at Aram. "Get a move on it, because if you haven't eaten by noon, we'll start whether your stomach still growls or not." With that Piccolo walked off towards a large rock formation, saying something about meditation.
This is gonna be a long day, Aram thought miserably.

Aram was doing pushups on the burning rocks. After completing this set of 100, Piccolo was going to make him stand on his hands and balance for as long as he could. After the 100th one, Aram stood on his hands.

"Good" Piccolo said. "Now, go to one finger. Do it however you must." "One finger!?" Aram replied, exasperated. "How do you expect me to do that. My weight will snap my finger!" Piccolo shrugged. "Try and focus that energy used in making your little ball to supporting you. It might help."

Trying to focus, he felt his energy flowing through him. He concentrated on manipulating it, trying to make it push him upwards. Aram was so focused that he didn't even realize he was floating three feet off the ground now. Piccolo decided that it would be best if he used his psychokinesis to turn him rightside up. He was hurt enough already, he didn't to be knocked out again if fell on his head.

Aram opened his eyes and realized he had turned rightside up. Breaking his concentration, he fell to the ground. Standing up, he was laughing. He had levitated himself.

"Now, its time to work on your agility." Piccolo a ball of energy in his hand. "This ball is slightly more powerful than the one you created yesterday. If you don't want to get this time, I suggest you move."

Piccolo hurled the ball at Aram. Aram easily sidestepped it, but found to his horror that Piccolo could control its movements even after it left his hand. He jumped high into the air, trying desperately to focus his energy so he could increase his maneuverability. He spun in the air, feeling the ball graze his side, the heat burning his flesh slightly. As he fell to the ground, he looked for the ball. It was nowhere to be found. As Aram landed, he looked just in time to see the ball a few feet in front of him and coming quickly. Realizing it was too late to move, he braced himself for the impact. Yet to his surprise, nothing happened. He opened his eyes slowly and saw the ball right in front of him. Slowly, it moved away from him, and then dissipated into nothingness. Breathing a huge sigh of relief, Aram stood up, shaking. He didn't realize that he had been that scared.

"If I had been your enemy, you would have been dead by now. Rest a little, and then will start over and see if you can do better."

Shaking his head, Aram knew that he was in over his head. Way over his head.

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